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  1. I vote Stele gets a single force which he is required to use to activate his ability. ...if only.....
  2. MyPalValen

    Proximity Mines

    I remember seeing this scenario in a tourny in 1.0 with cluster mines. Judge ruled that the ship would detonate all of them regardless. Something to do with the wording being 'after you fully execute a maneuver.' .....also, I miss Valen being in a TAP
  3. Does this work? Target Lock, boost into an enemy, fail the boost, resolve as if it were a maneuver, get focus from composure.
  4. Here's a list I've been tinkering with: VCX Hera (73), Adv Sen (10), ion turret (4), Kanab (12), Niem (5), Vet Turret Gunner (6), ghost (0) Sheathipede AP5 (32), Cassian Andor (6) Ywing Dutch (39), ion turret (4), vet turret gun (6) And toss crack shot on somewhere. Anyway, Dutch helps for action economy, ditto with Kanan as well as helping to shed stress with a two turn possibility after a red. After a red manuever, ap5 can pop out to coordtinate a stressed Hera and Cassian can start messing with dials.
  5. Han and Poe and bid? Han deploys behind. Poe slams past the alpha strike. Then just start chipping away
  6. What about A or B. Then you could throw IG88D on 4LOM and take advantage of the IG pilot ability. IG88B: attani, tractor cannon, AT Guri: Attani, AT, Starviper mk2 4LOM: rage, title/tractor cannon, IG88D Decent action economy, decent sharing, with the IG being the anchor, but also the beefiest.
  7. The thing about Ruthless in epic though, is you can damage high agility token stacked ships by shooting at low agility tanks next to them.
  8. i forgot autoblaster cannon was three dice. Im used to seeing the turret. It might not be bad, but b wings still melt fast. You could keep the cannon, toss fcs, lose rey and throw the extra point into the A wing. Shoot at R3ish for the initial emgagement, get the TL and then close, with the ability to reroll crits (useless for autblstr). Or with the build you got, you could switch LW for wired (no range restriction) and switch linked for ion cannon for an element of control. I like the fun idea of the ABXY list
  9. Keep your original list but throw Ruthless on Vess instead of swar leader for a screwball upgrade no one is expecting.
  10. I recommend losing a tie, adding LWF and fcs to your sigmas and maybe upgrading one of your ties to a named tie or maybe a tie fo.
  11. I feel like that bwing is to expensive. At range 1 you're throwing 4 dice anyway, vs the two dice from autoblaster. Maybe switch to ion cannon or linked battery and with the pts saved throw R2 on the Y wing and PTL on the A wing orrrr toss fcs on the b-wing
  12. MyPalValen

    2.0 Defenders

    ....I was hoping for Valen to make it
  13. Okay. I can acknowledge that one unique combo is different than spamming a bunch of generics. ....but would it be game breaking. I guess the way to find out is to proxy a white stop into an existing ship and give it a whirl. Meantime though we have this! (all ships have renegade retro) Saw: wingman, fcs, kyle katarn, weapons eng (or crew of your choice) Cassian: crackshot (or whatever), sensor jammer, ezra, hera Benthic Two Tubes: adv sensors, recon spec, rey (or jan ors or crew of choice) With 4 pts left over for mods or other minor tweaks. Cassians perma stressed but getting modifiers from Saw and Ezra, plus he gets a focus from Benthic. Benthic adv sens for focus and can build up a Rey stack. He also gets his stress taken away by Saws wingman ept. Saw: loses his stress from Cassian, gets a focus from kyle, and modifiers and flexibility from fcs and weapons engineer. 3 ships that can park in a corner with modifiers!
  14. I neither agree nor disagree with that statement. Although, if that's the case, then a white stop in itself is not a super powerful maneuver. The original claim however was: Which is what I'm talking about. If a white stop truly was extremely powerful and bordering on 'game breaking' then unlimited red-stops with decent, (not necessarily the best, but just decent) modifiers should be pretty powerful. Saw with Predator plus focus is not all that cheaper, (the difference is 2pts) and I don't know if that would be super duper better if you're being shot at by multiple targets. If you're goal is to get focus tokens, you could toss Rey on there for the focus bank instead and save a point, or Rey and Kyle Katarn for 30 points. To be clear, I'm not saying this build is the most optimal U-wing build and I'm also not claiming this particular build would be amazing. Only that, if you want a ship with a near-white stop in xwng 1.0, this is a pretty good equivalent on a pretty good support ship, (via Saw's ability).
  15. Just because you can sit in a corner doesn't mean you should nor do you have too. The original claim was a white stop would be game breaking and while this isnt quite a white stop, it is a combo that lets you stop for as many turns as you like while still providing modifiers on attack and defence. So although its not a true white stop its fairly close.... At 28 pts that leaves lots of space for other ships that like stress to benefit from Saws Uwing.
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