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  1. Mansions of madness app 1.4.4 (747) (android) Scenario: Dearly Departed Expansions: Base game and and first edition of base game bug: Sudden end of game, investigators lose Starting title: Front Path/ Front Porch, connected to Patio/Root Cellar from the right side Before loosing: We opened and entered patch in Chapel (before this we killed many Zombies, one Maniac and Witch. Hord of zombie was also spawned) Next round we killed Witch that was inside Crypt, and Cultist on ceremony room. Next round we solved first puzzle in ceremonial room and killed zombie horde. When we clicked next phase, game ended and investigators lost, we get epilogue. Sudden end was very strange and anticlimactic - when i tested app later i always get tough monster to fight if we run out of time.
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