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  1. When the guy who got me rolled the crit, he did a victory lap of the store 😱
  2. How this impacts official rules, I don't know, but according to TalkPolite on the Discord This is one we’ve already asked Alex and Luke about and they’ve said no
  3. OK, but the people on the Legion Discord disagree. They say CP does not increase entourage (or the courage bubble)??
  4. Well, I was certainly surprised!!
  5. Sorry, I'm confused. Are you saying that if Krennic has Commanding Presence he can issue his free entourage order to Death Troopers at range 4? Doesn't the card state that they have to be range 1-2?
  6. Someone once used the harpoon to turn my speeders to face a very high wall, and I crashed.
  7. I also heard this and asked about it on Facebook, consensus there seems to be yes of course the mandatory move triggers standby. But the guys on the podcast seemed pretty definite about a 'ruling'?!?
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