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  1. Dewbacks had a packing issue that required them to be delayed as they had to open and switch all the bases.
  2. Jedi Mind Trick is a fairly cheap option and with Master of the Force and 3 Force Slots can get pretty gross on Op!Luke
  3. I only have four rebel trooper squads, so tjos could work for my tauntaun list I built on legion-hq in anticipation. If someone has less, go ahead and pick them. Edit: at movies though so won't be able reply for a bit as about to start.
  4. Problem is thats typically where you put the planet encounter decks. Every demo at SWCC and every game I have played placed those these.
  5. Most likely the middle of the arc is for storing the planet encounter card decks. I know that's where I place them at least.
  6. Saving up money to commision it because don't want it to be tabletop quality like I paint.
  7. Worth noting that Dengar, Hondo, BoShek are all contacts in the game. Hondo and BoShek can join crew and are bounty targets.
  8. Doctor Aphra Boba Fett Bossk IG-88 Ketsu Jyn Erso Han Lando
  9. Hey, I got the game at celebration and played a bunch of games. Yes the Hounds Tooth is one of the possible ships you can fly. All players start with a generic ship, but one of the decks is a ship deck with multiple different ships in it. When you buy a ship you get the unnamed version. (IE: YT-1300, HWK-290, etc). Each ship has a "ship goal" (just like each character has a personal goal). Upon completion of a goal you flip that card over and it gives you 1 fame plus an extra ability. For example, if I remember right to go from a generic YV to the Hounds Tooth you need to recover damage and then spend some credits to flip the card and gain 1 fame. The flipside can be seen in today's article. As for how often, it depends on how fast you chase a ship. In every game I have played, I have always gotten a new ship and used it for most the game. But I always play Aphra and go for the Ark Angel. Friend plays Boosk though, which is why I vaguely remember his stuff. Book is in car though so forgive me if wrong. Will check today when we play.
  10. Curious the source for retail release? None of my local stores had any date listed yet. I mean, I agree and I would guess next month also. Just curious if any source. However, I have greatly enjoyed the game. I've played one solo, two duos, and two four-mans (not counting the demo at Celebration) and have had a blast every time! So many good stories!
  11. That guy actually wasn't FFG. He was Celebration staff who came over because people complained they weren't allowed tk line up before 2:30. The main issue was they tried to be nice and offer a later time so non-VIPs could get it. They said line will start NO EARLIER than 2:30 and do NOT show up before 2:30. Everyone showed up before 2:30 and FFG couldn't let line up or the entire point of later meeting was wasted. But people all mobbed it. It was a catch 22 where they couldn't let people queue up because 2:30 was when queue started, but not you had a mad-house of people who couldn't line up. Source: Was there
  12. Above is incorrect. Per rules, you only lose rep if you win. I won't argue what makes sense, but that is rules.
  13. The team were all really great and friendly as well. I volunteered there and had a great time!
  14. Outer Rim lasted a while because few knew where it was. I got my Outer Rim copy over an hour after doors opened to general public on the first day.
  15. Edit: opps double post cause mobile lag.
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