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  1. ...Looking at the Force Barrier card... APHRA CONFIRMED?!?!
  2. Ah ok, that makes much more sense. At first I was like "Hmm, I see why Situational Awareness is worth discussing there, but... Portable Scanners just seems awful on that unit"
  3. "a Z-6 + rebel captain squad with this upgrade" Can I question why you would put Portable Scanner on a squad you investing a decent amount of points in? It seems a waste as that is a unit you want to be attacking with, not a unit you want to be wasting an action with handing out dodges. It would seem better to have it on a cheap squad so their actions don't feel as wasted. Like a naked Rebel squad doesn't mind spending its action handing out a dodge. A Generic Rebel Officer doesn't mind getting two dodges, etc. But a Z6 is going to want to aim and shoot. Or if not aiming and shooting, moving and shooting. Or if it REALLY wants to be tank dodging itself and shooting not giving a dodge to someone else.
  4. And basically all the units in CIS at present are Trade Federation anyways. You could easily have Maul, Battle droids, B2s, AATs, STAPS, Destroyer Droids and an Episode 1 army. Given, the clones lack an "Episode 1" Army, but like, we are already fighting Rebels vs Clones, Empire vs CIS, Emperor fighting on front lines beside Krennic. Etc. If someone wants Darth Maul and a "My army is pure Trade Federation" power to them.
  5. Yeah that was the thing. Just reading how he "leaked" this information came off to me. Most leakers I know are fairly "just the facts" or at least spend their time discussing leaks with minimal diarrhea out the mouth. This guy seems the type to throw out "LEAKS" to lure people in just so he can discuss how he hates Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, Rey, Star Wars, Disney, the Sequels, and anything else.
  6. Same. Also when somebody "leaks" something, I go looking into their record of accuracy. The "Rise of Skywalker" leaks that "he reported on" were on 4chan and also WAY off. The bits they got close to right were all from the trailers and guessing "Palpatine zaps the Resistance Fleet in space" but is surrounded by all sorts of "but none of that happened" This isn't a leak, this is a guy's fan theory put together by grabbing little bits and pieces of info and trying to "discover" a way to get rid of something he hates. Would it be cool if the Sequel Trilogy was WAY different? Sure. But time travel alternate dimension retconning just makes my stomach turn. And it also sounds unlikely and just a desperate fan theory to try and push a dream he has. I already hated the World Between Worlds being created just to save the director's waifu, but like throwing alternate timelines and time travel into the movies just says "We'll retcon anything people don't like". Plus most the guy's other claims are also all just "I HATE THIS I HOPE DISNEY KILLS THAT TOO". Talking about how he hates Captain Marvel and Disney leaks gonna get rid of her. He hates the Sequels and he hates Rey and Disney gonna get rid of those. Etc etc. I had another point, but forgot it... Edit: Ah right, and when you a leaker and having to point out "all this evidence hidden in the movies" that showcases your leak, you are pushing a theory not a leak. A reliable leaker doesn't need to go "This one scene in the movie kinda implies it". That's a fan theory. A reliable leaker says "Hey, I got a source, he gave me this info. And go look at my past record to show I'm not full of ****" Plus why would they hide proof they going to retcon all the movies IN the movies? Lol. That's a fan theory.
  7. My RRG has Heavy Weapon Team, Impervious, Scout, Sharpshooter, Critical, and Tactical, yeah. Here you go!
  8. MajorSmexy


    I think it stacks for the same reason that Jyn's Teamwork card has stacked with Han/Chewie and Cassian/K2. You are ADDING an extra keyword that triggers just the same. Nobody has ever ruled that triple teamwork doesn't stack just because teamwork isn't numbered. There is a difference between "Oh Suppressive twice doesn't give +2 suppression" (since both trigger exactly the same and in the same way and ergo don't stack) and "Coordinate: Emplacement Trooper" and "Coordinate: Corp" stack as they are triggered by the same thing, but have two separate effects. See things like Tauntauns. When they move they are triggering multiple different things at once (Agile, Reposition, Relentless, etc), but still trigger all of them. Coordinate: Corp and Coordinate: Emplacement would be the same.
  9. With the original core set the clone wars isnt as necessary, but like the original core it is still the best raw value. 2 corps at $25 each is $50 per faction (so $100 in corps), commanders are $15 typically so $30 total (or $15 per faction) Support BARC is $25, Droideka is $30 So even if only want Republic thats $90 plus barricades, dice, range rulers, and the separatist. The best bang for buck for one faction is to go half and half on a core with someone who wants just droids. Of course, this is also solely for "best bang for buck" not necessarily a "what you wish to play" But the cheapest way to get a solid starting army would be for Republic is probably x2 half core sets (traded for droids) and maybe a Rex. That would hit your budget and give two commanders, 4 corps, two barcs. Is it the best? No, but it also fits the budget and can extend from there in future.
  10. I try to ensure we aren't a fake FFG community. Could you image if this board was just a bunch of posed mannequins and wallpaper just posed as a forum?
  11. Because they have a personal vendetta against you specifically. They were like "Let's announce it, not because we plan to actually release it but a global pandemic has a way of changing plans, but because it will inconvience drail14me SOOOOO much." Source: My uncle who works at Nintendo over heard it at a board meeting
  12. You also have to think of the faction it is in. Unlike with the Rebels, its a fairly solid Fire Support platform also giving the clones surge to hit. Surge to crit when the clones can fire support it. Plus surge to crit is hardly that vital to make the offense "far worse". Scout 1 helps flamethrower quite a bit. When using flamethrower Crit vs Hit won't matter very often. Only dodge token applies as flamethrower already beats cover. Laser canon it is a bit of a loss sure. Scout 1 helps it move up and the boost to dodge is nice, but at same time you typically use that for impact or range 4 fire and the scout probably won't matter much for a range 4 weapon and more crit is more armor beating. Rotary helps it get up closer quicker and again fire support. However with its base weapon actually being worth using, it servers as a fairly solid cheap fire support platform for the Republic. They even called out the offense as being Rebels tweaking and juicing up (ala the landspeeder) but albeit with less professional training (Scout, Fire Support aiding it far more often, dodge, etc)
  13. Do you have a source for that interview? I want to show it to a friend to try and convince him to do 1000 now XD
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