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  1. No, that is not what they said. There will just be new rules for the new factions. In no shape of form did they imply that the time periods were separated.
  2. This is the stream artwork: https://imgur.com/a/VmCgo3L https://imgur.com/a/Y1pWXXE They also said that there will be a bunch of rule deviation from the standard Armada rules for the new factions, so they will play significantly differently.
  3. This is the stream artwork: https://imgur.com/a/VmCgo3L https://imgur.com/a/Y1pWXXE They also said that there will be a bunch of rule deviation from the standard Armada rules for the new factions, so they will play significantly differently.
  4. So @Crabbok said in a recent video that FFG announced in one of their livestreams that today at 4pm central time there will be an Adepticon replacement livestream where they announce things for Armada, Legion and X-Wing. This would be a big deal. That's why it seems strange to me that FFG has not mentioned this Adepticon replacement stream anywhere else. I can't find any mentions of this on their website, Twitter or FB. Does anyone know anything about this stream of have the video+timecode where FFG announced the Adepticon replacement livestream?
  5. This might be a little controversial but I think a world championship where people from many countries are prohibited from enterhing is not really a world championship. It's just a big tournament. I don't think that this tournament should be recognized by us as a world championship and I don't think the winner should be recognized as the new world champion. If the travel ban stays in place and the tournament is not postponed at the very least I will continue to see @Tokra as the current world champion and not whoever wins the upcoming tournament.
  6. Now this is a good source to draw conclusions from. Both time periods depicted in the same artstyle! There a differences left right and center. The problem is that even the biggest differences seen here would only amount to millimeters of change to the current Arquitens mini.
  7. I concede my point. You bring forth some good arguments. Look, I am not saying it cant be possible that the Arquitens where refitted in the transition from Republic to Empire. All I am saying is that it is unknowable what changes are really supposed to be changes in the ships and what changes are just caused by differing artstyles. Because neither Clone Wars nor Rebels shows the "reality" in Star Wars but instead they are a stylised depiction of the in universe reality and we never see Arquitens in some non stylised canon material. As you said yourself, you "guess". And that is what I want to emphasise. All I am trying to say is that all the comparisons you posted can not be taken as fact. They are nothing more than guesses.
  8. I have to disagree. All differences listed by you are insignificant compared to the difference between the Rebels and move ISD. So if differences of that magnitude can be written down as artstyle then so can all of the ones you listed.
  9. I think all of this can completely be disregarded. We do not know what those ships really look like. We only ever see them in the Clone Wars or in Rebels, both shows with very different and very unique art styles. I mean, this is what an ISD looks according to Rebels: Are you now going to argue that this is a different ship from the one we see in the movies because it as a way longer "neck"? No, because that would be stupid. The ship in the picture above is supposed to represent the same type of ISDs from the movies while still having a different art style. We simply do not know whether any differences in appearance in the ships you listed are the result of the differing art styles of the shows or are actual differences in the ships. Those pieces of concept art unfortunately prove nothing.
  10. Really. I think that is 0% likely. Why would the Jedi or droid commander not just be faction specific officer? You know, like Palpatine, Vader or the Grand Inquisitor.
  11. @Rocmistro The Onager rules directly say that the ignition arc is associated with the hull zone it is in.
  12. That's not at all how Agate works. She gives a normal defense token. No discarding required to use it. You can spend the additional defense token as normal. The discarding effect is a secondary effect that allows her to use any one of the ships defense token even in situations where the ship is prohibited from spending defense tokens, like if the token is tied down by an accuracy or if Avenger would block you from using a token.
  13. Sounds like the delay is not caused by the book but to make it line up with some other piece of media. Maybe the rumored Rebels sequel show. Maybe this delay is a hint towards the Rebels sequel releasing in October.
  14. I think there is a very big hole in imperial large ships: The broadside large ship. That would be a nice "niche" the Venator would fit in perfectly.
  15. Didn't seem to cost Voyager that much energy to use their infinite range teleportation device (Warp 10). 😜
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