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  1. LordCola

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Did you read Thrawn: Alliances? In that book it is explained that the unnamed threat Thrawn speaks of is a species called the Grysk. Which, while somewhat similar to the Yuuzhan Vong, are distinctly not the Vong.
  2. LordCola

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    I know all of this. My original statement was meant to be sarcastic.
  3. LordCola

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    What? 🤨 I don't remember that. Would you mind giving me page and line number so that I can read up on that?
  4. LordCola

    Squadrons 3

    I think unpredictability, or rather unreliability is the hallmark of a bad fighter.
  5. So a while back I made this post Comprehensive list of canon GCW ships not in the game and I thought let's do the same for the CW. But since almost all cannon ships from that era are already depicted in primary media (Film or TV) organizing them by what media they appear in doesn't make much sense. So instead I categorized them by size. Galactic Republic Navy Large Ships: Venator-class Star Destroyer | 1,137 - 1,155 meters Medium Ships: Victory-class Star Destroyer | (900 meters) *, **, ★ Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ship | 752 meters Small Ships: Arquitens-class light cruiser | 325 meters ★ Pelta-class frigate | 282 meters ★ Consular-class cruiser (Charger c70 retrofit) | 138.55 meters CR90 corvette | 150 meters ★ Stealth ship | 99.71 meters Paladin-class corvette | 99 meters Separatist Navy Huge Ships: Subjugator-class heavy cruiser | 4,800 meters Lucrehulk-class Battleship | 3,356.9 meters Large Ships: Recusant-class destroyer | 1,187 meters (stock) 2,544 meters (larger variant) ** Providence-class dreadnought | 1,088 meters (smaller model) 2,177.35 meters (larger model) Medium Ships: Munificent-class star frigate | 825 meters Small Ships: Gozanti-class cruiser | 63.8 meters ★ Honorable mentions: (Ships that aren't classical warships but are iconic and could somehow be incorporated into Armada): Medium Ships: DH-Omni Support Vessel | 908.78 meters Battlesphere / Core ship | 696 meters Small Ships Hardcell-class interstellar transport | 220 meters Trident-class assault ship | 88.71 meters * Never depicted associated with this faction in primary media ** Size only specified in Legends ★ Ship already in the game Multifaction ship used by the Galactic Empire Multifaction ship used by the Rebel Alliance Some thinks that I noted while comprising the list: -The Republic Navy doesn't really have a type flotilla ship. But I guess the non retrofitted Consular or the Paladin-class corvette could fill that role -The CIS generally doesn't have very many ships -Both factions have a little less ships that the GCW factions already have in the game -The CIS doesn't have any classical small base ships -The CIS “Huge Ships” do not at all compare to the SSD in size and it frankly seems a little ridiculous to put them in the same category. So in my opinion they should get a new category called Very Large into which a potential Resurgent-class Star Destroyer would also fit well. (better than into large or huge) -There are already 4 ships in the game that are also used by the Republic Navy but only one that was used by the CIS. Giving the Republic Navy an easy headstart as a new faction. If you find some more ships not included here, comment and I will add them.
  6. LordCola

    What I’d Love to See Released for ARMADA

    You forgot the coolest CIS ship, the Recusant-class destroyer!
  7. LordCola

    Happy Friday

    Exactly not this. One thing I like about capital ship combat is that Jedi and the force don't play a big role in it. I like that Jedi / Sith are powerful worriers. But what's important about them is that they are not indestructible monsters. While they might be able to stand their own against several enemies. Their power is nothing compared to an ISD and I think that's good the way it is. It makes sense for force powers to influence a game like X-wing where the force users themselves are directly controlling a ships guns or steering that is however not the case in a capital ship battle. All a Jedi brings to the table in a capital ship battle is their intuition and tactical ingenuity. The same thing that a non force user would have at their disposal. While there might be a small argument to be made that some force users have some small degree of precognition (which would be about the only useful force ability in a capital ship fight since things like battle meditation are not canon anymore (and should stay that way!)). But I don't think this warrant an entire new mechanic. These types of effects can just be handled the same way all card effects are handled without a new ability slot or anything like that.
  8. LordCola

    What ship have you not used in a long time?

    This is really funny to me. I always thought of it the other way round. To get the most out of the fleet commands you want as many ships as possible (except for entrapment formation). But if you already have to take an ISD to get the fleet command there really isn't a lot of room left for other ships to benefit from the fleet command. Making me always think "no fleet commands for the empire!" xD
  9. LordCola

    What ship have you not used in a long time?

    For me too. But I am really excited to try one with the upcoming Ozzel officer. Also Raiders.
  10. LordCola

    New Bandai star destroyer

    You mean "Awesome!", right? This is the only reason why I am even considering buying this. I hate painting and if Armada came unpainted I sure as heck would not play it. While I agree that it is a little big to play with, it actually comes very close to being the same scale as the Armada CR90. So in some ways it is just right for Armada!
  11. LordCola

    Limited Edition Ships

    I really like the way @Crabbok described this in his latest video. The limited edition event ships become something special and have a sentimental value, a connection to a cool real live event. They will always evoke memories of that day. FFG selling those same limited edition event ships online would take away from what makes them special so they should only be obtainable at the event. That being said, I think it is only ok to have limited edition event ships if literally everybody has somewhat equal opportunity to get one. Meaning you would have to have events in every country you sell the game in. That is of course impractical so I remain somewhat skeptical towards them overall.
  12. LordCola

    Terrain for Armada?

    I agree. Having all obstacles in 3D would be very annoying to play with. But what about just one 3D obstacle. I would love it if FFG released a Golan objective expansion. It would come with one 3D Golan defense platform, some ship cards for the platform and 3 objectives that all specifically use the Golan platform. Then repeat the process for multiple structures like a shipyard or some orbital refinery or the Scarif shield gate. All with their own objectives. That way you can make sure that there will never be more than one 3D obstacle in play. I think having the equivalent of one additional medium base ship on the table would not cause any trouble.
  13. LordCola

    Officer Ozzel and JJ

    From past discussions about Engine Techs and how they interact with JJ I think you would need to start out at speed 1 as I suggested in my OP.
  14. LordCola

    Officer Ozzel and JJ

    I am sorry. English is not my first language and I don't quite understand what that sentence means. I think the problem with the Victory is speed and turning. Yeah, I have already asked about that on here and if I understood what people said about Engine Techs correctly, than my suggested move would be possible.