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  1. Well you see I think there is a difference. Hiding some part of your fleet and setting up an ambush is a strategy. Were as Sloan saying my Squadrons can now exhaust enemy defense tokens is not a strategy it is just a unique effect.
  2. TL;DR: FFG please give imperial Raddus. Please let me preface this by saying that I understand that this is a highly asymmetric game but if you grand me a little of your attention I will try to argue why the Empire should get a Raddus too: So I guess this is what rebel player have felt like about the Experimental Retrofit since the Interdictor was released. The thing is that rebels now actually have access to almost all abilities that the Experimental Retrofit provides albeit with very different stipulations. The G-8 Experimental Projectors let you slow an enemy down. Rebels can do that with Q7 Phylons. Targeting Scramblers is a defensive die reroll just like Lando and Grav Shift Rerout lets you move obstacles the same as Ezra Bridger. Once again, all the rebel alternatives have very different requirements and conditions to use but the core effect is the same and this is what I would like for Raddus too. I don't want the Empire to just get a carbon copy of Admiral Raddus. Instead I would like a way for the Empire to set aside some portion of their fleet and deploy that later at a strategically valuable location. (A way that is not a mediocre, rarely played objective) But why should the empire get this effect in particular and not another one like Rieekan. Well first of all because it is hella fun. Recently at the German Nationals I played a game against a Raddus Profundity list that went first player and choose Hyperspace Assault from my objectives. So we stared with a MC75, a Hammerhead Corvette and my Gladiator not on the board and then we dropped ships left and right onto the board. I have been playing this game for almost 2 years now and I have to say that game was easily the most fun I ever had in Armada. Restricting such a fun mechanic to one faction is just not cool. And secondly I really dislike Raddus. I dislike him because he does not grant a technology or equipment but instead he grands a strategy. Upgrade cards should bring enhancements to my ships and squads but strategies should be entirely up to me as the player. Hiding some portion of your fleet nearby, ready to jump in is just a normal strategy in the Star Wars universe. If you allow me to be a little hyperbolic, Raddus effect being gated behind a upgrade card feels a little like saying: “No, you can't flank your opponent. To do that you first need to equip the “flanking your opponent” upgrade card”. Like what?! That's stupid. Strategies/maneuvers should not be gated behind upgrade cards. I really hope the game will get a rework sometime soon where setting a portion of your fleet aside and deploying them later is just an in-build mechanic instead of an ability that requires one specific card. But until then I think both sides should have access to this mechanic. So my suggestion would be to integrate this functionality into the Interdictor and make it a combination of Raddus and Hyperspace Assault. Give it a new Experimental Retrofit upgrade “• Advanced Hyperspace Disruptors” that says: Before deploying fleets, you may set aside 1 other friendly non huge ship. Then you places X Hyperspace tokens in the play area beyond distance Y of both players' edges. New Rule: At the start of any round after the first round the player who placed the Hyperspace Tokens can deploy a ship that he set aside at distance 1 of one of his Hyperspace token or at distance 1 of a friendly ship equipped with Advanced Hyperspace Disruptors. That ship cannot be deployed overlapping squadrons and cannot be the first ship to activate that round. Then he removes all of his Hyperspace tokens. If he does not deploy, he may move each Hyperspace token to within distance 1 of its current position. Now this is just one possible way to implement this functionality for the Empire and I am not particularly clingy to it. I just want a fun, balanced and reliable (because you cant rely on your opponent picking Hyperspace assault) way do drop some ships out of Hyperspace into the heat of battle as the Empire. PS: FFG if you need a ship to package this upgrade with, here are three canon imperial ships that have interdiction technology build in: Immobilizer 418 cruiser Detainer CC-2200 CC-7700 frigate
  3. I don't think a generalized value for dice that includes their distances is a particularly valuable metric. Their value would highly vary on particular ships depending on its top speed maneuverability and other factors. Again this seems useless because the value of a defense token is highly dependant of the specifics of the ship its on. (Except scatter. That's always the best) I was thinking about the same exact things a while ago. I was wondering if you could brake down the point cost of maneuver charts, defense tokens, upgrade slots, armaments, shield values, hull strength etc. but there are just to many variables and relative factors. Things that are very valuable on one ship might be extremely useless on another ship. So when deciding by how many points you need to increase the cost of a ship if you were to add defense token X you would end up with a calculation that needs to factor in many other aspects of the ship. But their point value would in return also be influenced by the selection of defense tokens on the ship. So you have a circular dependency in their value. I have given up on coming up with values for the value of different attribute of ships. I wonder whether FFG has internal design documents for this stuff. If they do I hope they release them when they drop support for the game (but I doubt they would do that)
  4. So in a different thread I was asking about this exact thing. The Armada model of the SSD looked really off to me. It seemed way to wide for it's length. Guess I was right? I still don't like its proportions. I think it should have been slimmer.
  5. Why not go all the way to crazy town and play the SSD with Raddus 🙃
  6. You just said that you struggle to see how people have a different opinion than yours and then said that you don't believe people would stop playing the game even though several people have said just that over the last one and a half years.
  7. I think it is pretty presumptuous and arrogant to think that everybody feels the same as you, to claim that you understand what is going on in everybodys head and think that people on the forum who say they stopped playing in the last year and a half (because there was no new content except the SSD) are lying. I love this game but I can very much imagine that people would stop playing this game if no new expansion for their factions came out in over a year and with no hope of new ones coming any time soon.
  8. Don't get me wrong. If they stopped releasing new GCW ships for a year or two I too wouldn't mind. I love both time periods but I think a very large portion, possibly the majority of the current Armada playerbase prefers the GCW over the CW and I would like for everybody to get new things they are excited about. (Yeah new cards are cool but only new cards with no new ships you want to buy for two years is not gonna keep people that don't care for CW playing the game) So I hope FFG will flesh out the new factions quickly and also have a new wave of ships for the OT players per year.
  9. I don't think FFG will drop the OT factions. My guess is that all waves from CW release onward will have CW ships and every other wave will additionally have OT ships.
  10. I disagree. You are talking about the GenCon Q&A right? They said they would likely not create another miniature as big as the SSD but they are still working on the X-Wing Epic ships. So my guess is that they will not create anything this humongous in size any more but big miniatures the size of X-Wing Epic ships are still on the table. The X-Wing Raider mini is about half as long as the SSD leaving plenty of room for other huge Armada ships. Ships like the Lucrehulk (3km long), the Subjugator (5km long) or the Mandator 4(7,5 km long) all still seem to be very possible future Armada expansions. The SSD is 19 km long so I guess every ship that is smaller than 12 to 15 km is still fair game.
  11. No, the Imperial support vessel is more Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser inspired. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Support_Vessel
  12. I would like a new small and cheap ship for the Empire to help with the variety in the almost non-existent imperial MSU lists. (Maybe the Imperial support vessel from Rebels) A new medium ship for the Rebels. (literally anything would be fine) And the Immobilizer 418 cruiser. Its canon and the interdictor really needs some new experimental retrofit upgrades. It could be a relatively expensive small base ship that only gets one experimental retrofit slot.
  13. Well, I am not a rebel player and that ship has me so excited that I am going to start playing rebels! In general both new ships look so unbelievably amazing. This is by far the cooles looking wave only second to wave two that brought the ISD.
  14. Well, you are right. We only see the Chimaera get taken away. Though to me the language used extremely strongly implies that more ships disappeared. However Wookieepedia agrees with you. But they also just source the episode for that claim which is open to interpretation in my opinion. Ultimately we will have to wait for an update on Thrawns situation post Rebels but I think it is very unlikely that Dave Filoni would introduce Captain Pellaeon into canon only to have him immediately be separated from Thrawn. I think it is extremely likely that wherever Thrawn is post Rebels Gilad Pellaeon is too and with him the ISD Harbinger.
  15. No. The line in Rebels is "They [the purrgils] destroyed the blockade. Our ships are just gone". Implying that several ships have been taken away into hyperspace by the purrgils.
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