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  1. Maybe it helps to see them more like a way for you to up the tension of a situation - even on checks they should easily shine in it can make the whole table sitting on the edge of their seat when you flip a point, and the possibility of despair is on the table. Not to screw with them but make it more exciting. And as soon as signature abilities and other talents with DP cost join the game, they also need those tense moments to fuel their awesome abilities.
  2. Just to make sure you are aware: there are talents that require destiny points to activate and signature abilities that even require 2 at a time to active so that solution won't work that well as soon as they come up at your table... you either have to modify pretty much everything they are connected to or stick with them as they are.
  3. You could plan the campaign more episodical and "sandbox" as it is, so you can hide the real plot in the background. Let them have non-connected adventures and from time to time sneak some crazy droids in: A Protocol Droid assassinates (or at least tries to) some important political figure which tries to take control of some facilities - some of them producing droids. Strange things happen on a small shadow port operated by a criminal syndicate. Maybe some horror or mystery-themed session where it turns out that the security droids of the criminals are trying to kill their masters and run the business in their place (to get Vex a source of income). Stumbling over a bunch of disguised Droids working as Slavers as it is "just fair to treat them as they treat us..." Receiving a distress call from a ship where a handfull of droids are trying to rescue their masters and fight the "freedom" they were promised by some "Pirate-Droids" (this could also work as the final lead where this is going). So just hide the bigger Picture and let them guess that there is something wrong with all those droids and then introduce them to the first clues, where this could lead to.
  4. As this game is no good Trading-Simulator, it seems necessary to either drop the Mechanical Side of Trading Focus and make it just a narrative side of your Character or just try to figure something out with your GM maybe even some Fanmade supplement. Everything else might lead to unsatisfying results.
  5. Based only on the background we have - Criminal COULD work if you modify how it is played out. Let's say he is thought to be dead - what are the biggest problems that could arise for him? - He meets someone that knows him from some earlier encounter but is no big fan of the Order (maybe the "Diplomats" weren't on his side), but now they have to work for/with him, at least for a short time. - They get caught on some Holonet News propaganda material thing (whatever), and we know that the Holonet is not Live over the whole Galaxy, but at some time someone could see this and wonder: "Shouldn't this guy be dead?!" - so how do they get rid of the recordings? - Paranoia to some degree - what if HE thinks he knows someone from earlier and they could recognize him. When his Imagination is driving him into some sort of strange behavior. It seems hard to pull it off every time it will trigger, but especially the "burry evidence" part of the Criminal Obligation could fit well. Moreso if he fails to do something about it, you could just start to treat it like a normal Criminal Obligation.
  6. Another good place to find players/tables could be: https://www.rpgtablefinder.com/ haven't used it, but checked it a few times and it seems very interesting.
  7. I did this back when we ran Shadowrun, and it worked great. Not because the group was xp hungry and felt left behind but they sometimes had different views what was the most awesome moment that session, and it was also great to highlight the most epic moments at the end.
  8. I use TokenTool 2.1 https://www.rptools.net/
  9. And/Or get tokentool and make your own custom tokens from pics you want as a token.
  10. Something like unprocessed Cortosis - this way they need to find a place to process it, pay some of it to the factory people to stay silent about a bunch of scoundrels coming by with a load of Cortosis - and leave them with as many "servings" as you like them to get in the form of the armour attachment. That way some can get their hands on a very desirable armour attachment and still get a good amount of money from selling the Cortosis on the black market for 50% to 75% of the value. Noteworthy that this is only a good idea if you don't already have problems with some uber-tank - because Cortosis can make this worse.
  11. The way you describe this stuff reminds me of Con-Sessions I either participated myself or was told from close friends. I think a big part of my mindset of today comes from the fact that our originally formed group was huge (~20 members at peak and almost half of them were also revolving GMs at one point). Most long-term GM decisions had to pass a brainstorming and voting of all active GMs at that time. And at that point, it was really no big deal to only get XP when attending and for new players, we had a ruling of bonus XP equal to the XP of the active Character with the lowest score at that time. Nowadays we got molten down to 5 people max and I already posted how we handle stuff today. I would never say that any way to handle such things in itself is right or wrong. It is like anything worldwide: If it works in practice depends on the humans interacting with it.
  12. Now in SW, I stick to increments of 5 for XP rewards but in our last System, the amount of XP for one session varied from 6 to 9 and the amount of XP you could do something with was sometimes as low as 2. Back then there was a possible point of XP per session for good RP per RAW. In the later periods, I tried something new by letting the players decide which character moments were their big favs this evening or who they thought just nailed it RP wise. The whole Table decided who gave them the best IC moment(s) and so the group allocated the bonus XP. I gave them around half the amount of Players in such bonus XP so they needed to decide together where to drop that XP (and no one could vote for themselves). At my table, it worked out great it was a pure moment of recapping the most awesome stuff from that session and they surprised me more than once which actually were their favourites that session. It also turned out to give me more insight into what kind of interactions they overall preferred and could try to put more like those into the plot to have more awesome moments to choose from. The other big benefit was shifting the Bonus-RP-XP from a possibly biased GM viewpoint (we sometimes don't see everything and possibly tend to favour some kind of interactions over others) over to what gave the whole table the most fun that evening. Such methods could, in my opinion, counter some (if not all) of the maybe "being punished" bitterness when it comes to individual bonus XP. At the time I used it for different reasons but I think it can work that way also.
  13. In my USM Talz don't have a natural weapon so their crit rating is 5 what means that there is no error.
  14. Even when I'd say that comparing XP rewards with salary is probably the worst anyone can do - what is with sick leave or paid vacation?!
  15. For setting up the traps and later spotting them you can use the system from the Electro-Snare in Enter the Unknown, this way the traps don't always have the same dmg amount and if you want to get nasty you can use triumphs on the rolls for potential crit traps.
  16. Thinking about it, wouldn't those three qualify as the theme of the new Movies?! A lot of the Characters had or still have to overcome them...
  17. I was hoping for Kylo and Hux - [sarcasm] the opposing VERY capable and well deserved "Leaders" [/sarcasm] With TlJ I grew to like the way Driver played Kylo and I also started to like Rey's character mainly due to the interactions between both. The drag between light and dark was great and the biggest point that made me overlook other plot decisions that weren't my cup of tea. But with pages over pages about incompetent Leadership, I'm really surprised no one named Hux. I really missed some clever and menacing Villian in that position :D
  18. Although I'm no fan of the Deathwatch, that section will be pretty pricey for my current character (at least if the book comes out before Judgment Day) in credits and XP...
  19. Either they worked in shifts or there was at least some snuggling involved...
  20. My group settled on Sil 5 to have a base of some sort which lead us straight to the C-ROC as they voted purely on looks and low crew requirements (i didn't give them any stats besides crew req.). To offset the higher price I made it a piece of junk with lots of stuff to fix, and one of the first things they want to mod is a hanger so the pilot can do more fancy things with some smaller ship. In the Beginners Box, they liked the YT but made clear that something different (and possibly larger) would be preferred.
  21. Such books would be insanely useful as PDFs to use them as fast reference sources but... *sigh*
  22. Food source... also a good point I forgot to add.
  23. Endless Vigil - without further modifications, they start at 11.000 and go up to 16.200 with room upwards depending on the mods. Although I tend to believe that most if not all Pods on Tatooine are self build and thus a lot cheaper in material cost. Watto's comment could also go the route of what that Pod is actually able to earn/win over its lifetime (what could be horribly short as we see some getting wrecked in the race) compared to what labor you could get from a slave over its remaining lifespan. Or he just scammed them... I mean how in the galaxy should a Jedi know how much a Podracer or a Slave is really worth on Tatooine?! We also can't say for sure
  24. The Setting: Asteroid colony that is still in use but also became a small Trading Hub/Shadowport over the years it took to drive a lot of mining shafts into the rock. Previously a small group of commando types killed off ("accidents" and assassinations) pretty much the whole crew of a medium freighter (belonging to the Hutts) and steal said ship (with a big Rhydonium cargo) while busting the blockade officials empowered over the station - actually to search for said ship/cargo. As a clue for the party, they had to leave their demolitionist behind but gave him notes for meeting up before they transport the cargo to its new destination preparing a big hit on a core world. Now the encounter itself. I don't want to make the Antagonist himself the really big thread but his preparations will be horrifying. So I plan to set this up inside an abandoned mining shaft with bad lighting and full of "smaller" traps. For this, I'll use improvised grenades as mines (frag and Stun with base dmg and blast reduced by 3) and set them up using the rules of Electro-snares. I also plan on giving him a Personal Stealth Field and Tracker's Goggles so he can move around while being hard to hit (as long as the Stealth-Field is working) and slowly wearing down the party. If the party pushes through he has to retreat further into a dead end mining shaft and prepare his last stand. Last Stand will trigger when his Stealth-Field breaks down and he has prepared for that with an InstaMist Generator. As a note: The traps at the entrance will only arm themselves after someone ventures a bit deeper into the shaft to hopefully dispatch intruders unnoticed from the outside and motivate the party to push onwards. I set up the NPC like this: Rival - 16 Wounds - 3 Soak (4 against blast) Attributes: 2,3,4,3,2,2 Skills: Computers 2, Mechanics 3, Stealth 3, Infiltration 2, Ranged (Light) 2, Survival 2 Talents: Adversary 1, Ambush, Powerful Blast 2 Equipment: Blaster Pistol, MK. III Flak Vest, Tracker's Goggles, Personal Stealth Field, Tool Belt, some more improvised grenades and 2 Stimpacks Now to my questions: Has anyone pulled off something like this and can share some tips? Do you think the environmental conditions can drag this out long enough to make it an achievement to accomplish and earn the "loot", my only other really condition heavy fight until now was an Adversary 2 Defense 1 Nemesis at night in muddy terrain inside a heavy storm (waiting for sunshine is for the weak...) and it took quite some time to get him down even after they dispatched all minions (no big fighting types, most are more of a glass cannon but they have a good medic)
  25. As the Trigger warning was already very well formulated, I just throw in what NPCs in my setting have to think about when deciding what they "prefer" when it comes to pure Workforce Droids: + can work in flesh-hostile environments (vacuum, toxic gas, very hot/cold) + Restraining Bolts hold them under control very well, although not always necessary when properly programmed + easy to provide repair through other droids - depending on the time it is possible that there are still personal prejudices against droids in general - you are "forced" to buy new ones in the case of casualties - depending on the models, they can be a bit close-minded when confronted with nonregular problems - if you do them they require expensive and high tech equipment (at least what we can guess from legends sources) for memory wipes Slaves: + can work in tech-hostile environments (ionized atmosphere...) + they are pretty much everywhere, even on primitive worlds there are plenty sources to "gather" from + "well" kept, most species reproduce pretty quickly to get either a bigger workforce, replace casualties, or even sell them + you can easily acquire them for "free" with a bunch of thugs, binders and a ship to fly somewhere no one will miss them + very adaptable with little training + for working I'd say that slaves are cheaper - food, water, shelter, and other somewhat expensive upkeep like healing - given the opportunity very likely to revolt, or flee - there is a possibility that someone will search for them Then we have the "Luxury" segment, where I see everything in the "Shady- and Redlight-Area". No matter if they are Dancers, Escorts, Gladiators or something no one need's to talk about in detail, the prices for Slaves are very likely to explode above those of Droids. So for your PCs just take a "Hostage" that qualifies for the "Luxury" segment and blow the Pricetag up to 20k+. Also a nice opportunity to include not only the bottom of slavery with the ones acquiring them but also the top tier players from the wealthy underworld as customers. Or maybe an auction with not so high starting bids but wealthy Scum raising the tag to amounts they can't provide...
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