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  1. Malashim

    "Stealing" a droid

    Does the Group include someone skilled with Computers? -> memory wipe alone would solve most of the problems - although I think killing the former owner would work pretty well also. On the other Hand, you could just go the route to let them start without those party roles filled and set the first adventures to get a crew and keep flying ( :D ). And when I say, crew, I mean everything good or bad you could think of to make further adventures possible. Maybe not an awesome doctor who is hunted by the whole ISB because he kidnapped his sister from some secret research lab. But something that could work as a plot hook in the future, after they became an important part of the crew. They could even be connected to one of the obligations although no one knows about it at the beginning?! You could throw in Droids as well as Persons - just try to make em interesting, give them a few quirks and make em likable as well as skilled and somewhat loyal. Stuff like some friendly mechanic and his droid help them to fix a few problems with the ship but gets killed by the bad guys in the adventure, leaving his mourning but eagerly and helpfull astromech behind. But where the mechanic got this not at all wiped droid from (even wiping resistant?!), will be something to solve in the future... As long as you don't have a bunch of paranoid murder hobos this could work out as some really interesting stuff. If your table is not into something like that, take the memory wipe option of stolen droids but use some specific obligation to counter the value - to "pay it off" in some way.
  2. Nice! Exactly what I was looking for - not too big and a proxy war is the best i could hope for - so many possibilities, they'll hate me
  3. I'm planning to send my EotE ne'er-do-wells on some "covert-ops" adventures (sneak in do some things and don't get shot) on a World themed similar to Balmorra at SW-ToR times (a bit more urban would be great). We are set shortly after the Battle of Yavin and I don't know of something fitting officially mentioned. I have no problem coming up with some stuff on my own but if there are fitting mentions in some stuff I don't know, it would be even better. Are there even any Planets with somewhat you could call an ongoing warlike situation at that time?
  4. That alone makes you part of the "reasonable side" when it comes to the Internet!
  5. When looking at the actual topic some people demonize the Movie and the people who actually like it. While the what I would call "more reasonable side" has tendencies creeping in to do the same as soon as they read "I haven't seen it myself, but...". It's already bad enough if one side is showing such behavior. Even if it was actually stated to be bad wording "you lost your right to whine if you haven't watched it yourself" statements are a direction the "reasonable side" should always try to avoid as well as calling people either trolls or stupid because their opinions differ. I'll stop to ride that dead horse now as this discussion is also starting to go in circles. Have a nice day/night, everyone!
  6. I like Pie too! So informed equates to first-hand experience only, and anything other has no right to even mention what they think by doing research outside of first-hand experience? The only people who can discuss the horridness of Landmines are the ones that put them to use and the ones that survived the explosion of one?! That sounds like the point from some extreme left feminists towards men that they need to shut up because they are no woman and thus can't bring anything useful to the table... I'm not defending the people who just continue to rage about single points and try to push their views onto others - the point that I'm against this sort of behavior is the reason I'm against the demonization of even thinking about mentioning an opinion if you have no first-hand experience, because this is equally close-minded and doesn't help any side. Sure first-hand opinions have the theoretical potential to be a lot more useful for further and deeper digging discussions, but that doesn't make every first-hand opinion superior to any relying on research. Even if someone has seen the Movie it is possible to state invalid points about it as well as people are able to state valid points by looking at the different sources of "documentation" around the Movie. P.S. Calling people either a troll or stupid is also a quite aggressive way (and insulting) to add nothing useful to any discussion...
  7. Just WOW! Looks like a really great PC team!
  8. "For the purpose of further discussion" would depend on the actual point of discussion I tend to believe. I won't go into TlJ examples as there already was too much talking in circles in the other Thread, but some points for Movies like overall Story Arcs can be shortened to just a few words and you don't need to watch Avatar (the Pandora one) to develop a justifiable opinion about the potential Pocahontas rip off. But you actually must have seen Avatar if you want to talk about the (at least I think) amazing visualization - although 3D was unnecessary. So the overall demonization of opinion building through second-hand sources (and communicating it) on pretty much every aspect isn't helping anyone, as well as the tendency of the people against the new Trilogy to lose a lot of "Discussion Etiquette". But no matter what - I can't imagine that there is anything that hasn't been said already regarding TlJ somewhere on the internet - so I should stop myself trying to ride that dead horse.
  9. Correct me if I understood this wrong but wasn't one of your subcontext points that no one should form an opinion about a Movie itself (and not just not going to watch it) through other sources than their own experience and then join the discussion with those points of view about the topic at hand? If I got that context wrong - my bad!
  10. No, I have intentionally dumped some Movies because all Feedback from sources I could trust in the specific genre was negative, so I spared myself from wasting lifetime to just prove that point (i probably should add that this doesn't make those bad Movies for everyone - just for me). That is part of the "Learn from the experience of others (which you can trust in the specific matter)" thing, but I agree - no one should be bashing anyone for just another opinion because as we all know "Opinions are like a**holes — Everyone's got one"...
  11. That's definitely wrong from what I experienced among my friends when it comes to Movies and Music. I know what kind of Movies they like a lot, which are "brains out, get the popcorn" and which are just plain "nearly fell asleep while watching" AND I know which friend differs from my tastes in specific areas and as well as who is on the same page. Therefore I'm able to sort out statements like for example: "I enjoyed it a lot but it's pretty strange, like A Scanner Darkly" and "It was so bad I had to turn it off, like A Scanner Darkly" depending from whom I hear it. Which tells me if I'm very very likely to actually like the Movie like A Scanner Darkly, or not. The chances to get the assumption right, if I will enjoy/hate it, even increases a lot if there are spoilers and further information why they enjoyed/hated the Movie in question involved. A Good example for me right now is Solo, I haven't seen it yet but what I heard (including some spoilers) from different sources I'm almost 100% sure that I will enjoy it when I finally watch it, as a lot of the good Feedback I got was from people with very similar or even more critical tastes. I don't know about you, but I can trust this method with Movies and Music among my close friends. So the whole "you can't say anything if you haven't experienced it yourself" is wrong from my own experience. This is no Modern Art Movement debate like: "Someone said the Art Exhibition in question ist too much Cubism for them, so I'll also pass on it as I "hate" Cubism and only like Impressionism"
  12. Malashim

    Narrative Money

    Some of the alternate ideas do sound great and would be a good way to get rid of the micromanagement, as all but the really small pools should succeed against a diff 0 - so those could fall under the table as long as the PCs aren't broke. One thing to ask now is how thought out and complex it should be when you go big with pricetags. I can imagine some tables of things that could happen to the pool or the PCs with enough threat or even despairs showing up. Aswell as some quick but thought out mechanics to build difficulty pools - as some of those purchases could lead to the upcoming story arcs and therefore qualify to be worth rolling. Stuff like you were ripped off by the last merchant and either you paid too much for what you got, or the price was right but it was some faulty hardware you bought - or maybe everything seems right but the merchant was a shady fence and you got some marked stuff which is beeing tracked. All the story you could pull out of such rolls... So the benefits of a more comlex system are not actually reducing the effort of bookkeeping but maybe replace plain number crunching with something that has narrative potential on somewhat meaningful expenditures.
  13. Malashim

    Narrative Money

    The "madness" of Shadowrun bookkeeping laughs at SW-RPG - they have tables for pretty much everything you could think of buying so the GM doesn't even have to come up with prices for eating or public transportation although at the same time they give you the tool of Livestyles to throw all of that out of the window (as long as you stay within the limits). I only remember GMing/playing 2 systems without bookkeeping which were Vampire and Scion, and although i liked it most of the times - there were some odd situations when it almost destroyed my immersion. Especially when someone was almost broke, having no number indicator on how broke you really are when you want something to eat/drink or other small expenses, it was somewhat strange for me to wrap my head around it. So i can see benefits in both approaches - but i would like to hear if your plan works out for your table!
  14. Malashim

    Our GM has no Hope!

    We did revolving with our old SR group. At peak we had around 6 switching GMs, but we used a Forum to exchange on the long term related stuff and when someone wanted to do more of those things he chose one or two GM(s) and engaged the big plot relevant tasks when one of those was running the job at hand. It felt like a series without a main plot but worked quite ok for a long time. @ the thing Disney did with the "GM who sold his books" i don't like what they did with 7 and 8 also. And 8 is the main reason i haven't watched Solo by now as i was somewhat angry when it came out (also some of the stuff that was thrown around social media from officials after 8 was part of that). But i plan to take a shot at it when i mostly forgot about 8 but just before 9 to give it a real chance But i would never quit the whole thing, even if they manage to dig an even deeper hole with 9. It can never ruin 4,5 and 6 to a degreee that i would do more than pretend 7,8, and 9 never happened and treat everything else that comes as it was EU stuff where i pick what i like for my own game. At my table there is a reason we play between 4 and 5 At least 7,8 and maybe 9 do one thing for me: i like 1,2 and 3 more than before.
  15. Malashim

    NPC Droid experiences

    The thing with restricted comes from the group in general, not very combat heavy and they try to stay under the radar (to some degree the fault of my campaign so far) while moving actually not so far on the edge and quite close to the coreworlds. Until now they kept a low profile and the obvious equipment as legal as possible, the campaign will open up more sandboxy in the future and i'm quite interested to see if this will change, but right now they can operate from Coruscant to Tatooine on purpose. The theme is lightly focused on the core to mid rim underworld, dipping into Empire- and Rebellion Jobs - realizing that both (if not all) sides suck, while the real edge territories are "blocked" by obligations that should be solved before running there. And all that shortly ABY... I'll talk about a few options with the player in question as i got some interesting ideas out of the postings so far and will see what options he prefers. Thanks a lot for all the input!