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  1. I'm happy to see Dexter, but I think he's ruined by his stat line. In my opinion, he should NOT be as proficient with magic as Akachi or Agnes. Since we know he was a soldier in the war, he should have Combat 4, Willpower 4. This would allow people to give him weapons rather than relying on Withering the way ALL other mystics do. It seems like it would have been much more fitting for him to use of the Slight of Hand Event to pop out a Derringer or something. But no... Instead, he'll be indistinguishable from Agnes, Akachi, Marie, etc. A waste of what could have been a more interesting character.
  2. Doubling down on Calvin Wright? Look FFG, if you won't issue a long-overdue April Fools retraction of Calvin, then we're going to need an apology. Calvin is built to fail tests and die. Seriously, where's the REAL Survivor already? It's not funny anymore.
  3. I notice though, that each signature card and weakness of the novella investigators has the “Replacement” keyword, just like Roland and Jenny’s alternate novella versions. Makes me wonder if ALL these new investigators will be represented with alternate art and compulsory cards later on. I don’t care if they’re different versions, as long as I can get these characters by more direct means.
  4. I’m relatively new to the game and missed the first few promo characters. I love the game and I’m dying to own all the characters, but I may not be interested in buying a bunch of novellas. Will there be any accommodation for fans like myself? When can I buy a “character pack” or whatever, to increase my play options? I realize the game is still young, but come on... I pay money for new characters. How long must I wait, and why?? There must be another way to get them...
  5. There’s no way he’s not an April Fools joke. To have a stat line of all zeroes, he’d have to have no arms and no legs and be in a permanent vegetative state. They’re not gonna waste a release on some nobody character when there are so many good characters still unrealized.
  6. I got the game recently and I’m completely in love with it. At the moment I only have the core set and I’m dying to play 4 players. Can I simply buy an expansion to field the extra players or do I truly have to buy a second core set? And when I do buy a delux expansion, which one is good to start with? I love that Dunwich is near Arkham, so it seems like a good place to go for continuing investigators. The Dunwich Horror is one of my favorite stories. BUT I’ve been in love with the atmosphere of creeping insanity behind Hastur-related stories ever since I read the Tatterdamalion adventure from CoC RPG.
  7. So CoC LCG is no longer being supported, apparently. Even if it is, my point will still be relevant. This card game would translate very well to mobile devices and could even be spiced up a little. At the moment, it’s a hard game to get into for lack of player support. A mobile version would reunite the community. We could play one another across the world. Or we could play various levels of AI difficulty. If FFG wants to simply repackage an electronic version of the LCG, that would be fine. However, with the amount of player support the game would receive, FFG could go back to it’s original CCG model. (As long as booster packs could be easily earned for free and not only purchased.) I’m dying to see this happen. Elder Sign: Omens is great, but there are itches which that game doesn’t scratch. FFG could gain a lot from initiating more electronic projects...
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