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  1. Sword named Folly

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Dooku and Ani up on Mel's. Good looking models! and
  2. Sword named Folly

    Sarlacc Pit

    I've started one but scrapped it and trying to figure out a better way to do it. I did see on Instagram a guy in Spain made a 3d print that is beautiful... The tentacles could just be green stuff rolled over a texture. That was my plan. As for Dangerous Terrain: My idea was to make it like the Mines condition and have a defensive roll to see if it goes off before the damage is dealt out for each unit X distance from Sarlac or touching terrain. If the piece is dealing out too much damage, even if there is an objective there, it won't see much play unless you try to force the point. Edit: here it is:
  3. Sword named Folly

    Help creating a Scarif table

    Not sure about much else that you are looking for but one of these would look great for your landing pad area https://sarissa-precision.com/collections/system-sci-fi-28mm/products/landing-pad-dock-set or https://www.battlekiwi.com/product/scatter-wars-2/
  4. Sword named Folly

    Folly's Terrain (addition Ruined AT ST 12/17)

    Ruined ATST. Totally a fun build. Still a few things to wrap up.
  5. Sword named Folly

    Folly's Terrain (addition Ruined AT ST 12/17)

    If you don't have any you should buy Imperial Terrain's pieces they are a blast and make for great tables either painted or just straight from the printer. I've got a few more tweaks I want to make but here we go. Gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/gI474Su
  6. Sword named Folly

    First post of my legion collection

    Great looking table and minis!
  7. Sword named Folly

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Now all I want is the Kel Dor and Ithorian heads or full models!
  8. So I've been enjoying doing a few builds lately. Tons of fun taking it out to my FLGS for tournaments and some one-on-one games. Here are just a few tastes of the pieces. Next few games I'll get some table setups. Full Galleries: Mountain: https://imgur.com/a/IReqBNo Big Red Building: https://imgur.com/gallery/h4Ewcnb The Grotto: https://imgur.com/gallery/GeEo8NI The Sleepy AT-AT: https://imgur.com/a/ErutFaz
  9. Sword named Folly

    Folly's 1.4 FD Laser Turrets waiting on the snow to fall...

    Well, I missed the wonderful pristine snow right after it snowed this weekend... All we have is a bit of melt off and still a few patches that weren't disturbed.
  10. So they still need to do the snow effects on them but i'm pretty pleased with how they look though they got nothing on the setup Imperial terrain posted the other day. Full Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/m6y7rrW First unit: Second unit:
  11. Sword named Folly

    Folly’s Gambit- Terrain

    @VAYASAN I'm ok with it gracing the edge of the Table. It was mostly designed that way be cause I wanted to draw some play towards the edge. In the make of this piece it was made as a edge piece the back side is all black felt to cover. With the coming reliese of snipers for both factions I figured having terrain that has some high ground to control and fire from. As for playability I've only gotten to play test it a few times. I took it to my FLGS for a tournament and it got used in a couple of games. mostly got use as good hiding from AT-Sts for breakthrough, and then had a moisture vaporator located on it. This week I'm going to use it in conjunction with the Blue Metal Operation. The structure is just a 3 gang blue electrical box from Home Depot. Thanks @Force Majeure and @Albertese.
  12. Sword named Folly

    Folly’s Gambit- Terrain

    So finally wrapped up the grotto. Full Gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/GeEo8NI
  13. Sword named Folly

    Folly’s Gambit- Terrain

    Thanks @SFC Snuffy I do have more greebles on order and to my frustration TTC has been super slow on their fulfilling my order. Sorry I should have made it more clear this is definitely a work in progress. Tonight I added lichen and moss to rocks and the logs, as well as some water plants. Next up I think is working in the water effects. Trying to do my first waterfall on this one. But that all great advice as I move forward. The fort is smaller then I’d like and that’s been an unfortunate turn of the doors I bought. I hoping there will be some small forgiveness in small doors once it’s wrapped up.
  14. Sword named Folly

    Folly’s Gambit- Terrain

    @Albertese like these? Those are Mel’s crew of the ghost.
  15. Sword named Folly

    Folly’s Gambit- Terrain

    So had some fun building terrain these last few months starting to work on a few pieces for hopefully getting into a few LGS and beyond. Today’s piece I’m working on has given me some fun new things to figure out. But here it is so far: Full Gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/E5kG3oi any one got a better name for this the cave hangar and mountain base.