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  1. Had some spare time today and added dividers for neutral cards to the folder. Hope you get good use out of them 😃
  2. spookymizu, Thank you for your kind words. Thanks for catching the typo. Fixed the file. I should have neutral dividers done this weekend.
  3. Here is something I have made for myself: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UFSjdyk9vvWkFy7j3YKFlxkXlKZw9hrG Dividers are to be printed at full size and cut 65mm x 105mm. Pictures have 5mm bleed border to be cut off . I use a local printing shop and ask them to print and cut as they would business cards. Disclaimer: all the art used belongs to artists or FFG, I just used pictures I could find on the internet. Original idea was to use Seal card art for all clans, but could only find reasonable resolution for 2.
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