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  1. Sadly the news jas come that these forums will be closing. To keep options open for people in the community to continue to discuss, share things and aggressively negotiate about this game I have created this thread for people to post discord, Facebook and other social media groups so those that want to can migrate to them. Please only post if you are posting groups so it doesn't become too cluttered. I'll bump it once or twice a day so it stays on top. It's been a pleasure discussing and talking about this game with you all and reading posts and uploads shared here. Till we meet again best of luck with the future and may the force be with you.
  2. Hove can block line of LOS and I honestly can't see why a closed transport would be bad. Yes a unit can't shoot out of it but then they can't be directly targeted.
  3. Cheap unique commander for Cis and an operative (probably Ashoka) for Gar. Paired with that either another corps or special forces. Probably another corps to give them each 3 options.
  4. I think they don't want to change too many units at the same time so they can see how it goes.
  5. I really like a lot of these changes and how they open up the game.
  6. There's an awful lot of speculation here but not a lot of concrete information. Yes I read the posts from a guys saying he's an ex-ffg employee saying that he's in contact with those that got laid off but him sayingthat doesn't mean it's true. Not saying it isn't but there's no way we will no till further down the track. Also I doubt this was a sudden move. There would be a hand over of what people are working on, what designs are coming up, their ideas and thoughts of where things were headed. X-wing alone is a money horse for asmodee so they're not going to pull the plug on the current designers and throw it to someone completely new without any sort of overlap and hand over. Yes I am speculating here but so is everyone at this point.
  7. Look if they decide to do scum they should just do them as a dogs of war style army. Lots of different units that be taken by certain other factions but can also be run as their own army.
  8. The point you pay for is the infiltrate and 2 training slots. Not everything in this game is going to be able to go toe to toe with everything else. This is important otherwise you'll just end up with different types of deathtroopers. I'll agree that the special forces need a point rebalance but it'll be interesting to see what training upgrades will be out in the next year.
  9. Really nice write up. I think some people are going to run endurance with him so he can get rid of suppression more easily. I know the flaw is a big thing but you could almost use it as bait to try to get your opponent to compromise their big units to take him out. Crazy idea but sometimes crazy pays off. Really like the offensive/defensive stance, force push and choke with him.
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