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  1. I mean it'd only cost between $200+ be half the width of a field unless they shrunk in down. If they made it smaller then 80% of it's actual size it would start to look way too undersize because of the gunner on top.
  2. Empire - Tarkin - inquisitors - IG-88 - any of the dark jedi from jedi knight, dark forces 2 Rebels - mon mothma - Hera - kyle katarn - Rieekan - old ben CIS - Maul - Ventress - Dark Sidious - Jango Fett Republic - Anakin - Ashoka - Cody - Padme Every faction - Hondo!
  3. I like the way they're doing this. Everything seems interesting but none of it overpowered. It gives you new ways to play but everyone won't have to go out and buy 6 of these to be competitive.
  4. I'm going to have to disagree about the range 5 being more a buff. If I run a squad of Death Troopers then they won't always be in range of all 3 snipers each turn and any that they are in range of are only 1 range band out before they are in dlt range. It's dangerous for snipers to relocate as they are only 2 models. If they need to move to get a better shot they can risk being out of cover.
  5. Dude to the wrong bases everyone misjudged how long it would take for the Dewbacks to travel.
  6. With ffg when they errata something that change is final and will be like that for the rest of the game. If something changes points it could change again later down the track. As more stuff gets released they may need to shift things points wise to open up design space. Hopefully the future adjustments are as good as this one.
  7. Them not putting fear and dead men as a command card would have been like Ewan McGregor walking on stage to announce he's playing Obi-Wan again and not saying 'Hello there'... oh wait. I actually came back from a year of not playing Destiny to win a mat with that art. The only thing that I miss in playing lcgs, card games vs legion is having awesome prizes like game mats.
  8. I think another reason that they had to tweak it is to make it more in line with all the new weapons costs from the discount. With the ion rifle being cheaper (I would also put my money on the fleet troopers grenade launcher) the upgrades and parameters it was originally designed against have changed (they usually start designing something a year before they announce it) hence the tweak. I'm happy they're being proactive about this and not leaving it for next time.
  9. Looks cool but since I'm in Australia there's zero chance I'll get one. I don't understand why people are upset that they do this... they don't do this = you won't have one. They do this and you can't go = you won't have one. Can't we just be happy for those that will be there and buy this? It's not like it has any special powers or abilities (I'm looking at you star trek attack wing) from the regular one, it's just an alternate sculp.
  10. Guys smoke grenades are coming out soon. Ffg will probably wait to see what effect they have on the game and then maybe do a fix.
  11. There's a Brisbane legion Facebook page and a Brisbane ffg games Facebook page. About 8 of us at ace comics at Annerly are going to buy in and see how we go. I think the regular game night is planned to be Tuesday at the moment but that could change.
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