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  1. Indiana, gear was something I was thinking would be tough as well given that they would be outfitted. I might pick up the star wars adventures book to see how they handle it. Part of me wants to tell my players not to expect great as a motivator unless they can think up specific gadgets. I planned on playing post Voyager largely so I can just make stuff up without worrying about breaking cannon for my players that're all bigger trekkies that me. That's for all your input!
  2. My girlfriend picked me up Genesys for Valentine's day and I'm gonna run a Star Trek setting with it. Any pointers on where to start? I'm gonna use a Star Trek Adventures module to start out and then start home brewing once we come into the feel we want. I am looking for ideas/resources to make the setting work well. I saw the Sci Fi armory, but am looking for other advice. I did a one shot with SWRPG and my group liked it a lot. Due to the large number of possible races I'm just having people pick the race they want. I then am going to give a stat that seems to make sense a 3 and move an appropriate weak stat to a 1. Unless they want a standard stat block of all 2's. For exp and derived stats I was going to see if I could find another race/archtype in the setting and use those. I did a forum search and haven't seen a topic on this yet. Any cool ideas are appreciated.
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