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  1. Are the new scenarios going to be incorporated into regular tournaments or will they have their own tournament bracket?
  2. Yea you keep saying two pics, but then skip over googling his id, clicking the videos that i shared that showed the links, listening to a podcast that mentions his name and so on. But keep ignoring all the information i posted, others who followed it had no trouble finding his identity. That is the only point i set out to make, but instead of apologizing for your, “nice claim.” Comment you doubled down and lost.
  3. Again you are not acknowledging my point. I clearly stated that i was here to prove ardvark was a renowned judge and he can speak for other judges. I proved you wrong on this and only this: ardvark = renowned judge. You played dumb kept arguing other things i wasnt a part of. I posted video of where i got those pics and told you to google killerardvark and you would know his name and could confirm his identity. But you trolled, back pedaled and now are refusing to admit his position to the xwing community. You admitted to trolling so any point being made at this point is null and void.
  4. we are one page. I don't think you are paying attention or have me confused with someone else. but you have been proven wrong and that is all that matters. calling me a troll is funny since I literally had to show you a well known judge and exposed you for playing a victim. I would not be classified as a troll but actually informing you of facts. Edit: also you never used the word troll in any of the posts between you and I. Proven wrong again. Man it hurts to be this good.
  5. I now know you are trolling. Have a good day and good luck with your ethical issues.
  6. So after two links, two pictures and informing you of who he is, do you now admit he is who he claims? That is the point I am making. I also am defending him against your claim that he said you cannot have an opinion. All other debate is not relevant. I do not care what your ethical dilemma is with X-Wing, but his reputation and the information he provided to you on how a majority of judges rule. Also you still have not quoted him in writing of him telling you, you can't have an opinion. I have made my case.
  7. Nope. I read what he said, and here it is: Also confirmed it's ok by Michael Jures (North American Championship 2x judge and marshal this year, upcoming worlds judge, System open judge 3x), Iain Hamp (Marshalled more system opens that I can count, worlds judge 3x), and Brent Wong (Worlds judge 4x i think, System open marshall and judge multiple times, North American Championship multiple times, etc.) I now challenge you to go to any tournament above a Hyperspace Trial and try to call a judge on someone doing this. There's a decent chance you'll get one of these people and be disappointed. HE never made such a claim, he challenged you to go find a judge to rule in your favor. This is him using multiple judges as example of how they would rule, and this is for other countries as well. Clearly you are not reading these post fully or carefully enough. You have been shown his credentials, he has shown top judges around the world who rule as he claims, and he asked you to go find a judge that rules as you do. Please copy and paste him saying you don't have the right to an opinion cause it isn't in here. And again, this has nothing to do with anything. Cause then I will say as an IT professional I have gone to other departments and stepped on their toes to show them how they are wrong. They were corrected and all was well: Like in the job I held. I was the inspector (sanitarian is a fancy work for health inspector) in one county. A sanitarian would have been stepping on my toes had they come into my county and tried to hold inspections. Just as aardvark is by telling judges in events that he is not actually working at as a judge that they have to go by his ruling and that they do not have the right to rule differently.
  8. There, he is now looking at the table. Had to pull up Fantasy Flights video. Also they mention him by name when he is called over to the table to help the other judge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9ameMpjYf0&t=10s
  9. If you watch the video, as I posted, you will see THAT judge never leaves the table. He goes back and sits down right in front of it. The reason I screenshot that moment of the video is so you can see his face. The game is setting up and he is talking to FFG staff to prep the final table for play, stream and judge. Also never claimed he worked every game ever. You challenged his credentials and he showed his hand, which at this point is a straight royal flush, and you dismissed his claim. I am now proving his claim of being a WORLD renowned judge and you are trying to claim he doesn't rule all the games. He doesn't rule all the games, but his opinion and experience helped write the game you play. Before you claim victim and say, "so I can't have an opinion?" You 100% can and can post what ever you want. I just am clearing up the issue of his credentials, which I have confirmed. There are judges that will disagree with his ruling, but you can bet Killerardvark and other judges of his fame have the ears of those judges as well. He never said you don't have a right to an opinion, just that he was a highly appointed judge and while speaking with his group of other judges this is what they mostly agree. Have you ever been to a tournament? Cause this doesn't happen and he never said any such claim? Quote: This just tells me to never bother going to an x wing event to play in a tourney because he would ban me from participating without ever getting to even take my models out of the case because I disagreed with him on this topic of ethics. Also I have no idea what your job, that is controlled by actual laws, has to do with a table top game. You are comparing an act that can result in jail time to a board game that has no where near the same severity. Quote: sanitarian, I would never go into a different county and step on the toes of theones in the other county and tell them how they should write their reports and I certainly would not allow onefrom another county to come into mine and do that to me.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You must be new or ignorant to what you are looking at. That is a recording from Gold Squadron Podcast, while the person in a blue shirt, such as the one you see is a judge. This is the final table of worlds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyT8zp5-RcI at 5:24:00 and you notice that judge never leaves that table and watches the game the whole time. That judge is Killerardvark. As a video caster myself, which you can confirm through facebook since I keep my same name, I 100% can confirm Killers claim of being a top tier judge. Who also has direct contact with other judges, is sought after for rules clarifications and is highly respected in X-Wing. All this can be confirmed through almost every xwing podcast, facebook, and literally googling his id "Killerardvark" and seeing what is actual name is and who he is in X-Wing.
  11. What would you know? It’s not like you have been a judge for years, have most of the ffg staff on speed dial or judging worlds because... i am sorry what... oh he is all of those things. I am sorry killerardvark, i had no idea.
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