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  1. First off great battle report @BrobaFett, you had the well done Galactic Republic scheme painted fleet! I think we played tables next to each other twice and it was enjoyable both times. That third round game was brutal. Your opponent, El, is one of our toughest players and his bread and butter is flying sloane and ISDs. Also going speed zero is his thing. In our group chat his nickname is "Turtle Speed" so it wasn't something solely brought out for just a tournie. Idk what else to say, it's brutal. You faced very likely one of the top 4 most skilled players there flying a list that yours is weaker to and still came to essentially a tie. My takeaway from yesterday was a reminder how much of it is insanely RNG based on how you get your matchups :/ You were really pleasant so I imagine it's not meant with malice or ill-will, but I was one of those top two guys on the Round 4 top table, we were not going for 6/5, and it's disappointing that's the assumption. We both were trying to beat the other just like in any other of our matches. I actually didn't travel with my opponent as we came as a group of EIGHT of us and took three cars. With a quarter of the total players from our one store where we play 1-4 games a week, we're going to face our own group and no way are we going to take it easy. Example: Your opponent Round 3, El, dunked another of our players 9-2 Round 1, then squeaked a 6/5 against another of our players, Nick who eventually rose to 3rd by the end. It's a tournie, we're friends, and going to laugh, joke, and encourage each other, but we were and will continue to absolutely play to win. Again, you seem a great guy, but the casual 'of course they're going to 6-5' is a bit saddening and hurtful :/ Hey @elbmc1969, I flew in today's championship game and won! It was exciting to win and I'll post a full battle report with photos in the next day or two with lists etc... Edit: I was flying Double Queso. Also since I just signed up, despite posting this Sun evening it needs a mod approval.
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