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  1. Thanks heaps Tom for the ton of work on this - now can prep for my group after our current game. Much appreciated!
  2. No worries! Cheers heaps - that makes sense. I was kinda going down that avenue because that aligns with Genesys mechanics but just wondering if there was a direct conversion methods from DH to GS in mind.
  3. Thanks for all your hard work on this Tom - it's been a big help as going to run DH for the first time for a newbie group and prepping in advance using Genesys, as it would suit our group more than DH's number crunchy mechanics. ( I've been introducing them to D100 mechanics via Delta Green but I think it would be too much especially with introducing WH40k lore on-top of that.) I'm very familiar with 40k and all DH1/2 content but there's a few conversion quibbles I'm wondering how potentially you or anyone else have dealt with. 1.) Errata - There's no actual description for Melee light; just assuming that covers Brawl? 2.) Skill test scales from +60 to -60 which for the most part can be merged into Genesys's difficult checks (both skill and social based ) without too much difficulty; but if you want to be granular with it - would it be more appropriate to throw in setback/advantage dice rather than upgrading (i'm thinking the former.) Thanks! - looking forward to the further development.
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