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  1. DarkJello

    Small casual game (cringey storyline included)

    Nice read, and you gamers had fun. Win in all the ways that matter. #Recommended
  2. DarkJello

    First Visit to A Local Store

    Great read! Bienvenidos to X-wing. A few twerps in the community, but not nearly as many as Magic: The ”Justicing.”
  3. DarkJello

    X-Wing Worlds 2018

    Beyond Awesome response! MuriKa is proud of our gamers, and I got nothing but respect for European gamers.
  4. DarkJello

    X-Wing Worlds 2018

    You mean pair of ChampBots, right?
  5. DarkJello

    Consolidated X-Wing 2.0 Changes Thread

    What a glorious age of gaming action! Buckle up buttercup, as the ride is gonna be bumpy and thrilling. #FirstWorldProblems
  6. DarkJello

    Final Table and players won't play

    Bully: “Make them play, or punish them hardcore for being exhausted and/or daring to put real life ahead of a game!” #FirstWorldNerdBullies
  7. DarkJello

    Missing stuff

    Have a small list to report, but getting a 404 error each time I click it. Did part requests partially break the internet?
  8. DarkJello

    Stop with "scum and villainy" faction

    Are you alleging that the least competitive faction in X-wing is making things tough on the Rebels and Empire? #SayWhat
  9. DarkJello

    miniatures arms not going on correctly

    Getting Luke’s arms to fit ain’t working. Seems like my only option is to cut the pegs way down. ?
  10. DarkJello

    Missing stuff

    I am missing half of the 1 speed mvt tool from my 1st core set. My 2nd core set has all three mvt tools. No other problems identified. How do I properly notify FFG? Thanks. Everything is looking fresh as heck. Pappy like! ?
  11. DarkJello

    Looking for players in Parkland Wa.

    I live on the east side, so probs a 3 hr drive from Pierce County. ?
  12. DarkJello

    My take on the Michigan Regional

    Great topic!! The tone here is top notch. Bummed to here peeps were kinda ripped off. But sounds like the venue and community are stellar in Michigan. #KeepItClassy
  13. DarkJello

    Outlandish Stormtrooper schemes

    Gollum voice: “It burns us!”
  14. DarkJello


    The OP strongly implied that the opponent measured (with the mvt tool) from the unit leader’s base, guessed where the far side of the base would end up, and then measured from that new spot... BEFORE ever committing to a single action. That is #GameyAsDuck
  15. DarkJello


    The 2nd measurement should NOT have happened until Luke completed his 1st move action, per my understanding of the rules.