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  1. Yes, I guess this kind of fits in the text box: "During the End Phase, you may spend 1 charge / to flip 1 of your reinforce tokens to the / other full arc instead of removing it." Anything that frees up a Decimator's actions for dice mods is very welcome.
  2. The last line might read ".... rear full arc instead..." The picture of the ship getting harassed by X-wings from behind would suggest it's something to do with enemies in the rear full arc. (Although the Rules Reference calls it "full rear arc", not "rear full arc".) (Also interesting that this might be a Decimator that wants to keep its turrets front/back rather than left/right.)
  3. So how about Morna Kee, "Determined Attache" on the Decimator. They have 3 non-recurring charges to spend, and the pilot ability appears to allow spending a charge to flip a damage card during the end phase. Then there is something about "full arc" that I can't work out...
  4. After dropping a device, she can spend a charge to drop another. We don't know how many charges she has (or if they regen), but if she had 3, she could drop 4 bombs in one go.
  5. If you expose a damage card to get rid of the Disarm token, Advanced SLAM might let you immediately flip it back again if it's something you don't want to deal with, so that at least reduces the risk for 2 points. (Nope.)
  6. Your Chiraneau with Reinforce and a 3-die, modified attack loses his reinforce and now has a two-die unmodified attack, and swiftly dies after being pummelled by the rest of their squad... 0_0 I hope these missiles are 10 points.
  7. The Obstacles pack has different, new-look Gas Clouds. It also comes with Strain tokens, so maybe they will change the rules on Gas Clouds to give strain. (Strain tokens could instead be required by one of the new Environment Cards though.)
  8. An ...and I accidentally found that it's great if you ionise the target too
  9. Nah, you've just got to learn how to k-turn up against an asteriod at range 0. Any decent Jedi can do that before breakfast.
  10. Couple of small things to report: Seventh Sister (crew) automatically triggers when an enemy ship within range 1 gets a stress token; you don't get to choose to use it or choose which effect to use. When a Reaper uses Aerilons to pass over and clear a gas cloud (any obstacle?) the ship looses it's action, although it should not.
  11. Ugh. At least all of the old TIES looked well-balanced in form with their centre of gravity within the main body of the ship. These things look like the models will fall forwards easily and be very prone to breakages as the wing joints are at the back of the wing rather than in the centre.
  12. We believe that the Culpriates have a secret base on one of the Outer Rim worlds. Our probe droids will soon locate them.
  13. Redline [52], Cluster Missiles [5], Passive Sensors [3] gets two Locks and a Calculate before firing, 60 points.
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