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  1. This needs to be played. Total Ace killer with all those ion turrets and two blockers. And poor Decimators will just head straight off the board 🙂
  2. I've never played them without a turret, but I believe you.
  3. Why do some people say they should have a Sensor slot? Do they want to push them to being the same as other existing ships, so that they can use the same "good" load-outs? How dull. TIE x1, TIE v1, Gunboats, Defenders, Punishers and Phantoms all have Sensors already. There's no need for the Aggressor to have it too. I would suggest keeping some variety in the faction. People who actually play Aggressors know what would be nice - more turret options, and some cheap Gunner options. That's all they are really wanting. Until then, throw on an Ion Cannon Turret and they're really good to go.
  4. Maybe! In 2019, the old points meant that I flew 4 Ion Sienars with 2 lowly Alpha Squadrons. Anyway, it's always fun being the only Aggressor player in the room, seeing the raised eyebrows, and then beating people 🙂
  5. I play exactly this squad too, and I usually win. Now that it's been revealed to The Internet, I'm sure it will be played more often.
  6. Good for you. But don't take this the wrong way. Stats say otherwise. When players are consistently making top cut with Tie Aggressors, then I'll believe you. Are you sure you're not conflating "viable" with "popular"?
  7. Exactly. I'll rarely need to k-turn, having a side arc. It's all about turns and banks usually. And if you do end up not having a shot, you can take a Lock for future turns or Do A Barrel Roll. Very occasionally, a k-turn is handy in order to flip your turret to point towards the other side of the board and surprise someone.
  8. They are. I've played them enough to know.
  9. Well that's not how to play Kestal! She wants a focus. She's great with a Palp shuttle (force for modifying attack, focus for ability, option of coordinate for a Lock action on top of that). Aces and force users desperately don't want to be in her arc, as getting ionised potentially looses them the game. Afterburners is an option for increased mobility and the ability to get around the back of the enemy. There aren't decent pilot talent options for turret ships. Trick shot or Ruthless maybe, but I'd just save the points.
  10. It's perfectly good, and a Sienar Specialist with Ion Cannon Turret is great value at 31 points. Double Edge is not worth the extra points, Kestal can be very good. But it's the Sienar Specialists that make the ship in my opinion. I've placed 3rd in a 15-player tournament and 5th in a 45-player tournament using squads with multiple Aggressors, and that was before their points dropped. Many people read on the internet "they're bad" and believe it.
  11. I like that list more than 5 with Duchess. I think a few bombs in a Striker list can really make a massive difference. I've tried 5 Sentinels all with Proton Bombs and Delayed Fuses. It was fun, but what a headache - deciding what ailerons move to make, whether to drop a bomb, and whether to add a fuse, five times each turn! But the glorious sight of a whole field of Proton bombs going off... worth it. (Also tried 5 Alpha Squadron Interceptors + Turr recently, which was fantastic, albeit heretical.)
  12. Yes, that should have been her end. If they introduce Vader in Rebels why not show what an evil person he's become? By killing somebody perhaps? But instead he walks around doing essentially nothing and giving us no indication of why the Dark Side of the Force is supposed to be so powerful. He should have killed Kanan too, but instead we got a silly exploding gas canister. The less of Rebels and and Clone Wars in the Manalorian, the better, from my perspective. This series should leave that vapid filler behind. (Edit: Ok, those series were aimed at kids, so not having scary character killing nice character is part of the deal.)
  13. Hey, thanks. The Strikers were Black Squadrons with Outmaneuver, and were absolute gold all day. Most people went for the Reapers first. Speed 2 ailerons would mean being able to aileron past small/medium bases easily, would certainly be interesting, and even more unpredictable perhaps, but probably require even more forward-planning than usual?
  14. 4-2 in the UK System open for me. I flew 2 Reapers with 2 Strikers. One loss was due to choosing a 2-straight rather than a 3-straight on the last turn. I was on the verge of greatness...
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