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  1. The relevant fragment of visible text on the card reads "...spend 1 [force] to barrel roll..." Some of us think it is unlikely to read "....spend 1 [force] to barrel roll as an action." If it was an action, it would almost certainly read "...spend 1 [force] to perform a barrel roll action..." - which it does not. It is specifically stating "barrel roll" rather than using the barrel roll icon that the action would have. This strongly suggests to me that it is not an action.
  2. Anakin can barrel roll twice per round then! Weeeeee!
  3. More defense dice and not wanting to be hit means you will more likely find yourself modding your defense dice with a focus token. So yes, Stealth Device can prevent 1+ damage and be better than a Shield Upgrade, but probably at a 'hidden' price. The choice here seems to me to be between Stealth Device - trying not to get hit but with potentially weaker attacks, or Shield Upgrade - where you may take more damage but likely do more damage with your focussed attacks. (If you have innate token stacking or rerolls etc. then the argument tends towards Stealth Device as the better option I expect, although there is the half-point threshold to consider with Shield/Hull upgrade too.)
  4. Were you spending a charge to use Sat Salvo's effect? As the torpedoes have only 2 charges would your ship not get to use it only once?
  5. A lot more content in the Y-wing expansion compared to the dinky new Separatist ship. Many more cards, more cardboard, and more plastic!
  6. I like this a lot, it's similar to Kintsugi, a wonderful old Japanese method of pottery repair. Quite probably inspired by it. (Also of course a visual metaphor for Kylo's psyche.)
  7. FFG will will package Wave 5 in even bigger boxes.
  8. 7 Bandit Squadron Z-95s with Cluster missiles = 42 dice, so in theory yes 🙂
  9. Well ok... But to be clearer they should have written: "When one or more gas clouds obstruct an attack, the defender rolls 1 additional defense die, and may..." instead of what they did write: "When a gas cloud obstructs an attack, the defender rolls 1 additional defense die, and may..."
  10. If an attack is obstructed by two gas clouds, it seems clear the defender only gets one additional defence die, but is the defender able to change one blank result to an evade result for each cloud? It seems like they might. Rule on obstructed shots: "An attack is obstructed if the attacker measures range through one or more obstacles. If an attack is obstructed, the defender rolls one additional defense die during the Defense Dice step." Rule on Gas Clouds: "When a gas cloud obstructs an attack, the defender rolls 1 additional defense die, and may change up to 1 blank result to an [evade] result." Also, if the effect of multiple obstacles is not cumulative, what happens in the future if new obstacle types are introduced with new effects? eg, shot is obstructed both by a gas cloud (granting effect A) and obstacle X (granting effect B)?
  11. ...and the ARC has crew and astromech slots that the Punisher just won't ever get, so I don't see the strength of your argument. Tons of ordinance also costs more points.
  12. I2 ARC-170: 3/1/6/3 at 42 points. I2 TIE Punisher: 2/1/6/3 at 38 points. Oh but Punishers get boost so that's almost as good as a 3-dice primary, extra 2-dice rear arc and better dial isn't it 😕
  13. Looking back Wave IV announcement article, Passive Sensors appears in the spread for the Naboo fighter as well as the Hyena bomber. Seems not to be in the B-Wing or TIE/sf packs, which appear to have only reprints of existing cards. (Also that Decimator seems to have a mottled paint job...)
  14. [One charge; regenerates each round.] Nice for generic Punishers! Also for Redline: take the Passive Sensors action, acquire a Lock, then on engagement take a Calculate action and get another Lock. Could be fun with Cluster Missiles.
  15. Rossetti1828

    Bullseye Talents

    Oh yes, I know and agree. I was only pointing out a fallacy.
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