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  1. That's what I said, you have wonder what that timeline would be like if Anakin was in Ahsoka's place.
  2. Y'know, you really have to wonder about the timeline where Maul got what he wanted in Anakin coming to face him. Granted, Skywalker would have kicked his butt, but the consequences of him being in Ahsoka's place...
  3. Honestly, I'd love to see sourcebooks about the Minos Sector, Elrood Sector, Kathol Expanse, and the Tapani Expanse all updated to NuCanon.
  4. Might we see stats for Pash, Oskara, Mathus, and Sasha as well in future updates?
  5. Can I just say that one man's plot hole is another man's story hook? 😉
  6. Ooh, I just got myself some ideas for a good duo of villains for both canon characters and any PC groups (or together even) to face off against. The archaic wizard of the dark side Tor Valum and his colleague and enforcer, Atha Prime. 😉
  7. Same. This is why all too often, we can't have nice things. Honestly, we need to settle these debates like real adults...by bare knuckle boxing over at the parking lot.
  8. I hope they also throw us a bone by mentioning some TotJ/KotoR fluff in the background.
  9. You know, Snoke being Palpatine's puppet ruler while he is the true unseen power, is exactly what Maul did with Dryden Vos and Crimson Dawn. If Maul was still alive he would have been livid. On a related note, Maul has not been shown to have had an apprentice post-escaping Palpatine's clutches. So maybe...the Sith should never be completely defeated. Imagine if after the Battle of Exegol...Maul's apprentice and his/her apprentice are picking through the rubble and find a Sith Holocron and make statements about biding their time to strike back.
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