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  1. Honestly, whether anyone loved it or hated The Last Jedi, I truly do believe that there is an excellent foundation for a campaign. The Resistance has been dealt a mighty blow, but it still has its leaders. The task now is to rebuild, rejuvenate supply lines and convince the galaxy that all hope is not lost. To that end, they are going to have to be willing to be a bit unconventional for a while, taking on whoever they can find willing to fight for the cause. Meanwhile, a new Supreme Leader rules the First Order. The First Order had always been tyrannical, but they at least had the virtue of stability. That stability is no more. Meanwhile, rumors abound throughout the galaxy. The Jedi, Master Luke Skywalker and a new apprentice have returned, spurring on a new generation of awakenings in the Force throughout the galaxy. There are whispers and stories of new Force sensitives appearing…as are rumors of the Knight of Ren as bloody enforcers of the new Supreme Leader. To me, this is very fertile ground. Enough change happened between Episodes 7 and 8 that you can tell a lot of stories about what happens between 8 and 9. Plenty of people dislike the prequels, but rather enjoy the Clone Wars series so why don’t we tell our own stories?
  2. Well this Era Book, I can finally begin my dream campaign to have the PCs play as expies of the film-version Guardians of the Galaxy during the Prequel Era and serve as one unbelievably gigantic Spanner in the Works to Palpatine.
  3. You guys, I found a good online sheet over on ENWorld, it's fillable even. Star Wars TRPG 1e WEG Form Fillable Character Sheet Got a copy to download here too. swtrpg1e_char sheet_v1.1.pdf
  4. Well I can certainly say that I'm going to select the Gambler template, add 2D to the blaster skill and make the GFFA's equivalent of a certain John Henry Holiday. ?
  5. Heck it'd be really neat if they released those old adventures, they included option of converting starships to X-Wing like they did with the Star Warrior board game.
  6. I certainly plan to. Really, all that needs doing is for FFG to post some pdfs of character sheets, templates and maybe charts and tables on the support section.
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