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  1. On that note, let me pose a dilemma: To use a nice, high CRI (color rendering index) lighting and create super fine gradients that are then "eaten up" on tabletop, or just paint under less then perfect conditions and have a mini with less detail?
  2. @Copes Dude, your minis look great. The fact that you are a new painter is not even crossing my mind when i am looking at them. I'm LOVING the bikes. The desert bases kick ***.
  3. The beach troopers are beyond awesome xD
  4. The Legion Luke video brought me back to the hobby after a 12 year break. The core set has finally arrived, the weekend is almost here... Got some painting to do! Thanks for the inspiration!
  5. Alrik2438

    First paint

    I am very satisfied how helpful the community is here
  6. Nail polish remover WITHOUT acetone worked magic for me. Also an option.
  7. Plus for the Lego color scheme. I am going with it to match the desert theme.
  8. Nice scheme for the rebel troopers. @Sorastro could we get some more shots of the 'desert' scheme rebels,? Don't remember them from the rebel troopers video
  9. From my point of view, the problem with scum faction is that in order for them to be profitable for the FFG, they will have to be somewhat overpowered. I am guessing that the average Star Wars fan would choose the iconic rebel or the empire factions to buy, unless the Scum offers a significant power level advantage. But lets wait and see for now, I don't figure Legion will get stale so soon with two iconic factions.
  10. Here in backwater south-eastern Europe (not EU) FLGSs always get their stock late. Got used to it, but it 's still a major bummer...
  11. I have bought some old troopers from another empire, and stripped them, to practice painting, since for this game I'm coming back to the hobby after 15 years. It 's an understatement to say that I am very much excited
  12. I hope we don't end up with the healing mechanic in this game. I like the play-style where troops are 'mortal' and you have to trust in the Force cover and try to minimize casualties by careful positioning.
  13. From the demo games I've seen on youtube, stuff dies pretty fast. I don't like maths when dice is involved, but i do like cover...
  14. They are thinner than citadel for example. Check for pigment consistency: does it look watery, or is the pigment saturated normally? And shake from the elbow
  15. Just putting this out there: /goes back to lurker land...
  16. Sending a private message to a moderator about the problem made it go away in my case. @JohnSkylar
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