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  1. On that note, let me pose a dilemma: To use a nice, high CRI (color rendering index) lighting and create super fine gradients that are then "eaten up" on tabletop, or just paint under less then perfect conditions and have a mini with less detail?
  2. @Copes Dude, your minis look great. The fact that you are a new painter is not even crossing my mind when i am looking at them. I'm LOVING the bikes. The desert bases kick ***.
  3. The beach troopers are beyond awesome xD
  4. The Legion Luke video brought me back to the hobby after a 12 year break. The core set has finally arrived, the weekend is almost here... Got some painting to do! Thanks for the inspiration!
  5. Alrik2438

    First paint

    I am very satisfied how helpful the community is here
  6. Nail polish remover WITHOUT acetone worked magic for me. Also an option.
  7. Plus for the Lego color scheme. I am going with it to match the desert theme.
  8. Nice scheme for the rebel troopers. @Sorastro could we get some more shots of the 'desert' scheme rebels,? Don't remember them from the rebel troopers video
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