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  1. On the Army Painter D&D sets they say on the side of the bottle what the original AP name is so if you run out just go grab that colour They have a few exclusive mixes to the D&D set and you can also buy those individually. Hopefully they continue the trend! Just saves a bit of hassle it’s a nice touch.
  2. Excellent, that I can do! Thanks for taking the time to reply; sometimes it's the order of colours that throws me. For the darkest colours in and around the claws, are you just building up that drybrush technique with the reds, or switching over to a different colour altogether?
  3. Chaos Cards down in Folkestone tend to do FF events; keep an eye on their social media feeds for details. I've not been to one, but I have seen them promote the events.... (Visit the shop if you can, it's rather spiffy)
  4. That's nice Miel! Can I ask, how are you creating the red/yellow lava effects? I've seen this done a few times, and I still have my elementals to paint up...any help appreciated! Nem
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