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    After a cursory observation of the crime scene and how the others have reacted to the attack, Zoroku decides to follow the others as they must have seen the assailant and are giving chase. He readies his lightsaber in his hand and begins to run after the group of Padawans in search for more answers and the assassin.
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    The others run off after the apparent assailant, Gaze turns to the body in the alley.  He sighs to himself, and kneels down next to the Admiral's remains, and slowly begins checking her pockets and folds.  Not much need to check for cause of death, that is readily apparent.   After a few moments of methodical searching, he uncovers a datapad.  He casually activates it, seeing the passcode request pop up.  Not surprised by this, he shuts it down for now, and stores it in his robes.   Finding nothing else of interest, he takes a few moments to gently arrange her body in a relaxed posture, hands across her stomach.  He takes her hooded cloak, and gently drapes it over her body, covering her face from the elements.   "I'm sorry." He said quietly, placing a hand on the side of her face that wasn't damaged from the shot.  "I will try and make your sacrifice not be in vain."   With that, he gets up and begins to head in the direction of the rest of the Padawans.
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    @Shlambate, @AdvocatXD, @KungFuFerret and @Vergence: In terms of the ic posts, just a quick reminder that to expedite things you guys are currently on your way to the meeting place instead of waiting for people. 
    @player3333902, I have another idea for your disadvantage, I'll sort it in the ic for you.
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    Beep beep! Get in the landspeeder losers! Road trip!!!
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    Gaze, having found the other Padawan's and informed them of the information Muu provided them, made his way to the nearby motor pool.   With a short conversation with the attendant droid, commissioned a speeder of sufficient size to carry all of them to the location.   He started up the machine and let it sit there, humming gently as it hovered a few feet off the ground.   Idly he flipped through the holo-cast channels and found a music projection from one of the local channels.  He turned it on low and closed his eyes, letting the background music blend into his meditations.  He had been contemplating the Living Force for a significant amount of time recently, mulling over his own internal conflicts about their recent activities, and his place in them.  The music sort of blended into the tone he had experienced while meditating.  A blending of tones of loss and nostalgia, but with an undercurrent of perseverance against the trials of being alive.  He'd never been a fan of nuevo-jazz/blues fusion, but whoever this band was, it spoke to his soul in a way he'd never really considered before.   He found himself smiling gently at the idea of finding lessons on the Force, in the life around him, and the way that others find an expression of their own existence.  It was a song about life, made by the living, for the living.  To take the knocks that come your way, and keep going.  He could get behind that.  "Living Force indeed." He said to himself, opening his eyes gently, looking around for the rest of the Padawans who had yet to show up at the transport.
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    Yeah, whomever was in that group of people still questioning the other Admiral.  As to joining in, something along the lines of "Zoroku and the others that traveled with him on Public Transport Vehicle 27 that they commissioned for their purposes from the very helpful Republic representatives, arrived at the location in question.  They got out and looked around."   
    I'm not trying to be rude with this question, but I mean it's just a scene transition, why would that be so difficult?
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    Just needed a good way to phrase it, was coming up blank whenever I tried to type something not so much that the transition was difficult.
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    @Vergence 's character (who had been with K-1 and Oola) is returning with the speeder to pick everyone up/ have them follow.
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    The officer the officer glances behind him for a moment before reaching out to deactivate the orange barrier that closed off Zalen's cell. He would turn his back to the door and nod to someone out of view. There are heavy footsteps and a second law enforcer appears. This one seems to be wearing an old modified soldiers helm which covered his face entirely. However when he looks at the mandalorian there is a gleam of red through the black visor, maybe a cybernetic or some kind of scanner. In the officers hand there is a heavy metal case that he lets drop to the ground of the cell with a thud. Reaching into a pocket he produces a holo-projector and chucks it towards Zalen. It skids across the cell floor and comes to rest by his feet.
    The projector activates and creates the flickering blue image of a middle aged man in a republic officers uniform. He was a tall figure with excellent posture, and looked like he was used to command. Zalen had never seen him before, but could tell he was important. "Ah, greetings mandalorian. I am sorry to hear about your predicament. It seems that you were wrongly arrested, a mistake on the laws part, I am sure. Please, you must allow me to help you here". He would gesture to the case that had been set down behind him. "We are returning your equipment, and will be letting you out of the cells today. All you have to do is a simple job for us". 
    As he says this his image is replaced with the still image of an alien woman, a faleen dressed in the same attire he was. "This woman is an enemy of the republic, and a worthy target of someone of your skills. I need her, the republic needs her dead. If you, a great mandalorian can do this, you will be free to go, I promise. Now, do we have a deal?"
    Meanwhile, the walk for the droid and jedi would not take too long. In fact the meeting point that had been set was on the same city level as the diner. The walk through the bustling streets of Coruscant, passing all manner of people on the way. Corouscant was a melting pot of all manner of cultures. You could travel the planet for months and still only just scratch the surface of what it had to offer.
    Eventually they reached their destination, a strange divide between a poor residential area, and a factory quarter. On the one side, tall towers strained with soot from the factories. Here and there lights glinted from windows as people were home. These most likely housed the workers of the area, making it easy for them to  Crossing the road they were faced with huge warehouses and factories, stretching far off into the distance on either side. The coordinates seemed to lead them towards a dusty looking alley next to one of the warehouses opposite the towers. This must be where they were meant to meet the admiral. 
    The other jedi would be with them shortly, with the speeders they would be able to traverse the levels quickly. Soon the party would be reunited, and able to put an end to this investigation, with hope. 
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    Ok, I am temporarily back online, hopefully it will stick. Sorry for the delay everyone, and I hope you are all ok to carry on.
    @KungFuFerret, good thinking, your speeders will be able to arrive on the scene shortly after @SithArissa and @Edgehawk make their arrival, so you will all be back together shortly. 
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    Gaze opens his eyes from his meditations on the Force, and they open even wider when he hears that group actually found something potentially productive.  "The Force works in mysterious ways."  He says to himself in surprise.  He unfolds himself from his lotus position, and responds to Muu.  --"Okie doke, I'll go track them down.  I'll just head for the sound of infuriated military officials saying things like 'How dare you!' and 'Get out of my office!' shall I?  That will probably be them."--  He proceeds down the hall and wanders around a bit looking for the rest of the Padawans.
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    I know that I, for one, am ready to move on.
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    Well I for one was just about to start a fight. 
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    I am ready to move on, besides maybe one question, I think this lull in action has gone on for quite a while and many others would like to continue on in some other direction.
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    Sorry for the delay again guys, I'm going to try and get more posts up at latest by Wednesday (hopefully tomorrow). Also, is everyone happy with receiving xp at the end of sessions currently? I know that pbp's do mean that everything takes longer so just wanted to check if people wanted to try a change up of this?
    I'm going to take this chance to check for some feedback, is everyone happy with how things are going? Anyone want more or less things done? Anything to be done differently etc?
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    Kai-wan can continue this train wreck of an investigation indefinitely, but I suspect some of the other players (maybe all of the other players) are ready to resolve this chapter sooner, rather than later.
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    The admirals skin would visibly redden as her face would twist with a primal fury. 'How dare you!' she would roar as she lurches from her seat, sending it clattering over behind you. 'How dare you come in here, and make these unfounded accusations! I understand that you need to suspect all of the admiralty, but I will not have my integrity questioned, especially by a poorly programmed droid! The faleen emit pheromones as much on subconsciously as they do consciously. The fact that you use this as the basis for your accusation, I have not been so insulted for a long time! I will be going nowhere with you, and this interview is over!'
    With that she would stab at a button on her desk and shout into it. 'Security! Escort the jedi and their bucket of scrap out of my office!' She would snap back up to glare at the jedi and droid. 'If you want to talk to me any more, you can bring a warrant from the senate. Now, get out before security drags you out!' It would only take a few moments for the buildings security to arrive, not much time to do anything else here. 
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    "K1SO, no need to antagonize her over the answer." He looks briefly to the droid then turns back to the Admiral. "We will certainly be checking in on your secretary and checking the computers as to confirm your story. Now you've still to answer what you were doing at home, one skilled enough at computers could still get to the codes remotely if need be. What is your Alibi." Zoroku takes the seat before the Admiral and steeples his fingers as he relaxes in the chair, he takes the time to analyze the room he is in.
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    Raithe stands farther back behind Zoroku as he questions Admiral Stewth. She listens and awaits the Falleen's reply, her face portraying not judgement, but genuine curiosity.
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    "Past crimes do not matter here unless any were treasonous in nature, thus I suggest my fellow investigators send a formal inquiry to a court if they wish to learn of her past." Zoroku locks eyes with the Admiral, "I am Kazz'Oro'Kuruozo, these are my fellow Padawans and investigators and they seem a little too keen on looking for a conviction." Zoroku smiles and then gestures for the admiral to sit. "Admiral , you state that you were home during the attack, do you have anyone who can corroborate your story, as well could you elaborate as to why you were home." 
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    Karth would sigh slightly as he lets his arms fall to his side. 'No problem I guess'. As Kai-wan begins to leave Karth would call out to him and the others. 'Hey, sorry about going off the handle like that, it's just, the idea of a traitor in the republic, someone who would do this', he would pause and sigh. 'I just can't imagine someone doing this, betraying the republic like this'.  
    The room looked similar to that of admiral Karath's, albeit with less accolades and images of former admirals on the wall. It looks almost like it was a temporary office for someone passing through. The walls were empty, but the table set near the table had a couple of holograms set near the corner. They showed images of what looked like family, maybe friends of colleagues on the other. 
    The admiral herself was pacing up and down the width of the room, looking quite nervous or concerned over something. One hand was rubbing the back of her head as she went, though she moved it behind her back when the jedi and droid entered the room. She wore her hair in the same way many falleen did, in a thin strip running down towards the back of her head. She was younger than the other admiral as well, though she did not have a look of naivety or inexperience about her. War had hardened her expression, as it did with so many. 
    'I'm, I'm admiral Stewth' the woman would reply as if only partly paying attention to the group as she moves to sit behind her desk. 'Sure, ask away, I've not got anything to hide. I don't know what kind of statement I can make, but I can tell you I wasn't here when the attack happened, I was at home'.
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    Sup everyone! Will be joining this game as Zalen Vizla, a mandalorian bounty hunter, who is a sniper and martial artist
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    Satisfied with the Captain's response, for now, Kai-wan nods. "I thank you for your cooperation, Captain." 
    The droid Investigator leads the team down the corridor just in time to see the other Jedi exiting Admiral Ovitom's office. "A most unpleasant business this is!" he exclaims, intoning none of the unpleasantness his word choice might imply. "We are presently arrived to conduct our interview with Admiral Stewth."
    Knocking at the entrance, Kai-wan waits for acknowledgement, then enters. "Admiral Ratchar Stewth. I am Inspector K-1SO. We would like to ask you a few questions regarding the Foerost incident."
    "Would you first care to issue a statement? Anything you can think of, which might aid in our investigation of this matter?"
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