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  1. Raithe stares down at the Mandalorian. "Listen to him. This is your last chance, assassin."
  2. Raithe follows the other padawans, unsheathing her yellow shoto as she runs. After she makes it up the stairs, Raithe finds Oola's mechanical companion doing battle with a Mandalorian. She edges closer, ready to strike.
  3. Can I strike if I spend two maneuvers to get closer to Zalen? edit: Never mind. Disregard. Not enough maneuvers.
  4. Rolling Initiative (Vigilance): 3eA 3 successes You lose.
  5. Raithe arrives at the scene with her fellow Jedi padawans to find the body of one of the admirals on the ground. Pity. This could have proven to be a promising lead, she thinks to herself. Raithe listens to Oola's story on the assassination.
  6. Raithe recounts the recent events inside her head as she makes her way to the rendezvous point. Obviously, the investigations didn't go as planned. At the motor pool, she finds Zoroku and Gaze already patiently waiting and makes her way towards them. "Any sign of the others yet?" Raithe asks to no one in particular.
  7. I have never played KOTOR. But the actions of other players have been so unsubtle, it's kind of hard not to know who it is.
  8. "Would a medic around here be able to confirm this injury?" Raithe asks the Admiral.
  9. Well, this lady came prepared. Raithe thought as she sorted through the datapads while Zoroku questioned the Admiral.
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