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  1. Ryff looking concerned said, "Thank you Admiral Ovtiom, we'll keep in touch." Ryff would look to Raithe and Zoroku and suggests, "Maybe we should regroup with the others, to see what their findings were."
  2. Ryff pondering how to phrase his next question finally asks, "Have you given your security codes to anyone, and if so; who?" As soon as Ryff asked that, he hoped he wouldn't take it the wrong way.
  3. "This isn't personal. We just need to know what you were doing and where. Remember, we aren't here to insult you,we just need to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible." Ryff doing his best to be polite, also added, "Also, if there is anyone who can confirm you story please create a list of name and where they can be found at a given time. This will make the investigation run smooth as possible."
  4. Ryff looks toward Raithe and says,"I'll help you, we made a good team last time."
  5. Amused by Raithe's comment Ryff thought to himself, "Well, this is going to be interesting, hopefully we come to the right conclusion." Ryff then speaks up saying, "Whoever it is... is everyone ready?"
  6. Sorry, I've been real busy so I'm sadly leaving this game. I'm still playing in the Reven's War game, and I apologize for my lack of posting. I think Giz can go back to bounty hunting or you can make him die in his sleep;he is that old. Wish you guys fun.
  7. As the holo-projector turned off Ryff would quietly make his way to the cremation chamber to attend the memorial service only thinking one thing,"So it has begun."
  8. "Maybe to move objects through the force?", Ryff suggested. "Or maybe even to sense others?" ,he added.
  9. Usshkr helps: 1eB 0 successes, 1 advantage Here is the boost I forgot.
  10. Coerion(Duros): 1eP+2eA+2eB+2eD+1eS 1 success, 4 advantage Can I use some advantages to get him to tell us who sent them and where they are currently.
  11. @Rabobankrider, What would be the difficulty of a coercion check for the IC post I just made?
  12. Giz walks up to the duros glaring at him and says, "Look, size doesn't matter to me, so let me make this clear. If you don't give us your bosses holo-frequency, the only thing you'll be able to say to him is Whoo-tini. So, WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY?!!!"
  13. As Ryff's attention came back to the present, he says,"I saw Master Vash within a large chamber filled with hooded Jedi. Master Vash said something but I could not hear her. All I could see about the chamber was that the walls were lined with torches. What does this mean,Master? What does this have to with the investigation?" Ryff sees Kattadik and asks, "Hi, Kattadik, how are you?"
  14. Ryff rolled a forsee towards the investigation. I put it above just for convenience.
  15. That last roll was for Forsee Base power. Here's the roll for sense. Sense: 3eF 3 Light Side, 1 Dark Side
  16. @Rabobankrider, Master Vune's Character is sort of: Experimental Hands-on Kind Creative (This is if you need to Role play him) Here is the roll for forsee. I'll just use the base power. Investigative insight (Forsee): 3eF 2 Light Side, 2 Dark Side Ryff was trying to learn sense from Master Vune.
  17. "It could've been a lot worse; I'm just glad some of you made it back,"Ryff said gratefully towards his allies in the order. "I look forward to working with you all on this new mission," Ryff smiled. As the party dispersed, Ryff sought out Master Vune for some one-on-one training. Sometime later in the temple courtyard... "Remember, the force is in all things; you, the rocks, the trees even your lightsaber. Prima Vitae is the ability to sense the force in living organisms. Now close your eyes and reach out to that bird on the rock over there," Vune said, but upon seeing Ryff starting to move his hand he sighs trying not to laugh and says,"...With the force, but only to feel the force essence within it." Ryff quickly puts his hand down a little embarrassed, then focused on trying to feel force within the bird. A few moments later... "I feel a sense of pride and a warm glow coming from that direction," Ryff said, pointing to the bird. At that moment the bird flew back to its nest to await the hatching of it's eggs. Master Vune nods his head and says,"Well done Ryff, well done. Now meditate on the new assignment and tell me what you see."
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