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  1. I would like to know too!
  2. I5 - Delta-7 Aethersprite - "dot" Sasebo Baka - Jedi Trickster - (3 Force Charges, recover 1 Force Charge after each round) Jedi Mind Trick - When an attacker declares you as a target and the mode of attack (primary or secondary), if you have the attacker's Target Lock on your ship, you may spend 3 Force Charges to transfer the Target Lock to another ship range 0-1. The attacker must complete the attack sequence to the other ship as if it was attacking your ship originally.
  3. I agree, B-Wings get no love. I would love to see Resistance B-Wings. They get no love recently from the current trilogy and even games (none in Battlefront 1 and 2). Did they forget it was the most advanced fighter from ROTJ? Should have a variant in the Resistance besides the Resistance Transport.
  4. Sasebo75

    Wave 5 predictions!

    Halo SS-54 assault ship? Perfect for Scum, medium base, same movement as U-Wing?
  5. Modification Face-Off Nose Art Rebel - Scum - Resistance - Galactic Republic only Once per round, first ship to enter your Front Primary Arc range 0-2 cannot use Focus token or do Focus Action. 5 points
  6. I love B-Wings too! This list seems to work for me. [3] Blade Squadron Veteran (44) - A/SF-01 B-Wing: Selfless (3), Shield Upgrade (4) = 51 [3] Blade Squadron Veteran (44) - A/SF-01 B-Wing: Selfless (3), Shield Upgrade (4) = 51 [3] Biggs Darklighter (48) - T-65 X-Wing: Servomotor S-Foild (0) = 48 [3] Magva Yarro (50) - UT-60D U-Wing: Pivot Wing (0) = 50 Good against proton torpedoes. Anthony
  7. Yes, this is a very good list. I myself copied this list from YouTube, I found it very adaptive to play against other squads. I was currently using 3 rebel ship build, having them almost decked out but soon found out that if I lose any of my ships during the first engagement alpha strike, I would be fighting a uphill battle. Then I decided to go with this list, very simple, easy to fly, can have them grouped together or spread apart. They technically don't have to rely on each other but when they attack with this combo (Wedge first to soften them up, Luke second to hopefully get into hull damage, then Thane to do his thing. Sabine to clean up or distract), provide a nice offensive punch. I ran this list at my local X-Wing tournament, played against meta list and did really well, actually winning the tournament. Each time, every opponent saying, "I don't know who to target first?" Usually they try to go for Wedge or Luke, if they know Thanes ability, they try to go for him first also. Sabine is great causing a distraction, sometimes breaking formation, sometimes acts like a mini-Biggs (thinking she is the easiest to kill) leaving my aces to mop up. All the ships are great, even Luke, sometimes they don't want to attack Luke due to his ability. Had a great time with this list and so far, besides the tournament, I have a 75% chance of winning if flown right and the dice Gods are forgiving.
  8. Update So in my league that night I was 2-1. Played against a Redline, Whisper and Jonas build. My alpha strike was able to weaken Redline to 1 hull and eventually destroying him on the next engagement. Dutch was hanging on a thread as he was the focus of all attacks in the beginning. Jonas was next to go down also with my B-Wing. It was a dog fight now with Whisper and Wedge but with the higher initiative I was able to win. We decided to run the game again and this time he was prepared. Took down Dutch before he could even fire and then everything went down hill for me. All my dice went cold and I was chipped away by Vader crew on the Phantom at every round. (1-1). Next game was against Fenn, and 2 Kimogilas. Alpha strike was able to destroy one of the Kimogilas and leaving Dutch with 1 hull. Again Dutch was the primary target. Was able to get a last double tap shot before Dutch went down to weaken the other Kimogila. Wedge sent a final blow to the Kimogila. So near the end I had full health Wedge and half damage Ten versus 1 damage Fenn. We danced around the board a bit trying to get good position. He ended up in range one of my B-Wing with a Advance Proton Torpedo shot, easily destroyed my B-Wing. So it was Wedge versus Fenn, awesome battle of aces. We ended up facing each other and the dice Gods were on my side...we could have gone to final salvo but Fenn was only able to get Wedge down to 2 hull while Wedges attack (focus and Target Lock) was able to destroy him. That was the best game of the night for me. Final thoughts? I like the list, can I make any changes? Yes but I think I will try again this week with the same list and see if I need to make any updates, so far I am really enjoying the games I have. Anthony
  9. Yes, I'll give a update later tonight or tomorrow morning. Hopefully try to get in 2-3 games tonight. AT
  10. Hello Community, I plan to run this list for my upcoming league. Any insights, strengths or weaknesses? Do you think its fun to fly or is there any other improvements you would make? Lets hear it. Thanks! 6-Wedge Antilles / T-65 X-Wing (52): Trick Shot (1); R4 Astromech (2); Proton Torpedoes (9); Servo-motor S-Foils (0) = 64 points 4-"Dutch" Vander / Y-Wing (42): Expert Handling (2); Ion Cannon Turret (6); Proton Torpedoes (9); R3 Astromech (3); Veteran Turret Gunner (8) = 70 points 4-Ten Numb / B-Wing (50): Squad Leader (4); Heavy Laser Cannon (4); Advance Sensors (8) = 66 points Total = 200 points I want to use Ten Numb with Squad Leader (which provides stress to Ten) to provide a Target Lock for "Dutch", allowing him to get 2 Target Locks with R3 and then give a Target Lock to Wedge. "Dutch" then can get a focus on his regular action (or Barrell Roll if necessary) to get a more accurate shot with Proton Torpedoes or his double shot. I will try in my best ability to keep the turrets forward to so he can do his double shot from Veteran Turret Gunner. Wedge would then also do a focus action on his turn to maximize his Proton Torpedoes also. So that's the theory, will put down tonight to see if it holds up but any feedback would be nice. Thanks! AT
  11. If you have 32 points open, then you can go: Kavil (24): VI (1), TLT (6), Unhinged Astro (1) = 32 points
  12. Torpedos on Guri and Fenn? Seismic, Plasma or Protons, pick your fancy...
  13. Alpha strike N'dru: N'dru Suhlak (17): Veteran Instinct (1), Harpoon Missles (4), Glitterstim (2), Guidance Chips (0) = 24 points
  14. With X-Wing 2.0 coming up, I wanted to talk about the predictions of what the updated HWK-290 will have. This is my third favorite ship in X-Wing (B-Wing 1st, Outrider 2nd) and when the HWK-290 came out I was a little disappointed. This was suppose to be an maneuverable ship but when FFG translated it to gameplay, it was far from that. I am for sure they will remove the 1 attack primary but I hope they give it a dial that represents what the real HWK-290 is. What are your thoughts and predictions? I would like to know until we get spoiled on it. Anthony
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