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  1. They are good for cheap fillers to your list or as blockers. I own 4 of them and use them time to time. Plus you can use them for Scum if you happen to go to that faction.
  2. just downloaded it, thanks so much for doing this!
  3. I was doing well before with just Wedge, Luke, Thane and (before the nerf) Sabine (attack shuttle). Now with the current points, I run Wedge, Luke, Thane and Arvel. no upgrades, keeps it simple and still effective.
  4. @Hiemfire, Sorry, I mean the look of a Resistance B-Wing, not the function.
  5. Resistance B-Wings (2 charges / charges cannot be recovered): May spend 1 charge to have 4 dice primary for that round Fixed
  6. Just give us a proper Resistance B-Wing.... create it the way a real B-Wing was suppose to be depicted (CANNONS!) B-Wings should have started with a 4 dice primary from the beginning! EC Henry design looks plausible!
  7. make him 10 points cheaper
  8. Deadman's Munitions Small and Medium ships only: After you are destroyed, if you have at least 1 active munition charge, each other ship at range 0-2 suffers 1 damage. If you have 2 or more active munition charges, each ship suffers a critical damage instead. 4 points
  9. My Resistance 5's: Nien (R3, HLC, S-Foils) Elloy (R3, HLC, S-Foils) Talli (Heroic) L'ulo (Heroic) Been good with this list but do have trouble with I6 aces and also swarms. Recently went against Maul and 5 vulture droids, was able to destroy Maul but at a cost of my 2 T-70s (I Hate HATE and Maul combo!), 2 A-wings against basically healthy droid swarm, ended up losing to time and points.
  10. Furball. But I don't think you swap your ship for a different one, you keep the original one. In first edition, I think it was a maximum of 35 points (so 70 points in second edition?) Contacted FFG for their rules on Furball when they hosted it at Star Wars Celebration Chicago but I didn't get any clarification.
  11. I would like to know too!
  12. I5 - Delta-7 Aethersprite - "dot" Sasebo Baka - Jedi Trickster - (3 Force Charges, recover 1 Force Charge after each round) Jedi Mind Trick - When an attacker declares you as a target and the mode of attack (primary or secondary), if you have the attacker's Target Lock on your ship, you may spend 3 Force Charges to transfer the Target Lock to another ship range 0-1. The attacker must complete the attack sequence to the other ship as if it was attacking your ship originally.
  13. I agree, B-Wings get no love. I would love to see Resistance B-Wings. They get no love recently from the current trilogy and even games (none in Battlefront 1 and 2). Did they forget it was the most advanced fighter from ROTJ? Should have a variant in the Resistance besides the Resistance Transport.
  14. Sasebo75

    Wave 5 predictions!

    Halo SS-54 assault ship? Perfect for Scum, medium base, same movement as U-Wing?
  15. Modification Face-Off Nose Art Rebel - Scum - Resistance - Galactic Republic only Once per round, first ship to enter your Front Primary Arc range 0-2 cannot use Focus token or do Focus Action. 5 points
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