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  1. Ugh! And I was hoping for the Utaku Palaces for Unicorn this cycle opening up a potential honour running victory path with Battle Maidens. I expect it will happen at some point but to add to Kudzlin's point, it would be good to have more than one high tier deckbuild for each clan to keep deckbuilding possibilities more varied. As more cards are released you would expect this anyway, which is why I was so dismayed to hear about the card rotation plans which will just stifle this.
  2. I thought when we only had the Core set, Unicorn were un-competitive! Most of the paradigm shift to competitiveness occurred with the release of the expansions, particularly the latter ones (WotW, Elemental cycle). Overall, what's most important is keeping the game fresh and making it accessible to new players so I'm not against a Core 2.0 as long as it doesn't mean existing players have to buy it to maintain a viable card base.
  3. Finally got my copy of Across the Burning Sands last Friday, just loving the Shono alternate art card waaaay better than the original and it went straight in to my deck! Just started reading the novella now..... I should be getting my Masters of the Court pack in the next few days to bring me up to date. Here's looking forward to the Inheritance packs...
  4. Am really liking this idea. FFG take note! Reward the long term supporters and make it easy for new players. A win win for all
  5. Gah! Of course they know they're dead!..... they just want to share that state with the rest of Rokugan....
  6. Please...PLEASE! No re-boot/ 2nd edition base sets. That would royally suck. Wasn't happy when Star Wars X-Wing did that as well! I really wasn't happy to hear about rotating cards out anyway as the LCG format was the main reason for me jumping back in to L5R. No wasted cards sat gathering dust in binders... I can only hope that when key characters rotate out they use the old CCG mechanic of using experienced versions to keep them alive in the game (assuming they don't get KO'd in the storyline that is!)
  7. Finally it looks like the UK retailers are expecting the Unicorn Novella and the Crane Clan Pack around the 11th June. Fill yer' boots guys!
  8. ....In which case this is really appalling service! Shame on them for not being better organised. Anyone want to second them for their Seppuku!
  9. At last! About time. FFG really need to look at improving the release dates in the EU to make them more in alignment with the US. Especially now they are introducing retirement...
  10. Although us Unicorns got a bit of a boost in the Elemental cycle, I'm really pleased that we're next up for the Clan Packs. Hoping we'll get the 'Ancestral Sword of the Ki-Rin' along with some more reinforcement for our theme of going first in the initiative order, movement shenanigans (both attacking and defending people) and maybe some economy building abilities.
  11. Heh! I reckon the 'guy' isn't a guy but a miscreant Nezumi conducting some vile Scorpion plot! Lol...
  12. Or... it could even be a Lion Clan stable judging by the number of Cavalry cards being handed out to the Lion recently!!
  13. Yeah, well OK, it's a long shot but I thought I'd ask. Are there any players out there for the LCG in North Devon? Sadly lacking opponents and even a FLGS in this gaming desert
  14. Like they've already done for the Clan Seals in the Imperial Cycle.....
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