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  1. Yeah, just had that from my LGS too. The poor supply of these expansions really sucks. Totally ruined my experience of this otherwise excellent game.
  2. Well I just thought i'd say that I managed to tag the Captain America Hero Pack at long last! There is hope out there...
  3. I've not found anywhere that hasn't got a vague 'due in Jan 20' available for preorder, 'will take yer money an' not provide a date when you'll get it!' Not good enough for me 😒
  4. I'm sure it won't die, but it will certainly lose the opportunity to maximise the revenue potential for the product lines for a game that has a very very popular following! Surely that means something to them. Sales are important even if building a community isn't. Look how big the LOTR LCG has become, that's not competitive either... I for one will probably end up moving my base set on if I can't buy expansions soon to keep the challenges fresh!
  5. Just the way it should be. Customers should not have to rely on pre-ordering to get the products they want, often where your money is taken weeks/ months in advance of supply. That's not customer service and doesn't help the FLGS in getting sales in store either.
  6. Those are both very good points that I'd not really thought out for this game. Too used to the LOTR LCG releases, which incidentally i had no issues with getting packs for even the Khazad-Dum cycle packs. I guess that I am a bit disappointed that I can't get my favourite Marvel character - The Cap, on initial release.
  7. Excited to see Doctor Strange announced but I'm adamant that I won't be investing in any expansions for this game until the supply line opens again on the dried up first ones: Cap, GG etc.
  8. What I don't get is that there doesn't appear to be any shortage with the base sets. Being that you only need one of each expansion it isn't rocket science to make the print run numbers for expansions match the print run numbers of the base sets..... In short exasperating!
  9. My original post was referring to the supply situation here in the UK. It seems that if FFG are having supply chain issues in the US then we haven't a snowflakes chance in **** of seing any improvement here over the Pond!
  10. I am in the UK and can't believe that I still can't find any of the expansion packs with my usual retailers for this product line! Can ANYONE enlighten me with the truth about whether there will be any more Captain America/ Green Goblin packs etc becoming available? In short why is it so difficult to get these?
  11. Heh! I have an even harder time in North Devon....like I'm stuck with Jigoku Online. I'd prefer to see the white's of my opponents eyes to see if they're bluffing
  12. So kind of like politicians...dealing with the Brexit issue here in the UK, right?
  13. I agree that there should have been a ballot - only democratic after all But I'm struggling to think of what could go wrong with the decision. I'm assuming that the game was designed/ playtested etc. without locked roles to start with of course and that if it wasn't the option wouldn't have been on the table at all!
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