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  1. Most hated ship: Wedge. He is so cheap that he became an autoinclude. He is ONLY 11 points more expensive than the cheapest X-Wing for +5 IN and a permanent Outmaneuver without the requirements to be out of arc (Outmaneuver is 6p by itself normally). Lets compare to his direct counterpart (Soontir Fel, 52 points). If Soontir loses the IN-bet, he is toast. More notably he is 18p more expensive than the cheapest Tie-Interceptor. With a worse ability. To have a chance against Wedge you need to BID at least 4 points (to be sure you can outfly him, but even then thats not always working). Or another IN6 Pilot. Fenn Rau. He is 24p more expensive than the cheapest Fang Fighter. TWENTYFOUR. Wedge should at LEAST cost 58. And he would STILL see a lot of play (would bet on that).
  2. Hyperspace 4 (hate all the Beef lists that just count on "you never will bring down all my shields/hull in 75 min. / Wedge is too prevalent / Leia too cheap) Extented 3 (last game has been months - phantoms, handbrake Han and the Dreadloks / Never had to play against them, but I can see the problem with them)
  3. What is taking them so long? I finally want some new content!!! I collect Empire, First Order, Rebels, Resistance and of all these factions only Resistance got some new toys in a LONG time. Really killing my enthusiasm. I dont even want new ships. New Pilots for existing ships would be great. Come on FFG....
  4. I want them to have more configurations / titles for existing ships! Would be great to have more options. Otherwise I like your suggestions!
  5. Who said that? Please don´t put words in my mouth. They could have done both. Pleasing old players and expand the new factions too. 8 months no new ship for Rebels, Empire and First Order just sucks. But maybe thats how the push the sales on the new factions. Because people are so much on withdrawal from their plastic ship addiction that they gladly buy into new factions (because there is nothing else to buy for them). I got nearly weak an invested in these too. Just for the sake of having some new shiny toys. But then I used common sense and just got the fancy clouds from a friend.
  6. I would buy them if the use it to introduce new pilots, titles and configurations or crew. It is just such a BIG MISSED OPPORTUNITY on FFG. We could finally get K2-S0, Rogue Squadron Title, 181st Title, Fels Wrath and so many more stuff FAST without waiting for a ship that will MAYBE come and will MAYBE have the right slots to fit these stuff in. These cards could even REWRITE some already established pilots (ERRATA) that proved to be underwhelming (looking at Deathfires ability for example)
  7. Rexler Brath- 7 - great ability, great INI, reasonable costed. It hurts him a little bit that Advanced Sensors went up in price. If I play defender I usually settle for him. Countess Ryad- 5 my No. 2. with lone wolf she is actually tough to kill. Colonel Vessery- 4 - no spotter anymore that gives him the TL, expensive, INI sucks. Sorry Vess. You were my favorite Pilot in 1.0 but now you just suck. Onyx Squadron Pilot- 3 - rather meeeeh Delta Squadron Pilot- 5 - still a little bit to expensive. Maybe drop them by 3 more points and I consider fielding them. Duchess- 7 - great if you are fly last and there are no INI6 pilots. Its only a shame that the other factions have so many cheap 6 aces (Wedge, Scum Han). Pops too fast. But fun to fly. Pure Sabaac- 6 - same problem. Pops too fast. They should have given him a higher INI too that he can at least get 1 good shot before he horribly dies. Countdown-6 - only striker that does not just suddenly die horrible. Would love to see here a few point drops. Black Squadron Scout- 4 -mehh. Planetary Sentinel- 4 - meee. at least good for a "heavy" swarm (with 3 reds). hopefully gets 1 point cheaper in the future so that we can field 6. Come on FFG. You know you want to sell them!!!!! If 5 Y-Wings can be a thing, a 6 Planetary Sentinel List SHOULD be a thing too!
  8. I used to put Kallus and Krennic on my Whisper. Now I am left with nothing. I guess thats what you get when you play Empire. Now the Empire has finally some slots (Strikers, Phantom, Punisher, Reaper) but can hardly fill them with stuff that makes sense
  9. They could have circumvented that with the card packs. But they choose to minimize new Upgrades and pilots for the sake of the new factions (where at the moment all of the creative work seems to go).
  10. I would have liked some new pilots. Because I feel for Empire and Rebels we have a long barren run (and even First Order - because in Wave 4 they get nothing NEW like the Resistance - they get the Tie/SF and Tie/Silencer which should have been already made available in Wave 3). But maybe I am just impatient. Maybe a slower growth is good for the game. But I want a bigger diversity of pilots for established ships. A-Wings, B-Wings, Tie-Interceptor and maybe even a new Tie-Phantom Ace (with PS 5 and a cool non-overpowered ability as an alternative for Whisper).
  11. EVERY. GOD. ****. SHIP. I am really sad that FFG was so lazy or had to hush 2nd edition so much. Every single ship should have at least a special ability. The trademark ability of that ship. That can even be disadvantages (that make the ship cheaper).
  12. BBBBZ is still a really strong list - that we did not see them in the coruscant invitional is probably FFGs fault - forcing rebels to take Leia (crew). A player here has amazing results with them. Just yesterday he won a tournament with them (22 people 5:0). Most generics dont need any point decrease (maybe the TIE/Aggressor, TIE/Advanced X1, E-Wing and some big base ships). Some need an increase (Quadjumper I look at you).
  13. I would have sorted the game breaking stuff to scum. Double mods wherever you look, far too cheap control ships (Quadjumpers) that play Ping Pong with your list and sure.... combos that still scream 1.0. The others seem accurate... only the one about FO I dont get? Can you explain?
  14. Great. 2 Waves and already a new mechanic. I wonder how long it will take FFG to jettison the Wave 1 and 2 ships that dont have these "force" actions. Vader and Evade. No too strong. But hold my beer. Anakin is coming!
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