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  1. Legion is not much bigger. Even the 800 point games are more like skirmishes compared to other tabletop wargames. I like the idea of a scum faction in general. What I dislike: Empire would probably lose use of Boba Fett and Bossk (like they did in X-Wing - which kind of sucked).
  2. Yeah, his command cards are mediocre. Boring design to just give him command cards with one use weapons (and they are not even THAT awesome).
  3. It was probably the english version. Some stores had the english versions for a short amount of time in stock. They sold out fast. I imported my Vonreg and the card packs.
  4. Boba makes Hyperspace a combo wing fest. Only good counter I found so far are ships that don´t have to fly towards him and still get a shot. He is ridicolous in this format
  5. Tell that All-Wings. Its not like you need a magnifying glass to see the art. There is always a way you could do it. Its just a matter of the layout.
  6. Artwork on the back of damage deck is nice. But why did ffg go with the damage deck version with only text on front? Why not use the one with the TIE/SF that shows what part got hit. It looks so much better.
  7. Hey, title says it all. When can we expect an announcement for a new expansion for Mansions of Madness. I want more!
  8. Wow. Its happening. I suspected something like this a long time ago - when I first saw that the waves are nearly only made up from re-released 1st edition ships. New ships were always the big money grab. Hopefully we get some new shiny toys as fast a possible. But I hope they find a solution for the ships not re-released yet too (but please not as part of waves - waves are for NEW stuff). Including new pilots here too would affect sales in a good way! Personally I would have gone this way. I mean this is what they do now with the card packs anyway. They could have put these pilots in the new ship blisters for the impatient customers and release them in a card pack later as a collection for those who dont want to buy another ship. They would have not broken their promises made during the announcement of 2nd edtion. Hope the game is well and the sales get better with the card packs.
  9. Hint Hint. If you intend to block him you and actually play (so a lot of these maneuvers dont make any sense) there are far less options. Try it. You can make it too! Usually it boils down to 2 or max 3 of the blue moves when Soontir is stressed. Block that and he is toast.
  10. Soontir is priced fine. To get back his value you actually need to put in some effort. If someone deserves to get a point increase its Anakin (I6) and Obi-Wan (I5)
  11. I really really hope they price this well. The double attack will be extremly strong. I played D-Defenders in 1.0 and I know what I am talking about. Vessery with Tie-D title was sick. With FCS the B-Wings will even have mods on both attacks (just 1 reroll with each attack - but thats great). My guess would be 8 points for the new s-foils . At least.
  12. I hope with the new card packs we get more pilots at least. But the first card packs (the one with the pilots) seem rather lacking. Not much new in it. I expected more pilots. The amount of pilots we now get in the whole package (16), but for every faction. 16 new pilots for each faction. That would have made an impact.
  13. We can thank the new factions for the slow output
  14. The optic does not fit the First Order. I mean I want this ship. But the grey makes it look like it is imperial.
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