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  1. Just go into the JavaScript module and you can copy it from there. You may need Acrobat DC, I’m not sure if you can access JavaScript in Reader. Also I’m self taught so some of the code may be a little hacky.
  2. Are you using Acrobat? It works in that for me. You can open the file but you can't change the names of the skills?
  3. 1 and 2 done Gonna have to put 3 on hold for a while as I've got other stuff I'm working on now. May come back to it later. Also if you have any other backgrounds you want added send them to me. It's pretty easy to have a couple different background themes that you can toggle off and on.
  4. Those are great ideas. I should be able to do 1 and 2 pretty easily. I've tried 3 before and it's a bit of a pain but I'll look at it again.
  5. Yeah but that one only has preset skills. With this one you can make any skills you want, associate any characteristic and it will still calculate the dice pool.
  6. I think this originally came from drainsmith. I wanted to make something that would calculate the dice pool based on your characteristic and rank in the skill. The FFG sheets have a lot of wasted space for that rank graphic, imo. Now you can type in any skill name, click the dropdown to the right of the name and select the characteristic. Then enter a rank and it shows the dice pool. I added an extra page to write out more talents as the pyramid is pretty hard to read. Also you can click on the crits and it will put a little difficulty diamond there. You can even click on the layer menu and hide the background so it won't print. Hope this is useful! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rJOYC4jQQYTs-4t3nF1X19t8dhOb-3yq
  7. Here's a link to Iron Kingdoms conversion I just made.
  8. I've always thought the Iron Kingdoms setting had one of the most unique and cohesive feels in any rpg. But their rpg was adapted from the miniatures game and you can tell. So decided to port it to Genesys. I got a little carried away so there is a lot there but I'd be happy to hear any feedback. Made a bunch new Talents. Designed new rules for Alchemy because I hate foraging and time/money becomes pretty meaningless in an rpg. Wrote a bunch of spells to give it more of the IK feel. Wrote some Battle Plans and Fell Calls to use in combat. Still working on Blood Magic. Edit: Here's an easier PDF file to view https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UDgjXZxKwhljJXKC64nT_JiguugZqgoB Here's link to the Excel file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wqdZZvGNeHPPvws4629QwZYFfHkIhD77 I also edited one of the previous Genesys fonts so that spacing and size is more consistent. If you don't want to install it you can probably still figure it out (b = boost, d = difficulty, etc) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1prNwNNGy3nxPjznJONSnqFippIqj6I2T If you're not familiar with the setting here's a pinterest board that should give you a feel for it. It's a steampunkish, nations at war setting. https://pin.it/7tn2eksiuj3yue
  9. I just noticed that you are also limiting the added effects too. And you have to take that for each different spell? That is really going to make it unfun imo. You will be really ineffective. If you want to limit options I would design some specific spells with limited options. Like a Force Bolt that you can add Close Combat and Manipulative but not Burn for instance. But they could also cast Inferno with Blast and Burn but you can’t Empower. Or something like that.
  10. Magic is already pretty restrictive since you need the Arcane/Divine/Primal skill just to cast them. And you need Knowledge skill since most of the damage is based on that. And the types of spells are limited by the type of Magic skill as well. If if you wanted to limit spells I would do it based on the Magic and/or Knowledge rank. So max at creation would be 4 spells. I have been working on converting some of the magical implements to talents because they don’t really fit into my setting. So A Spell Sniper talent would let you increase range by one without increasing difficulty. It allows for some customization to fit the character concept.
  11. The only thing with using range bands is that they include the caster. If the spell has a range of short and the area effect is the short range band then I would think it would affect the caster. I suppose you could say it can fill an area up to the range band and let the caster decide how big they want the effect based on the scenario.
  12. How would you design a spell to make an acid cloud or fire wall when there isn’t a target? Just have it fill the entire range band? Genesys doesn’t use specific distances so making it a 20x20 foot circle doesn’t seem right.
  13. Is there any way to change the margins when printing or saving to PDF? There is no top margin but big side margins. You can de-select headers/footers to get rid of the dates and urls on the top and bottom. But setting border to none doesn't change the borders. Edit: never mind, was a problem on my end
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