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  1. This is a case where being clear about the difference between Options and Requirements will help For Options, you get to choose among the valid ones. You can match ANY option. For Requirements, you have the match ALL of them. ANY( Option ) and ALL( Requirements )
  2. So: step 1 - make sure you understand her Options and her Requirements. You choose among the Options You adhere by all Requirement You don't get to choose which Requirement you are filling. Of course it counts for both Requirements. End of Story Where is the confusion? (If had been an Option to have 7 different cards from 3 different classes, not a Requirement, you choose which class it is applying to and it does need to match them all.)
  3. The crazy thing is that, without all the awkward "clarifications", the rules are pretty clear. The rules on deck building Options are clear. The rules on deck building Requirements are clear. The only thing causing confusion is some badly worded attempt to cause Options to act like Requirements, in some fairly obscure cases, based on the lack of a keyword that some cards do not have, but have had errata'd.
  4. If that's true, hats off to the original poster: that was awesome. You win at the internet today.
  5. I think the existing rules cover the situation pretty clearly to begin with; rather than clarifying things, the document seems to over complicated and confuse something that is already handled cleanly. You CHOOSE from among the valid deck building Options. You adhere to ALL deck building Requirements. Except Norman, because the deck building Options didn't say "other", where "other" is the Keyword that implies Options are NOT Requirements, which they already weren't. (Why bother?)
  6. I think they would have been a lot better off just quoting the rules: "cards included in your deck need to match one of your deck building options and all deck building requirements" And clarifying, "you choose which option is being used if more than one option is available."
  7. Galadriel, with her ability to 'freeze' threat in place is another option, although not much of a defender!
  8. The combined threat of Gandalf + Elrond is very high; if you are not playing Shadow and Flame, you'd probably be better off looking at a low threat hero: Folco, Glorfindel, T-Eowyn, Pippin or Merry. If you had to do a defender, I'd suggest spirit Dain or Beregond, just for access to threat reduction and action advantage (unexpected courage, Light of Valinor). Elrond, with burning brand and some healing, is a really solid at defense, backed up with some healing.
  9. It's still a pretty 'weak-sauce' weakness; although given the size of the 'hunch' deck it comes up almost every game. The frequency if seeing it is a lot higher than other weaknesses.
  10. My experience is that HoN benefits from decks specifically constructed to beat each missions; the battle and siege keywords can wreck a lot of generically decent decks. What we did (originally) was play the mission on easy with whatever decks we had, then come back for the next session with decks designed to beat the mission. (We played two missions per session: the old mission on normal, the 'new' mission on easy.) That really helped push our deck building skills. This thread has really encouraged me to go back and try it again with two games a session, doing normal / nightmare this time.
  11. Given the interest in the thread, I hope we can all agree that Weird Al's Word Crimes is one of the best songs of the last century.
  12. I think the main reason they don't do more print on demand is a desire to not compete with local gaming stores for product. (Print quality is probably more important for tournament games like L5R, but they will run into similar aging issues there as well.)
  13. Moving the individual packs over to print-on-demand when you convert to big-box format for reprints feels like it addresses that easily enough.
  14. I think you'd have to do the cutover to the new model; not run it in addition: replace 7 SKUs with one.
  15. Brand, Bilbo and Dori rocking and wrecking their way through Rhovanion? The deck you want to see someone else at the table play? Or if you see that do you groan and quietly put the nightmare cards back into the box?
  16. I think 'literally' is mostly used ironically to emphasize metaphorical points so much that its meaning has changed in the vernacular to actually mean 'approximately' rather than 'exactly as written'. Actually, that's literally ironic, yah? (Or is it just hypothetically ironic?)
  17. I think that given the amount of people upset with the stock situation; the current approach isn't working very well (for older products), and that really hurts new players joining the game. Also, when people 'buy what they need', it's almost certainly picking up specific hero cards, not specific missions. That is an opportunity to sell them something better suited (like a pre-built deck.)
  18. I think you are just confusing yourself now ... if there was a 2 cost ally with 1-2-2-5 stats, that'd be an awesome ally - WITHOUT considering his ability - that's not a useful thing to consider when trying to evaluate how good the ability is. If there was an Arwen hero with the same stats/threat as the existing Arwen hero, but with her ally skill, I think she'd still see a LOT of play, (which is saying a lot, since Arwen is among the best hero's in the game.) (Rosie is already very powerful with sword thane; giving her hero status out of the box would be very popular.) The real failure of Dori is that there is no synergy in his abilities. You have to hold him - and someone else - back if you are going to defend. If you are using him to boost, you aren't defending with him... so his stats are a waste. Arwyn/Rosie both help you quest or defend (or in Rosie's case: attack). No matter what you do with Dori - you are wasting his ability or some of his stats.
  19. In some bizarre way, I think virtually and literally have literally become virtually the same.
  20. Yes... But it's a meaningless comparison otherwise, the resource generation is the deciding factor not the other ability.
  21. I really hope Spirit Dori's ability will be "exhaust Dori to cancel X damage, where X is equal to Dori's defence"
  22. I think I would pitch Dori 100% of the time before I would pitch a sword-thain Rosie or Arwen...
  23. Rosie and Arwen are powerful because they contribute to both questing and defence. (They would both be solid without boosting defence.) A 10 threat hero compares unfavorably to 2-cost ally, even a good 2-cost ally, is not exactly a strong recommendation.
  24. The only way to make Dori worse: "Remove Dori from underneath your coffee cup and shuffle him into your deck"
  25. (I agree with this whole post, but to expand on one thing) The downside is the opportunity cost: for example, Joe might want: Hyperawareness(2) + Physical Training(2) + Well Prepared(2) = 12 experience The real question shouldn't be "Is it good?" (for 12 xp it had better be decent!) but "Is it better than my other options that cost 12 xp?" Solo: +2 on checks is amazing On a team, you might be better off being more specialized I love Well Prepared, but it's not exactly the Key of Ys!
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