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  1. Thematically, I think guarded cards are awesome. I love stuff that is so cool you consider using it even if it's not optimal. Is it a good card? No. Is it a great card? I think it adds a lot to the game to have stuff like this, so maybe.
  2. ColinEdwards

    Fellowship Event Question

    I think you would be 100% justified asking for your money back if you didn't get all the materials.
  3. Yeah, I totally agree ... one box per cycle with extra campaign rule cards, boons, and maybe something (like the online game) where at various threat levels additional bad things happen and maybe a fate score where questers can boost if they aren't questing for boons and other bonuses. Some dividers and a storage box. I'd love to get more replay out of the older scenarios.
  4. Something akin to a 'nightmare' deck, but with boons / burdens for a cycle, challenges that reward special boons, would be AWESOME. In a collectable box sized for the expansion + nightmare cards (room for cards to be sleeved too.)
  5. ColinEdwards

    Thoughts on the Limited Edition Starter

    I love the smaller threat dials, they fit nicely in a card box. I also really agree about the encounter cards benefit from being zoomed in. (The player cards: not so much.) The online game... It's ok. If you enjoy the online pathfinder card game, this feels similar to me. The art cards: Not a fan of the pictures; If the had alt-art Celeborn, Gorfindel, would have been better. The play mat: similar to, but not as nice as, last year's fellowship. Overall: it's ok. At $100 USD a good deal, at £ 180 GBP, not so much.
  6. What we did (my son was playing combat and eagles were not that well developed, so I made some changes.): I made some extra cards up: Radagast staff: exhaust the staff and discard a card to bring an eagle from your discard pile to your hand; Radagast's ring: when an eagle ally leaves play, exhaust add a resource to Radagast. Combat action: exhaust the ring to play an eagle from your hand. Only resources on Rad can pay.) 'Exhaust Radagast to shuffle a set-aside athelas into the deck' ( attachment, guarded / location only, discard to heal 3 damage and remove a condition.) Lure of Nature: set aside Radagast's attachments and shuffle him onto the encounter deck. Give him back his stuff when he comes back. I am not saying those cards are perfect, but it did provide some continuity... The big bad guy drops some loot that you carry forward, and more importantly having a 'narrator' makes it more structured RP-lite, than high stress, which I find engages kids a lot more.
  7. There are a lot of ways to tweak the difficulty without impacting play much: start with extra resources, reduce starting threat, etc. Some things we often do: 1 - I like to add in objective-allies, for example playing the 3 starter missions with 'Brok', and have him be the one captured in EfDG. (Radagast features heavily in our games too.) 2 - Allow multiple active locations. If you travel to the same location you can treat it as if everyone had ranged/sentinel, if you are apart, all cards are peril. (I like Hills of EM, with some nightmare worms added this way... ) 3 - Introduce some 'side-quests' or a quest stage 0. For example, do the first round at 'Radagast's House', which gives you a chance to explain the quest (in character) and "explain' some bonuses: what boon would you like: extra resource, draw a card, or reduce threat by 3? I know there are people that are going to say: starting Hills of EM at Radagast's House, adding in an objective ally Radagast, throwing in the nightmare cards, house ruling the travel rules: are you even playing the same game? It's a chance to sit down and tell a story to the kids, and the real test of success is if they want to play the same scenario again.
  8. ColinEdwards

    Shadow and Flame Strategies

    One thing I have found about this quest that I really like for replay-ability: Setting your threat to zero at the start lets you go with much more expensive heroes than normal. For example: Elrond - Lore-Glorfindel - Treebeard would be crazy threat normally All 3 abilities synergize to some extent ... healing, bonus healing, benefit from healing Starting with 3*Lore, you have a lot of combos like: Advance Warning + Noiseless Movement + Scroll of Isildur ... it's not going to stop the balrog, but it can shut down a lot of the other stuff in the deck and the Balrog isn't so bad when you know it's just him. Some of the secrecy cards can give you a fast start Gandalf - Elrond - Grimbeorn might be interesting too
  9. I think it is too random, more focus on surviving than total success. I think the golden rule of games with (younger) kids is that while you want to make it a challenge, you also want to structure it that if you play OK, don't make any major misplays, you are going to win.. and more than that - you are going to win by doing something cool, and be the hero. They pass the level, get a couple new cards, move on to the next challenge. I really enjoy Arkham too, but I think it's at it's best when it's ratcheting the tension up.... someone's about to go insane, someone's desperately evading a monster and you are trying to balance going for 2 more exp or resigning, and you have to reach into the token bag and think: if's it's a tentacles, we are all dead. not good for introducing kids to games: they need a progression of 'wins' first.
  10. I play LotR with my son, started at his 7th birthday. I think it works fine. Some advice: - play the missions solo first, so you know what to expect - start with story telling: what is happening, who the heroes are - make the decks and don't be afraid to stack the deck - journey down the anduin: just start with a forest snare and feint in their hand; hummerhorns? start them with Gimli and Citadel plate - start with an idea of how they are going to be the hero: set them up with extra resources, extra items, reduced threat ... whatever it takes. - a bad draw? just shuffle, reset and go again. So Smaug attacked six times and killed all your heroes in a single round: "now let's see what -really- happened" - change the annoying rules: doing riddles too annoying... how about "guess the flavor of the jelly bean" riddles? Some other good (co-operative) games we enjoy: - Forbidden Island / Desert - Guardians of the Multiverse - Aeon's End - Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (Arkham Horror LCG is NOT a good choice! It's a great game, but for older children.)
  11. ColinEdwards

    Wizard's Quest strategies

    I hope so, I love the idea.
  12. I think "Hisu Mori Toride" is a really good example of what might make a cool tournament: Support Unicorn or Support Lion. Doesn't need to change the cards, but could affect the flavor text in the future. (I am not entirely sure the "winners choose the role" is a very good model - it tends to reinforce existing strong combinations and discourage experimentation. The current voting seems pretty flawed too.)
  13. I probably didn't explain myself very well; I was more thinking of having the choice of a role be something that influences the narrative (not just the choice of a clan.) (I don't think linking 'advantages' to winning tournaments is a great approach; if anything, the losing clans need something to boost them, rather than having the strongest clans choose first.) Just in terms of narrative; you can still have 'free-for-all' events; but not every event needs to be like that.
  14. This is just an outline of an idea, not anything fully thought out. I personally find the new multi-role stuff pretty confusing, and it doesn't really feel like it adds to the ongoing narrative I personally would like to see some more variety on the way roles worked and players affected the game. . Ideas for 'Tournaments' that make more sense than "for the next 3 months the Wolf clan is 'Keeper of Mud' and 'Seeker of Nothing' 'Crane' vs 'Lion' - choose either Crane (any role but Alliance with Lion) or Any Clan (Alliance with Crane) to side with the Crane clan, same for Lion The winner of the tournament decides whether Crane or Lion will take the stronghold! 'Keeper' vs. 'Seeker' - decide whether the Emperor will direct the (Unicorn?) clan to look outward for new allies or the direct the 'Phoenix' clan to focus on traditional magics (Unicorn can only be Seeker, Phoenix can only be Keeper ... all other clans must choose either a Keeper or Seeker role) 'Fire' vs. 'Water' - The shugenja of the Dragon want to summon the rains to alleviate starvation while the Crab attempt a scorched earth policy to hold back the shadowlands ... which policy will go forward? Pick a fire role or a water role and do battle! Those feel like meaningful events to me, build a connection to the story and give some context to build a deck around.
  15. ColinEdwards

    LotR and other LCGs rotation

    I think a rotation is pretty critical for long-term viability of competitive games: the initial buy-in becomes too much without it, and it's too many options for someone to pick up. For the same reason, I think having some 'pre-built' competitive decks for sale is important too. Being able to try a competitive deck for a lowish-fixed cost, gets new players into the game and without having to get their head around every card. None of that really applies to co-op games though.