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  1. Litko etc. offers great range rulers. The best are the range rulers broken down into each range so you can get much more exact. https://litko.net/products/sw-armada-fire-gauge-1 https://litko.net/products/sw-armada-multi-range-movement-ruler-set-fluorescent-green5 I think where they made the mistake is be not offering the core for $60 at the beginning. You got to learn to take less profits or even break even if you think long-term and want to get enough people as possible interested from the start. Businesses do this all the time. Gas stations don’t make money in the gas, but the stuff inside the store. Costco which was analyzed in my class a while back makes their money on memberships concessions and not really much on the goods. Fantasy needs to get some MBA/EMBA from top 50 business schools running their marketing department. They need to stop messing up new releases and focus on customer retention. Too many people have gotten burned by them as of late. Take the Android Netrunner issue. Even if FF was going to make that game break even due to a long-term cost prohibitive lisense from GW, they should have worked it out for at least two more years after releasing the revised core so as not to lose the faith and loyalty of their customers. If you buy anything from FF these days, you are taking a risk of your buying decision hinges on new content (Armada & Destiny is where they got me good). That was the single dumbest thing I have seen FF do yet. Smart marking deptments who are customer centric would have even gone so far as to give GW all the net profits of the game for two years just to maintain customer loyalty. The deal should have been structured over the entire term in case the profits of the second year could put FF negative over the full course of the contract. In other words, the profits could have been kept in an escrow designed to even yield GW interest while it remained there over the full two years. FF’s greed is something that knows no bounds and they keep shooting themselves in the foot. How those idiots didn’t think to wrapped up the licensing agreement before even putting in the effort and customers jump in, or many jumping back in, would have been a business 101 idea. You always lock things in place from a place of weaken than strength. FF wanted to have their cake and eat it too. However, when GW saw how successful the new launch was they finally found a way to stick it to them for legion, etc. What a bunch of University of Phoenix, community college, bumble...
  2. Snapfist: “Can we all have fun.” Me: Yes, so let’s put this hot mess of a topic to bed you’ll. Night.
  3. Well since the Huns defeated the Roman Empire, can I assume you are a Rebel player?
  4. Hey Snapfist, your blog is great dude. I use to send people that all the time back when I played a bunch. I read your recent post a few days ago. Thanks for all YOUR efforts: I like this one below and if I ever meet a newer player, I will always tell them this is a must read. http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-basics-of-fleet-building.html
  5. Only in a news starved community could I become the Admiral. The “You’re” was a perfect Easter Egg. Hook, line, sinker! But nobody got the egg about the “head.” Disappointing. Sure I was going to get made fun of on that one. Of course, now someone will find THIS as further proof that I am The Admiral even though I was having a bit of fun with you all. However, I suspect the real admiral would point out that he would not like being called the admiral, but Admiral Nelson, because he was a fairly smug SOB who would have always made it a point to use his full title. I guess I should have broken down on a different subject than say...the cost of Admirals. Is kind of ironic, don’t you think?
  6. Ardaedhel: Your too kind. Nobody can replace Nelson. Not sure I mean that in a good or bad way?
  7. Just means they should have pulled him from the warehouse earlier instead of using him for his free labor on Armada. My first job was working at Pizza Hit four years ago and they put me on dish duty. My friend was on dishes for four months. I was on it one day. They moved me to sauces. I was there a few weeks along with toppers and made head of the line. For some reason I wasn’t particularly good at head so they made me cutter. Cutter is considered the best job pre-management. Sure, maybe my rise was due to necessity due to turn around etc. too long ago for me to remember. It is just pizza and dishes after-all. The point being, if someone is doing great, you promote them or give them a raise. You don’t keep them in the bloody warehouse forever like FF did. My buddy who plays magic semi-professionally, spoke with Lukas Litizinger (creator of Android Net. & Destiny) about 6 months or so after he left FF. He said they refused to give him a quality raise while making ridiculous demands on his time. He often missed important family events. Guy makes you millions and you get crap because it is next man up. I am glad the warehouse guy got promoted; and if I threw shade, my apologies. My point is, they used him for too long before giving him his just deserts and likely pays him too little now to make a career out of the job unless his significant other makes bank. There are many post in the past about x,y, z designer not being able to make a decent mortgage payment after making FF millions.
  8. Alzer: FF cheated the heck of of tons of Destiny players and keep doing it. You folks hide behind Team Covenant to throw you softballs because you can’t stand real heaters flying your way. Cagey company that is completely beyond reproach. If you are really who you say you are, then why hasn’t FF produced more content for Armada so people would stay in the game instead of leaving everyone else who bought in with their hand low holding a bunch of plastic? Not producing content is the same as cheating people out of their money. My dad no longer gets much use out of all that cash he spent because other people he played with got out because there was no more content. There have been scores of lost about the abusive behavior of middle management who mainly do diddle swat toward its underlings. Maybe things have gotten better over the last couple years. If so, great for them. Anyway, I digress. Revanur was right. I’ll check this forum in another two years. Doubt much will change. May I be wrong.
  9. Revanur: You are right. Why should I care. Point taken. I am just recently salty as **** about Destiny lately which I personally dumped a lot of money into and watched it go to dust. While the content overall is better in that scene it appears too late and they still produce so, SO much junk that the bloggers look at the content before release and are right 95% of the time as to the card’s viability. Most of the stuff can’t even be played in a non-competuway it is that bad. I wish they would point adjust the characters. I don’t play x-wing, but note 2.0 was developed well before releasing Destiny. The online point idea must have been considered and this all the iconic trash characters—particularly the legendaries—could have been saved. Most of us thought it was growing pains and the designers learning, but so much time has passed and the same silly mistake made. The non-experts can see that all they had to do is add redeploy, ambush, lower the cost, take the pay side away, etc. and the crap would not be crap. It doesn’t have to be meta defining, just not heaps of crap. I’ve gotten good enough to also recognize what is crap as well and no longer can have the joy of opening boxes because I know realize that crap was the intent all along. Truth is I am much more salty about Destiny than Armada. I just happened to look over to see what was happening on the Armada front—I don’t usually look since I expect nothing. I have lowered my expectations to no longer caring. Ok, ok, not true. I had a momentary lapse of caring, but as Revanur pointed out there really is no need and my frustration is being misdirected. With Armada I just really want more content. Period. I can take care of the rest. Since moving out a year ago, I haven’t played Armada much. Maybe one game. Maybe. I am a bit salty that Armada has gotten so little content that playing it at my fathers house instead of a few euro games doesn’t often come to mind. But again, this was more Destiny rage than Armada. Armada cost me nothing, except maybe less time with my father. My father is a dentist, but funny nevertheless.
  10. Furthermore, if the guy formally in the warehouse doing free work has been in the test team for a long time, he and the rest (Donner party of one), have done a very, very poor job: look no further than A) the completely stupid transport activations B) that imperial ship with domes that I don’t even know it’s name because it suchs so much, and C) the Victory point costs. Look, I don’t know what the solution was for the transports, but it drove away most of the old timers I was playing with at the time. FF found a way to sell a lot of plastic with that one. That fact that is went in for so long was I think one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in gaming—granted, I only play a few, but my father who is 42 years old and does play a lot of them agrees. You have to look no further than the end with that mistake that was allowed to linger. Maybe they realized the outrage of the guy who went and bought 5 transports of a single faction needed to have some time to play with them. Fine. I don’t presume to have the solution, but maybe they could have...cough, cough...realized that in playtesting that it was not anything like people imagined the game to be. It was at that point that my father and I just would set up sized and whoever made both teams let the other pick. No more rock, paper, scissors and no more silly transports flying all over the place like we saw going over to one house. That day driving back we lacked that it was indeed the end for Armada in some sense. The various FLGS’s that I went to no longer carried Armada just 4-6 months after, if memory serves correct. Maybe sooner..maybe longer. Many of these issues could have been taken care up with a simple update. However, many competitive players use what ever tools are available to solve the puzzle and care not for theme or actual play experience. Most players are casual players so this team that he is supposedly apart of with maybe another dude (like this other apparent bum above in terms of this game, not in life) has failed casual players. I will happily concede my lack of experience on the matter, but note many Admirals just get more mileage at 800 points. If nothing, they could offer just two separate point values just for player point value of say 800 and 1200 in a revised version of what was put online. For many people, dare I GUESS the majority, have always played at higher point values. The fact that FF and this so called dedicated warehouse promoted guy (who I am sure is sweet and swell and all) never did crap for the causal folks at higher point values until they had a $200 model to sell is crap. If Tarken is less than effective give the simple model proposed, that is on FF not me. However, anyone thinking you should continue to talk down to the non-competitive people who buy enough of this crap to keep it barely alive, you should think twice. The casual X-wing and Armada players most likely out purchase the competitive players by a massive margin. Those older guys than us have tons of money to spend having had jobs and a saving for a long time. They have less time, don’t want to spend their time from what I understand talking to them at conventions at FLGS, and also have kids who they play with with obligations. So these dads are responsible for most of the expenditures and when the game went to crap, they stopped buying and moved on. That is on warehouse Johnny and the supposed other guy who helps him to keep those people engaged. That told those old guys to suck it long ago. I have warehouse job to get back to, where no one is pulling me out of the back to create subpar things, so peace out. Admiral, admiral, admiral....**** it didn’t work like Candyman. Maybe is was a crappy mirror or I was spinning too fast when I said it. Apparently, the Kraken has turned to stone. The font was cool and you do have to use 3D glasses with those flip things from invented by Ben Frank. Like in National Treasure to see the inscription...
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