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  1. Not 100% sure this is a Proofreading topic, but it felt more Proofreading than Rules Question to me. This is my first experience with an L5R RPG. On reading the Game of Twenty Questions for character creation, I was left somewhat confused when going through Questions 18 and 19. 18 mentions being named after an ancestor, as well as referencing your family name being chosen in Question 2, and 19 talks about choosing your given character's name. At first I thought that the ancestor naming was like some sort of third/middle name or title that the character held. It was only after discussing with my friend who introduced me to the beta (who has played L5R in the past) that characters generally only had given and family names, that upon rereading the Questions that I realised that the "being named after an ancestor to honour them" is just fluff, and the crunch of the Question is in the traits generated on the table. With this in mind, would it potentially make things clearer for new players if these two Questions were swapped? I.e. think of a name and then introduce the idea of your name coming from an ancestor or being a slight variation on an ancestor's name after that. Perhaps introduce the idea of being named after an ancestor/variation of their name within the choose your name question and use it to lead into the ancestor trait generation question.
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