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  1. Woah, he can control the ship's lightning from his gauntlets? Wonder why we never saw that used in the series.
  2. You can also join the swap-and-sell community on fb, there's many people selling their collection of ships, best way to get into the game!
  3. Just an FYI...the lambda, punisher, and phantom have not been re-released for Second edition yet, they are only available in second edition via the first edition expansion (about $5-$40, depending where you get them) and the conversion kit ($50). While I stand by the belief that the best way to get in the game is to buy someone's collection and a conversion kit, it is pretty expensive up front. If you're casual, and don't want to invest a couple hundred for a massive collection up front I'd probably stick to the already re-released ships (decimator pairs nicely with Soontir or Vader, and striker and defender are great fun that fly in unique ways!)
  4. Knocked out of the top cut of a regional thanks to a single ESC modded by 1 calculate that one-shotted Duchess. Triple crits vs blanks and Duchess went down due to direct hits
  5. Yeah I can see this point but I think more people were angry about having to buy out-of-faction like in 1.0 the autothrusters expansion. Staying in-faction miiiiigght be ok, though they have been staying pretty true to the "only upgrades usable on the ship in 2nd edition", nantex and fang fighter excluded.
  6. Oh I'd love to see Kylo's whisper released with a few config cards for /sfs. Effectively releasing two new ships for the price of one
  7. Evade kylo as in Holo is out of range/arc of attacks and send kylo in with a yeeted evade so he can pretend he's a defender with two bonus calculates for a turn.
  8. pyoinator

    UK System open

    So you were the guy flying outmaneuver/DPC vonreg right? How often did you get to attack with him vs running away the whole time? Every game I've tried the opponent immediately tries to put all guns onto vonreg since they can't let him flank, and I end up having to run away the whole time to avoid getting blocked/killboxed
  9. pyoinator


    Was there ever a consensus whether or not you could turn 1 all lock holo and pass off those lock tokens if you didnt want to pass off any of holos other tokens?
  10. I mean...obviously. In no way am I saying 3-hull Rush >= 3-hull Soontir. It's just the closest comparison I could think of, since 3-hull Rush has Autothrusters, i6, and a fantastic dial. He plays very similarly to Soontir once i6, just losing out on some mods. Are those mods valuable? yeah, of course.
  11. Rush is great. Not-quite filler at 57 points, but so much value out of him. i2 with the double reposition means he's a great blocker, and if you're running vonreg you probably have a bid so you can dodge the enemy i1 and i2 if need be. If he gets to i6, he's basically soontir without the free focus. But if you don't get shot unmodded attacks are fine too. In my experience, people tend to ignore him early game, going after bigger threats in your list, freeing him up to easily get the flank/take uncontested shots often. Then he becomes a late game monster once he becomes an ace. Never had him die without getting him to dance around at i6 for a while.
  12. Dengar? Han (Resistance)? Probably an argument could be made for bananakin too.
  13. pyoinator


    5 i3 guys with gravitic is a list I've heard of
  14. I imagine we'll see him mostly naked or with power cells. 9 points seems good for how much flexibility they give him.
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