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  1. Maul with hate, and grievous with soulless and impervium adds up to 130, I bet I can get a Sun with ensnare for 70 points no problem. Might even be able to fit Dooku in on maul as well, though admittedly that seems unlikely
  2. I'm hoping you'll be able to fit a cheap sun, grievous, and maul together in a list.
  3. To be fair, passive sensors is limited because it's a sensor upgrade, and thus fairly limited, while TC is a mod that can go on anything. I could see TC costing 3-4 points due to its versatility.
  4. So hear me out, the "full arc" thing makes me think her ability has something to do with reinforce. Maybe in the end phase she can spend a charge to flip her reinforce token to "the othER full arc INstead" of removing it. Or maybe it has something to do with damage cards and having to have enemy ships in the full arc matching a reinforce token or something.
  5. pyoinator

    Overlooked ships

    Once snap shot comes out I think we're going to see them a lot more. bonus attacks in the activation phase when no one has tokens? Sounds good.
  6. Oh, I know. I just think he combos the best with all the extra tokens that get generated on the second turn of combat after all the energy shells are spent.
  7. My favorite version that I've been trying is a combo of your first two lists, Sear with TA-175, Techno with probes and ESC, and 5x ESC trade feds.
  8. Should require the enemy ship to be at range 0 to trigger the effect.
  9. I'm guessing he meant "There's only data for day 1 since it's today"
  10. Another 100-150 players will play tomorrow
  11. I know this is a joke but just thinking about a 3/3/4/4 ship with Braylen and Cassian support makes me want to curl up and die somewhere
  12. They're new powers. You can see them in the Republic Y-wing spread. Foresight looks to be similar to snap shot, and Precognitive is like supernatural but costs a strain if you don't have the action and shuts off any other actions during your activation.
  13. Von reg's ability mandates that you're not strained or depleted, so that deplete trick would only work once before it would have to be removed somehow. That being said, I'm also leaning towards it reducing attack dice by one.
  14. That makes way more sense! And way better ****.
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