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  1. yes, I would say you can if you can discard the card you can capitalize on Gandalf's ability
  2. This seems strange enemies aren't effected by difficult terrain and spider webs. I read through the Shadowed Paths rulebook and the only mention of enemies on terrain was for Elevated Terrain. So, I guess enemies don't care.
  3. I actually had Crescendo of Dawn from Musician. Completely the best card to draw, pure coincidence it came up for the fight with Gimli/axe and Beravor/staff to kill Atarin. We closed out the second form with a trinket torch and dagger hobbit. I never got to attack Atarin, but I was next up to bat as Legolas/bow 😅 Gimli got counter attacked and actually died. Berevor was downed from the swarm of enemies but recovered. We were happy to slap Atarin, but when he revived and downed player it was disappointing.
  4. ugh. May have to house rule it and just nuke the bosses on their revive. My group feels cheated when the bosses get their second wind. I house ruled Atarin's fight because he respawned after he died. The text said something along the lines that his body disappeared and Atarin was now some demon spirit, not that he moved to a different location. So instead of having my group's moral be shaken and have to fight the swarm of enemies we were in before we could combat Atarin again I just said, "Naw, he died and transformed here as the text said. Screw the app". It made no sense for Atarin to transform and relocate.
  5. Finally got through the first campaign with my group. One thing that bothered us was the boss enemies, Uluk, Gulgotar, and Atarin all had to be killed twice. Talk about annoying when your group bends over backwards to down the boss only to have them get back up. Uluk was an exception where the goblins pulled the troll away which was pretty lame. We did amazing damage only to get nothing and forced to deal with the troll later. We never did kill the troll... Gulgotar got wrecked and the adventure ended 😂 An all success run on normal so that was nice, but the fight with Atarin specifically made us frustrated. We were getting swarmed as expected, but managed to sneak in the kill only to have him come back and down 2 players before we could do it again. So, could we get bosses that only die once? Would be nice.
  6. Well, thats a bummer. FFG, as far as I've heard has great customer support on issues like this. I recommend contacting them about it. If its cards, I would recommend checking to make sure you didn't double sleeve on accident. Sometimes the cards stick together and I've accidentally put two cards in one sleeve. Luckily the cards are mostly in sequence so I'd start by looking at the Strider #2 card or if you remember the card that came before when you were unpacking.
  7. Experienced players and completely new board game players have enjoyed JiME when I've played with them. More so if they are Lord of the Rings fans. The price is high to get in, like the others, but you are getting a lot of hours with just the core set and the DLC is decently priced.
  8. **looks over at the LoTR LCG** .... ha, thank goodness the LCG doesn't have map tiles.
  9. A shame indeed. I might as well play a Pen and Paper game instead if art starts moving to places I can't see.
  10. ya, contacting FFG for support would be the next step as the issue so far is only within their app. If you have any other high resource apps like JiME to try and see if the flickering happens on the chromebook that would pin it down even more. But usually issues like flickering on full screen apps whether its a chromebook or a regular computer is pretty easy to reproduce if it's a problem with the device.
  11. Does the issue also occur when using other apps at full screen like Youtube when playing an HD video and when casting?
  12. Here's a loose two for one for you: Eol Inspiration: 5 Strength: 2 Wisdom: 3 Agility: 3 Spirit: 2 Wit: 4 Fear: 4, Damage 4 After interacting with a person token you may spend one inspiration per round to maintain an estranged marriage with the person and gain +1 to all attributes. Must perform a Last Stand after taking any amount of fall damage. 😂
  13. I just hope we don't get a dwarf swarm bias like in LotR LCG. Good Dwarf cards are everywhere in that game compared to elf, human, hobbits, and creatures.
  14. The app doesnt save where the enemies are placed. Just gonna have to guess 🤷‍♂️
  15. "going to war" sounds like a good mixup to what we current set of campaigns.
  16. Yes, show off my unpainted fig 😅 I've been hoping my brother would paint them for me at some point lol
  17. I was able to grab a large Plano box and migrate all the enemies and tokens into it. I was okay with the outcome but not exactly happy as the larger tokens had to mix with the other large tokens. Then I saw the Balrog didn't make it in yet.... Durin's Bain strikes again! I had to put the Balrog in with the mix of heroes to fit him in with the figs
  18. I think I'm going to roll Eleanor, Captain, Dagger, Horn. I really wish the horn used Wit. I'm debating going Banner instead for the option to Cleave but it might not be needed. Depends on what the other players choose but overall I think Horn is more likely to generate inspiration to compensate for Eleanor's average stats. Eleanor's ability to use 1 Inspiration to convert 2 Fate is pretty amazing. She also has ways to inspire herself, convert fate to success and reveal 3! additional cards on a test. Matched with Captain to scout or strike could really stack a deck while exploiting Fate to successes and could really max out dagger damage. I mean, look at Widow's Warning [a dagger]. It wants to exploit card draws.
  19. I just wish there was a single hand weapon that does spirit so I can match it with the Horn or Harp
  20. appears to be a standalone program completely separate from the app. Not official
  21. You mean the troll, wargs, and wraiths at Weathertop? It might not be story accurate, but I want to see how much it takes before someone leaves in terror. 🤣
  22. You have to assemble the game board for every adventure though /s 😒 App: Oh, I see the last person in your group explored a map tile. Let me reveal 8 more tiles.... .... ... That will be 8 threat increase from tiles alone... ... Threat event... ... You're group is surrounded by enemies.
  23. Think the Darkness mechanic will be carrying over into the new expansion? /s
  24. Mine is shipping UPS as well... eta the 17th. Talk about standard shipping 🤷‍♂️
  25. Boardlandia created my order's shipping label today. No other updates. I'm in no rush, the gaming group is still on covid hiatus.
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