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  1. You can attack an enemy outside of your space without provoking attacks from enemies in your space.
  2. I looked into this and could only find relevant information within Provoking Enemies in Reference Rules, Page 21, part 71. There, it only mentions provoking by moving out of a space with one or more enemies or using an interact action while in a space with one ore more enemies. It says nothing about attack actions in the provoke section and the attack action section does not mention provoking. So, therefore you do not need to provoke an enemy in your space to attack an enemy in another space if you can attack them. Reference Rules
  3. The bows range is the same as it is on the journey map. You can shoot 1 space in front of you unless you have a card that says otherwise. You can also shoot around walls if you have the range to hit the target. The range is determined as if you were moving a character around the barrier, you cant shooting through walls, just around. Only walls block line of sight. However, as I said before, cards like Keen Eyes can allow you to shoot around corners.
  4. I'm still trying to get to the end of the first campaign with a single group 😅 Each group gets to chapter 8 in either 1 or 2 sittings but then it just gets put down because summer events and family obligations. Everyone has enjoyed it, but this thing called life keeps getting in the way.
  5. Hold on... I though an enemy would attack the closest hero even if it could reach the named target. It says in the app as an ex: Move 2, Attack Aragorn or closest hero. I figured a named target was to break a distance tie between two heros or attack that specific player in case there were multiple players in the same space.
  6. If the app specifically mentioned the hobbit fleeing, it probably was the hobbit. This scenario is very vague on the answers. There is only one hint as to who the culprit could be and it is up to interpretation too. I had one where we had a choice between a dwarf who was annoyed at the tall man's inability to be polite riding his horse and looked anxious. My group thought it was the the tall man because he had done something terrible and was jittery. Turns out that we should have taken it the tall man was incompetent at horse riding and the dwarf being the only one without much a story was the culprit. The other was that everyone seemed fine, except the tall man bought the eglantine salve from us. He does this in the previous scenario I described. At least this time, it was the tall man because no one else had anything to go off of. The Dwarf was talking about fighting a wolf and the Hobbit was making fun of him for overly embellishing the story.
  7. I haven't really come across any forced depletions of trinkets either. When they do show up it is more of an inconvenience than damaging. I wouldn't be a fan of getting trinkets stolen. It's hard enough to get any or any that are useful as it is. I've risked too many search actions only to receive a pat on the back and an inspiration to lose a trinket.
  8. I am a little puzzled why they only gave a few of some of the items though. For a game that allows mixing and matching your characters, they sure didn't accommodate it much with player items. I'm getting flashbacks of LoTR LCG core set card quantities; players can have 3 of a card in a deck, but the box gave only 1 or 2 of the card.
  9. Just because there is only one weapon on the box doesn't mean you can't pretend you have two. Sure the app won't allow it because it knows there is only 1 sword, but the app can't stop you either from leaving it sword and dagger and just pretending the dagger is another sword.
  10. Dual sword. I only realized it now and wonder why I'm not running Aragorn Pathfinder Dual sword instead of Banner. I'm patiently waiting for the banner to level up and add cleave. The other stuff to gain inspiration almost never happens 😒
  11. True, never tried, didn't think about it before and didn't have the reference on hand. 51.4 A hero can equip up to one armor () card, a number of item cards that have a total of two or fewer hand icons (two  items or one  item), and one trinket ().
  12. I'm not in a position to read the reference rules, but yes. The reason to run two weapons is to maximize success options for an attack.
  13. You can use both cards on your attack tests but using two weapons does not give you more attack actions and you only test once. Also, you have to use the same attribute to use two weapons during the attack action. For example, you can use a sword and an ax because they both use Might for an attack test where you can allocate your successes across the two items. However, you can't use a sword and a bow because the bow requires an Agility test and you can only perform one attack test per action. You can run around with a sword and bow, but only one can be used at a time for an attack test because of their attribute differences.
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