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  1. Thaeggan

    Elena hero?

    edit: nvm
  2. I honestly feel like we have the cards we need already. Current player ally cards and encounter lands can be the encounter deck. Not sure why everyone is so focused on Heros being in the encounter deck unless they were there and fell in battle. Unique enemies can be heros, using an encounter card's threat could be their cost to play. Shadow effects can be when played effects Scenarios will be hard to balance, but I dont think questing makes sense as an orc army, rather needing to kill or capture X enemies. I dont have the time to flesh one out for kicks this weekend.
  3. Won't really need to fight heroes though, just random thematic mobs will work. Of course, if a hero is part of the fight and actually dies, then great put that sucker in.
  4. It hit me last night that I believe it would be very cool to play as the bad guys verses a good guy encounter deck. This needs to be a thing because there are plenty of scenarios where orcs win battles and would be an interesting spin on the LCG.
  5. If the game had a book with chapters and broken into parts of "if successful see page 10 C or if failed refer to page X Y" for each event would you think of it differently?
  6. Thaeggan

    Release Window

    I still don't know enough about this game to remember it exists...
  7. yaaaa, it really feels like FFG doesn't fully understand the game's demand, but I also understand they don't want to over produce and be stuck with stock in warehouse space they can use for something else. I do think they underestimate overall though because stock is gone in less than a month.
  8. Im pretty sure other stores will get them too, but it usually takes about a week for them to show up. Be sure to make some wishlists on other sites to make it easier to check and set up alerts if they have them.
  9. Thaeggan

    Dwarrowdelf cycle soon!

    the struggle is real. Be sure to get some wish lists set up with alerts on other sites to cover some bases. I was checking the stock ever half hour or so. Hopefully there are a few more restocks for you to grab what you need.
  10. Thaeggan

    Dwarrowdelf cycle soon!

    They are back in stock. I hope you see this in time!
  11. Stock is back. Get it while you can!
  12. I was not aware of Atomic Empire. I will get those alerts set up there too!
  13. Well, I asked FFG about it yesterday evening and they pretty much said to check elsewhere. The Tweet
  14. Please tell me Dwarrowdelf has more stock on some ship that has yet to arrive. I've waited for over a year and checked the stock page daily sometimes multiple times a day out of habit. I saw the stock come in and waited for a few hours to see if Shadow and Flame would come in stock so I wouldn't have to pay ~$16 in shipping by getting them all in one go. Now Dwarrowdelf is out of stock again. UGH I also missed out on The Lost Realm, I got the cycle, but no Deluxe box. Woooooo....
  15. The Dwarrowdelf cycle is "On the Boat" as of today, February 8th, 2019. Keep your eyes glued to the stock!