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  1. Thaeggan

    Looks cool, but...

    There are emulators online that can run old operating systems, even for Android and iOS. This would be the solution, though not one anyone really wants.
  2. I would suspect there is an emulator that will run an OS you need to run the app on your computer.
  3. The more detailed world map and the separated and very basic battle tiles makes me scratch my head. The game looks like it wants to be Massive Darkness but tries really hard not to at the same time.
  4. Thaeggan

    The newbies first experience

    Looking at your last post in this thread which was months ago, you seem to have a problem with that quest 😂
  5. Thaeggan

    Worse than I Thought

    I check for availability every day... These things sell out fast.
  6. Thaeggan

    Worse than I Thought

    would be easier to enter the game if FFG sold their dang product *shaking fist*
  7. Does anyone have recommendations for sleeving the paper rules that come in the adventure cycles? I'm looking to protect the individual adventure rule set pages in a binder, but most sleeves that I've come across are as much protection as penny sleeves which wrinkle easy. Thanks.
  8. Thaeggan

    Worse than I Thought

    This is sad... Would be nice if there was a microphone to get heard.
  9. Thaeggan

    Reprint of Saga?

    Would be nice to have something more reliable as I am getting rather demoralized. I'm celebrating a year long of "Awaiting Reprint" for Shadow and Flame and possibly the same for Foundations of Stone in the Dwarrowdelf cycle next month.
  10. FFG does reprint for the LoTR: LCG, but as far as I can tell, they are terrible at supplying the demand. Long periods between reprints only to go out of stock. I've even seen the Core Set go out of stock which is very strange imo. I've been waiting for Dwarrowdelf reprints for a year coming up next month. Wooooo.... I check every day out of habit, a habit I would like to break because I can't crawl into bed without checking first.
  11. My 4 person group is having some problems trying to beat Battle of Lake-town and we got into a debate as to when to play the scenario, how the card pool is to increase, and whether our decks suck. I hope I can describe how we have been progressing, our current card pool, and how I was planning on increasing it. I started my group with the Hobbit and planned on playing the game chronologically through the main story, including the Hunt for Gollum with a detour for Dwarrowdelf when we get to Moria where Gandalf reads the book about the history of retaking Moria before fighting the Balrog. I also planned on "unlocking" cards when moving to each scenario. So, if we got to Khazadum, the cards coming out of the deluxe box would immediately be available, but the cards from the cycle would only be unlocked when getting to each scenario. Now, we have struggled with the Battle of Lake-town because our single color decks don't have much to write home about or basically countered by the encounter deck. In example, the Dunadain being unable to put progress on location cards in a location heavy encounter deck because of Esgaroth Warf or using Thror's key and Strength of Will because there are freak'n 4 of those locations! Our last game we got very close, but because Smaug kept killing our allies we ultimately could not keep up against the Burn and kill him as it seemed like a single or two turn window for our Red Deck player who can almost 2 turn kill Smaug. The 4 of us are running single color decks initially to learn the game, but now it seems to be hindering yet we do not have much of a pool to really build from. Granted we haven't put too much thought of breaking all of our current decks down to strategize 4 mixed decks concurrently just yet. So, here are the questions. 1. Do we need to play the Lotr LCG in released chronological order to be more successful? We were wondering if the Battle of Lake-town was made with prior expansion card pools in mind. 2. Is 4 players making it harder to beat the Battle of Lake-town? 3. Should we consider mixing our 4 decks or stick with the strength running a single color deck? 4. Am I crazy to want to unlock cards in how I described above or is it highly recommended all the cards from a cycle be available when opening a deluxe box?
  12. I had a friend go out to Hawaii for vacation and did a favor to check for things at a game store if he stumbled through one. Sad to say it was not a success... The struggle is real.
  13. I saw a comment on a website about the different expansions to the LoTR:LCG Dwarrowdelf cycle saying that not buying the first two packs, The RedHorn Gate and Road to Rivendell would leave cards unused from the Khazad-dum deluxe expansion. Is this true? https://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/new-player-buying-guide/#comment-9146 I dont find the synopsis for the two expansions to be all that interesting so I was not planning on buying them. However, I've been waiting months (Months!) to get my hands on the cycle and would hate not being able to use all the cards from the Khazad-dum expansion and the cycle being sold out for a lifetime again by the time I realize it.
  14. I've been waiting months for the Dwarrodelf cycle, just need two of the packs then I'm done. Getting tired of checking and there are no email alerts ?