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  1. OCX Radio Live tonight on You Tube Come watched Aaron" the Coach" Krull get smacked down in a Painted spaceship battle with The ONE the Only LUKE CARRINGTON!!!
  2. Come one Come all and Watch the Aaron "the Coach" Krull get trashed in spaceship painting by the One the Only Luke Carrington! Should be a great time for all Indeed!
  3. How does it go? Everything is fine.... Thweek... Drink... Thweek Get Another Beer! Thweek Coaches head is a bobbin. One whiskey two whiskey ... Seven whiskey floor?
  4. as yoda said Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Fly it and they shall rend their sack cloth's and cry salty tears!
  5. Great job Dion I enjoyed it and this a great tool for helping others ask the right questions and see the outcome. I try and practice by talking out the possible outcomes and going back and redoing different setups when possible. It would be cool if you could find a way to get a bigger pool or mabye some "xwing Famous" people on. I did enjoy Chico's but like everyone else said it was just the one side. Keep up the great work and thank you.
  6. I really like the OCX podcast it was the first one I found last june when I started using podbean. Its just a bunch of guys sitting around drinking and talking about xwing, slowly or quickly (depends on the alcohol) getting off topic and crazy. Its definetly an everymans podcast there is a bit of everything for everyone. Thank you Montana , Chicago(on hiatus but he's partying somewhere) , Kyle, Chico ,and coach for the comedic banter and liver damage. Keep up the good work guys. Krayts On Top... on top? OCX gonna get ya! Get me another beer!
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