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  1. 9 hours ago, Greebwahn said:

    100% your next purchase should be Rebel Aces. If you like B-Wings and A-Wings, you gotta have it.

    Now, I'm assuming you are okay with proxying? But here is my suggestion, kind of including Rebel Aces Cards:


    Poe (PS9)

    Veteran Instincts

    Adv. Optics


    Black One

    Integrated Astromech


    Keyan Farlander

    Veteran Instincts

    Collision Detector




    Ezra Bridger

    Snap Shot




    Ezra is a brutal stress control piece: Snap Shot, you stress someone before they even get their action. Then, you hope to miss with your 1st shot, stressing them, gunner kicks in, another stress.

    Keyan is a hugely flexible piece like this. PS 9 is still very relevant and powerful, and like this, can get a reroll or 2 from Maul, spend a focus to change eyes to hits, then remove another stress on a hit if there is one, OR he can pull a red/otherwise be stressed, change eyes to hits, then take stress for rerolls, removing one on a hit. He also has no tokens that can be denied.

    Poe is there to strip target locks and present an end-game challenge. He's just a classically frustrating pilot.

    All together, you have wildly effective stress control, Target Lock stymieing and action efficiency, and a hammer with undeniable mods. Hella tough target priority



    Haha that sounds like loads of fun! I will test that list out this week as well! Thanks!


    6 hours ago, arsuf476 said:

    I am assuming you have The Force Awakens core set, if so you can build this with what you have:


    PS 8 Poe 


    Integrated Astomech

    Black One

    Veteran Instincts 

    total 35


    Jess Pava


    Integrated Astromech

    total 28


    Ten Numb

    Fire Control system 

    Proton Torpedoes 

    total 37


    Total 100


    Its not ideal but should perform decently in a friendly environment. 


    No I have the old core set, but I will proxy the missing cards from that core set and this list out as well! Thank you!

  2. 5 hours ago, wurms said:

    With just the cards you have:

    Poe Dameron (PS9) (33)
    Push the Limit (3)
    BB-8 (2)
    Primed Thrusters (1)
    Integrated Astromech (0)
    Black One (1)

    Fenn Rau (Sheathipede) (20)
    Veteran Instincts (1)
    Hotshot Co-pilot (4)
    Flight-Assist Astromech (1)

    Total: 66

    View in Yet Another Squad Builder

    Last 34pts is for whatever you want to add like Rex and an Awing, or Luke with R2D2.

    Thanks, I will definately try that!


    5 hours ago, arsuf476 said:

    What have you played with the most? That should be your starting points, know the dial and how it maneuvers is your first step. Looks like you have mostly rebel ships, plenty of options there. The falcon and something(s) else is a good start. Maybe Rey and Poe or Tein Numb? I personally prefer three ship lists for the versatility but YMMV. Give the ships you fly the most and we can work from there.

    I played with the X-wing, A-Wing and B-Wing the most, these were also my first ships. =)

  3. Hello everyone!

    I have not played the game besides against my girlfriend, tomorrow I want to test my skills from what I have learned.

    My concern is: what can I make for the rebels that I can actually make an impact and train with for the future.

    I have several ships already and I want to expand again next month.

    My collection so far:


    1x Core set (normal)

    1x Heroes of the Resistance

    1x A-Wing

    1x B-Wing

    1x Sabine’s TIE Fighter

    1x Phantom II

    1x TIE Advanced x1

    1x TIE Interceptor


    what would be a good starting list woth this? And what would be a logical next buy?

    I am looking forward to your responses!

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