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  1. Haha that sounds like loads of fun! I will test that list out this week as well! Thanks! No I have the old core set, but I will proxy the missing cards from that core set and this list out as well! Thank you!
  2. Thanks, I will definately try that! I played with the X-wing, A-Wing and B-Wing the most, these were also my first ships. =)
  3. Hello everyone! I have not played the game besides against my girlfriend, tomorrow I want to test my skills from what I have learned. My concern is: what can I make for the rebels that I can actually make an impact and train with for the future. I have several ships already and I want to expand again next month. My collection so far: 1x Core set (normal) 1x Heroes of the Resistance 1x A-Wing 1x B-Wing 1x Sabine’s TIE Fighter 1x Phantom II 1x TIE Advanced x1 1x TIE Interceptor what would be a good starting list woth this? And what would be a logical next buy? I am looking forward to your responses!
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