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  1. The generic version is in Dawn of Rebellion I believe.
  2. I think that link is for last year's one? But thank you regardless as I had never seen that before.
  3. Honesty I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all rule of thumb that you can apply to this, and it comes down to the GM's discretion. For example, in the case of the Rocket Boots I would treat the more recent RotS version as the one to use since it is a more recent printing and gives the player a single, manageable extra benefit (+1 ST) In the case of the ARC armor however, I would probably edge towards assuming the Knights of Fate version is an errata and should be styled 'Phase 2' instead since it matches the corresponding one in CotR exactly but differs from the Phase 1 variant in RotS, and when it comes to CW-era gear it makes sense for the era books to take precedence. In short, different examples require different solutions.
  4. Kualan


    I believe Foundry was literally just announced/live as of yesterday/today so the information is probably forthcoming.
  5. Thank you for the offer but fortunately I have my copy now! I have a couple of non-SWRPG projects I'm working on at the moment, but when those are wrapped up I'll get round to updating these with the COTR stuff.
  6. Thanks for the update. I know that personally I would find more use for individual cards-as-2-images as these are easier for me to have printed, but depends on the majority.
  7. Well you never know - why don't you list a few ideas of things you wanted to work on, at least? People might surprise you.
  8. I ordered mine from Magic Madhouse, and today they updated the status to dispatching Wednesday, so it should be on my doorstep by week's end.
  9. It's a generous offer to put to people, but I think you would be better served by getting a specific idea of something you want to work on and then looking for collaborators. You'll be far more likely to find someone who is interested in a more specific project.
  10. You may be better off asking over in the Genesys forum - there's almost certainly at least one Star Trek setting being worked on and maybe a Babylon 5 too.
  11. Seriously though, this is an awesome resource - thank you for sharing!
  12. Highly unlikely at present, I believe, since all Old Republic content is either Legends or in a weird "not quite canon" limbo (the current game). If any new canon content is made for that era, then an era book could follow (the trilogy being worked on by the Game Of Thrones writers is rumoured to be set in Old Republic times but I don't believe this has actually been confirmed yet). However any such book would be linked to whatever the new canon portrayal is rather than the Legends material.
  13. Between ROTS and ANH, the Imperial Senate's main strength was in hiding behind the illusion of its power rather than any actual power. The Empire was not openly tyrannical in how it tried to portray itself - its official media-friendly portrayal was that of a legitimate successor to the failed Republic. As such even though any decision of consequence would be made by the Emperor or one of his appointed governors, it was important to maintain the illusion of authority in the Senate i.e. "the people". Otherwise they might encourage further rebellion/resistance among the populace. Therefore folks like Princess Leia can try the diplomatic immunity card - its a long-shot, but such a gambit is banking on the Imperial authorities weighing up the cost-vs-benefit of arresting a senator against the perception of such an act amongst the general population. Of course, in ANH Leia overplays her hand as where the Death Star is concerned all bets are off. Then, with the completion of the Death Star, the illusion is no longer required. Who cares if Joe Average would consider joining the Rebellion when you now have the power to vaporise his entire planet if he steps out of line - and he knows it? The Imperial Senate - and the way the Empire played along with its supposed authority - is nothing more than a 20-year temporary measure whilst they completed the transition from Republic to total authoritarian rule.
  14. Collapse has yet to hit our shores here in the UK (fingers crossed for next week) but I admit I was kind of expecting Clone Veteran and maybe ARC Trooper to have prerequisites similar to the Jedi trees, if only to simulate that both are supposed to represent clones that have been "raised from the ranks" rather than bred specifically for that job (in canon at least, I know Legends' ARC Troopers were bred for purpose). I would need to take a good look at their trees to see exactly what they offer before making such a rule in my game, but I would be open to the idea of introducing house-ruled prerequisites for some trees.
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