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  1. Duly noted. Adepticon, all right, of course it would be there. Although I'm coming from WMH and 40k my brain doesn't seem to see the obvious places for things like this. This is excellent, thank you very much for this.
  2. Answers it perfectly, cheers.
  3. Hi FFG Forums, fresh user here, recently jumped into X-Wing with a bunch of my friends and absolutely loving it so far. For now I have a quick question, and I have tried googling and forum searching without finding any answers, so here goes: About how long does it usually take between new waves of miniatures? I am in no hurry to get new stuff, and I also realise FFG is pushing pretty hard for Legion at the moment, so it might take a while for the next wave to drop. That it's not the same time period every time is also quite obvious. Thanks guys and gals and everyone in between!
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