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  1. 3 and no more. Rebels, Resistance, and Republic. I don't need to follow more than that. It'll be hard enough to get time with them all. I'd love to have the time and money for everything but I'll settle for flying against the other 4.
  2. Hippie Moosen

    Starting Separatists on a budget? (How?)

    If you want to lean into the swarmier aspects of the faction, you could do 2 squad packs and a Vulture for the same price. Just spit ballin
  3. Hippie Moosen

    Let's fix turn one.

    Flying off the board happens to most people at least once. I know I've done it, though not quite this fast. Best thing to do is just laugh it off and try to remember to double check those dials next game.
  4. Hippie Moosen

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    I did Republic. Got my pre-order of 2 squad packs, an ARC, and a Delta 7. I already do Resistance and Rebels so luckily I have two Rebel ARC's already. I'm liking the look of the clones a lot right now. Throw a Jedi in to support them and you have a pretty mean squad.
  5. Hippie Moosen

    Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)

    So yeah there's the disarm thing, and compounding their low hull and agility is their low Intiative. No one over 3 means Vultures will pop before firing. Maybe not against other swarms but anything else will be able to focus fire at least one Vulture before those missiles go off.
  6. Hippie Moosen

    New game article! Check the link…

    Had to like. You made me look
  7. Hippie Moosen

    Squad build limit?

    None that I'm aware of. I only have a dozen on there though. Typically I edit or delete and rebuild so not many saved atm.
  8. Hippie Moosen

    How long have you played X-Wing?

    Joined when the TFA core set came out back in 1st ed. Funny enough I had a friend introduce me to Armada, and I just found X-wing on accident while googling for deals on Armada stuff. On top of being focused in on the dogfights which I've always found to be the coolest thing about Star Wars, X-wing didn't have a $100 core set, so I felt way better about the buy in. Been a big fan ever since.
  9. Hippie Moosen

    FLGS stock of Wave 3

    Mine doesn't have hardly any 1st ed stuff left. It was almost all gone by last December. The community is a decent size here in Omaha, last time I checked there were at least two shops that had X-wing communities meeting weekly in town. As far as 2nd ed product, they try to carry a few of everything, but it is far from all they carry so it only gets one of their shelves. Sparta Games in Omaha is the one I'm talking about if anyone wants to know. Good food, and good people behind the counter. They even do a pre-order discount if you become a member of their little store club loyalty thing.
  10. Hippie Moosen

    Disney Resurrects Lucasfilm Games

    Make Star Citizen but it's Star Wars! For real tho a full on sim would be awesome. let you pick if you're starting out as a freighter captain (smuggler), Imperial cadet, or Rebel pilot, then just let you loose on the Galaxy. Bonus points if they manage to capture the tone of the Original Tie-Fighter game, when you're playing as an Imperial. Getting to play as the baddies and see all the anti-Rebel propaganda was a great way to set the tone, and show how the Empire ran things.
  11. Hippie Moosen

    Which squadron pack has more new stuff usable by other factions?

    IG-88 leading a droid revolt sounds like such a fun scenario. Slap Treacherous on IG-88 and plop him down in the heart of the swarm then let the vultures blow up around him.
  12. Hippie Moosen

    Spare Parts Missing from Builder?

    Yeah it's only in the Squadron pack for the Republic right now. Come wave 4 you'll be able to get it from the Resistance Transport pack too, but that doesn't help people much right now.
  13. Hippie Moosen

    FFG Petition Squadron Pack Initiative

    New Squad Packs for the factions that don't have them yet would be pretty sweet. I'd rather the Rebels get one with a Blade-Wing and two Phoenix Squadron A-wing's like @Odanan suggested, but I'm guessing everyone has their own preferences for each faction, so I suppose we'll see what happens. Here's hoping new Squad Packs come sooner rather than later. They feel like one of the best ways to get into the game, especially if you don't want to start off using the factions included in the core set. Plus there's the value aspect. Any pack that has multiple models is a plus in my book. Always nice to feel like you're protecting your wallet while indulging your hobby.
  14. Hippie Moosen

    Hyperspace options expanded

    Same here. I probably would've felt better about it with just the B-wings for the Rebels. I really wasn't big on their initial roster. Now I'm going to be running just Republic for awhile so my earlier complaints feel kinda pointless, on top of just generally being happy about a limited format.
  15. Hippie Moosen

    Happy Friday

    I love the Rebels but I need to get some time in on the Republic. I love the combination of Rebel style teamwork along with Jedi aces. I'm really excited to test them out.