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  1. The ship ability is a "may" so you choose if you do the evade or not. The handmaidens can only assign the condition to a single ship due to that single limited dot on the condition card.
  2. Darth Vader led a wing of fighters against what he assumed were Jedi that somehow survived Order 66 along with some defective clones. After shooting down a Delta-7 with a rather distinctive paint job, Vader received an urgent message. "Lord Vader, you've created a time paradox!" With that the dark lord of the Sith ceased to be, and history had to go back to the drawing board to figure out just what the heck is going on.
  3. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/ the new ones are labelled as "upcoming"
  4. I wonder if the named V-19's and I3 generic will be usable now. The ARC's feel pretty well balanced on the Republic IMO, so no major changes on them is just fine by me. The Delta-7's are difficult to place but do seem to be worth the points when flown well. The V-19's apart from the I2 are all just bad with the points as they stand now though. I really want to try out a squad of them with their faction talent, so hopefully that will be better once we know what the points are.
  5. This ships design would probably be a lot less divisive if that nose wasn't so long and was intended to move up and down. They needed to cut that thing in half, and demonstrate that it moves or put it at a less absurd angle, and no one would be all that put off by it. As it is now though it does seem kinda absurd. If gently landing in any open field results in your nose getting smashed then you have failed as a ship designer. I love like 70% of this thing, and the entire 30% I don't like is all that nose. If it weren't for that this would be a pretty cool flying saucer with scary looking guns.
  6. It's probably not the best tie, but Sabine's Rebel Tie is a lot of fun to mess around with. I'd probably say that the Empire has the best Tie's due to raw efficiency and swarmy awesomeness.
  7. It's gonna be awhile. Disney won't be fast tracking movies like they were originally. Pretty sure they said that after EP 9 they wanted to give it a rest for at least 2-3 years before a new movie comes out. Could be an interesting era to explore, but don't get too hyped just yet. If it's coming, it's a very long way out still.
  8. This seems like a weird argument IMO. These games stats are all abstractions of a bunch of different things. Others have pointed out that Initiative isn't necessarily a comment on the pilots abilities as a whole, but rather just another stat that goes into their overall efficacy. Think of it like stats in DnD. The Wizard might be a lot smarter than the Ranger, but the group is gonna trust the Ranger when it comes to Knowledge: Nature rolls because he put more points into that skill or training for a less gamey term. Initiative is an abstraction just like anything else in these kinds of games, not a hard and fast measurement of how good someone is as a pilot in general. Maybe Snips has better reflexes on the ground and in the cockpit, but Padme is more comfortable with this one ship because she's used to it what with it being likely the only fighter she's piloted frequently. Snips isn't a worse pilot because Padme has slightly higher Initiative. If you've played the SW RPG produced by West End Games, it's entirely possible for someone to be the best pilot in the galaxy as long as they're in their favorite ship, but a total novice in anything they haven't specialized into. There are plenty of reasons to argue any characters I values in either direction, so really what's even the point of this? The fluff isn't being disrespected because of a perceived discrepancy between Padme and Ashoka's initiative values.
  9. I have no idea what to expect as far as when he'll show up, or what his ability will be, but I'd wager he will pop up as crew on the LAAT and a pilot in the ETA-2. As a pilot I'd guess 4-5I just to make him decently effective, with 3 force to play with. Not sure why some are calling for a 3 force crew though. That's not gonna happen IMO. The dev's seem to have deemed all force sensitive crew just grant a single force for balancing reasons.
  10. I'm looking at getting 2-3 n-1's, and depending on their costings and how much I like them I may get more to run a squad of just n-1's. Just doing one Resistance Transport, as I feel that's all I'm likely to use in any given game, but the door is open to more if they're useful. I'd like to get a pair of B-wings due to their new moving parts, but I'm probably gonna wait on them as I already have a couple from 1st ed. Don't need the Falcon at all since I have one already. Everything else I just don't play. Might get a set of templates at some point as well, but not planning on pre-ordering them.
  11. I recall someone posted a Rouge One inspired in-atmo mission a couple months back. Can't find the thread at all, but ships basically ignored terrain, the at-at's did boosts for movement and had 2 die primary's. ground troops were to be dropped by rebel U-wings in specific locations in the scenario, but if I remember right the balancing wasn't quite right for the mission to be playable.
  12. admittedly we were a little spoiled in the lead-up to celebration. still want those previews though. Pretty sure I spotted a BB-8 pilot for the Resistance and I really want to know what he does.
  13. My spouse doesn't do miniature games like X-wing, but tabletop RPG's are one of our big shared passion's. Pathfinder, DnD, and the old West End Games Star Wars D6 system are what we've spent the most time playing.
  14. I think this is actually pretty awesome. Good choreography, and really good camera work. They even still had the fight end how it should. No crazy flips and stuff, just Obi-Wan giving Luke a knowing look, and accepting Vader's killing blow. Just at peace, knowing that there is someone else to keep the fight alive now that he can't do it himself. It reminds me a bit of the Vader hallway scene from Rouge One, in how Vader is ruthless and unflinching no matter what is thrown his way. If your fan video compares well to that, you have succeeded in a big way.
  15. And that attitude is why it's so hard for discussions like this to not become angry. People have been criticizing movies long before the idea of the female protagonist. Star Wars is no exception. Just look back at the Prequel backlash. Lots of the Marry Sue complaints got lobbed at Anakin, they just didn't use that term, instead they whined about medichlorians and how they cheapened the idea of the force for so many fans, and removed the mystique from how Vader got so strong. He just is because he's got so many force cells. Don't make this about gender, when that's not at all what is being derided. This hypothetical only serves to shame people for disliking a movie by branding them as sexist. That's pretty messed up IMO. If someone is a fan of something, they may get critical of it, and if you don't like what they're saying, feel free to counter their points with your own or just move on with your day. Don't put out nonsense like this to paint them as crazies though. It's disingenuous at best, and just straight up rude at worst. That is very likely. I watched it once when it was in Theaters and twice after it was on DVD, but that's it. Her getting some idea of how to do the force stuff from Kylo's probe seems like a decent idea I suppose. It's definitely different which is nice. I must've just mentally blocked it after seeing TLJ. This method of her learning from Kylo takes a bit of agency away from Rey, but she's already the most reactive protagonist in the series so that wont change much with a single detail. I just wish there was something she had to actually do to get those powers, rather than just reacting, but it is way better than TLJ's explanation. Sorry to rag on a point for so long without all the info. At least this helps me like TFA a little more. It's a good movie that dots more i's and crosses more t's than I had been giving it credit.
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