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  1. I know the conversation has moved away from this, but I just wanted to say this idea is really really cool. If there were ever an overhaul to 2nd eds rules and a bunch of it's cards (like a 2.5) or a whole new edition however many years down the line, it would be awesome to see this system implemented.
  2. Happy Friday! I've been wanting Hera's Blade Wing for a long time now, and it's still sitting right at the top of my wish list. There's been a leak that has me thinking we could be seeing it soon. Here's hoping
  3. Last I heard, John wasn't too keen on the idea of coming back to the role. I believe his exact words were "you aren't gonna Disney+ me." That was awhile ago though, so I guess he could be coming back. It would be nice to see him again. He's a pretty good actor, and with more to do or just more focus on his character I'd be intrigued enough to watch.
  4. Plus it's normal for X-wing to get news at Gencon. The other games are newer than this one or don't get news as often, so from a marketing standpoint I can see advertising their announcements specifically. With all the reprints we're still expecting, the devs stating awhile ago that ace packs are coming back, and 4 factions that still have on-screen material waiting to be made into product, we can safely assume news will be forthcoming at any major event like this. There's really no need to worry if we aren't mentioned by name in an advertisement for an advertisement.
  5. Probably nothing to worry about. X-wing didn't get a mention on the newest article, but for as long as I've been paying attention to those reports, X-wing has been a big part of their showings. Leaks are popping up here and there so my guess is they've decided to just save official announcements for Gencon. Could be totally wrong. No way to know until that report actually happens, so I'm just gonna wait and see what happens.
  6. Yeah that's why I was leaning towards increasing ship requirements for a specific event or a single night of open play at your preferred LGS. Also my lists that feature Dash are all terrible, but I just really like him and his ship. I think I've got like a 1/10 win-loss ratio with him in 2.0 but that hasn't really stopped me from continuing to try.
  7. I stand by the mantra of "never pre-order, but if you like the reviews and the footage you see go ahead and buy in." People have every reason to be wary of EA. They can put out some good stuff but you need to be aware of their history of rushed products, studio closures, and especially their use of micro transactions and loot-boxes. I want a good star fighter video game, but I'm not gonna support this if it's sub par, or if progression is hundreds of hours of slog that can be bypassed by tossing tons of cash at the problem.
  8. Personally I'm not a huge fan of this notion, but that's because I tend to run really janky 3 ship lists that are either overstuffed with upgrades or feature Dash + 2 of whatever generic I like that day. A 4-ship minimum would be kinda interesting as a house rule for a tournament or just some fun random games, but if you were gonna up the required # of ships for that I'd push it up to 5 ships minimum to really shake up what people bring to the table.
  9. I really hope that the Blade wing is in that Phoenix squad pack. I've got plenty of A, X, and Y-wings so whatever combination of those wind up being there doesn't really matter much to me personally. That version of the B-wing is so cool though, and it would be a perfect place to add a gunner configuration and some kind of new cannon or something to represent that awesome beam weapon.
  10. On the one hand I feel vindicated by this news, on the other hand it just seems sad that this trilogy will most likely be remembered as a massive waste of time, energy, money, and potential by the fan base at large. For all the hate I've lobbed at the ST there are plenty of ideas that in isolation are fantastic. It's just a shame the people at the helm of these films didn't seem to fully understand what they were going for in the first place. I like Finn, and his backstory is immediately interesting, but he's given no reason to exist after ep 7. Poe is charming and endearing, but has the same problem as Finn. Rey could've been a fan favorite character, but she was mishandled quite a bit making her rather frustrating as a protagonist. In truth the whole setting was poorly handled. Watching 7 right after 6 you get the impression that somehow the hero's winning their biggest victory had more negative impact on themselves than the Empire. I've heard talk of a Cold War like scenario that lead to the rise of the First Order and the Republic being unwilling to fight them hence the Resistance existing at all, but not one bit of that made it into the films. That leaves us with a deeply unsatisfactory place for the SQ to start from a world-building standpoint, that seems to be more interested in invalidating previous entries instead of building upon them. These films are sequels, so if the story you wrote doesn't build organically from where the last entry left off, you have to do some rewrites. I wish they could do a second try on the ST, because I can't see it being salvaged by anything but a complete do over. That seems unlikely though, as it would be too obvious of an admission of failure on the part of the studio. I want more out of these interesting characters. For how much I disliked Rian Johnson's film, some of his ideas are interesting like the notion that people have built their fortunes off of arms dealing and how to deal with that, or even the notion of Rey genuinely just being no one of consequence until she's thrust into this conflict. These films didn't have to play out like two children arguing over how to play with their toys the right way while the parent/studio just watches from the sidelines doing nothing. The fan base didn't have to be fractured over their reception either. Hopefully the future is brighter than what we have now though. I want to be excited by the prospect of a new Star Wars movie, unlike now which has me more than willing to just calmly wait until the newest thing is streaming or available for a cheap rental. Here's to hoping this series will recover and continue long into the future.
  11. I want to be excited for this game. That trailer is very pretty, but the lack of gameplay and a great deal of EA's past games has me a little more cautious than a trailer like this would normally warrant. Here's hoping this is a wonderful modern take on games like X-wing vs Tie Fighter or Rogue Squadron, free of loot boxes and micro-transactions, complete with a worthwhile single player campaign, and multiplayer that's interesting and engaging. Hopefully if it's good it comes to Switch, but honestly I'll settle for it being good.
  12. I haven't had an opportunity to play much of EotE but I've played a lot of the WEG d6 Star Wars RPG. Humans were a rarity for my groups. Personally I've never run one. We had some of the more well known races like Rhodians, Chiss, a Twi'lek, and a Trandoshan, but for games I ran the players usually gravitated to weird races that either were rarely seen on screen or ones that were seemingly invented for the game. There was this tiger-like race that I can't remember the name of, but they were the most common since we had two of them at once in a couple of our games. There was a Jawa in one who eventually decided he wanted to change character concepts so his Jawa became their ships NPC engineer. There was also this 4 armed bipedal race that inscribed star-maps on their skin that I believe had some kind of religious connotation. He was an awesome navigator and melee fighter. Then I've got a player who made some kind of bird man. He couldn't fly or glide but had naturally awesome eyesight so he became the best gunner/sniper of the group. I've had several of my players work with me to create custom races for their characters, with them being some of the more memorable characters in the game, and yes we made sure they were balanced well, the players just ran some very fun characters. When I'm not running the game I like playing physical characters either with or without the force. My favorites were a Wookiee warrior who loved to toss stormtroopers around, and a Noghri on the run from the Imperials who eventually picked up some force powers and a pair of light sabers, and with the help of another force sensitive player, managed to take down an elder Krayt Dragon. The Noghri was in a long running game so he has some fun stories behind him, like the time he stole a Starviper from black sun because it was the best option during an escape despite it giving him new people to run from. Did anyone who played d6 star wars ever try the gaseous cloud race? I had players look it over and wonder how on earth they were meant to use it. if you tried it, would you mind sharing what that was like?
  13. on your first point, it feels incredibly irresponsible and misleading to conflate precaution and temporary quarantine in the face of a very real danger with eliminating personal liberties permanently. personal liberties have always been trumped by the collective good in any functioning society. that's why your city can tell you not to freely discharge firearms in your backyard or host the loudest block party ever without proper permits. breaking quarantine puts people at risk beyond just the person who broke it accepting that risk. if you want to go about doing your own thing that's all well and good, but what about those around you who could be exposed to danger because you needed to go out for something non-essential? it's not fair to risk the safety of others because you wanted to go to a concert or a ball game. on your second point, our country has the largest military budget on the planet with enough resources to stock bases located all over the globe. the last budget assessment I saw put our total military expenses above the total budgets of the next five top spending nations on the planet. not individually, but combined. we have spent billions, with a B, on development of a plane that will seemingly never be completed. we have lots filled with hundreds of tanks that go unused because there simply is no need for the massive # of them that we produce. we have enough missiles, guns, tanks, bombers, destroyers, aircraft carriers, etc. to last us a long long time. I'm not suggesting we eliminate our military entirely, but we certainly should stop allowing it to dominate our national budget, while more important services like public education or the postal service are being allowed to bankrupt and fall into the hands of the private sector. on your third point, and sorry in advance but this is gonna be a long one, a nation that cares for it's people is a nation that has stability and frankly happier citizens. there are drawbacks to any system, but just because the line at the DMV is slow doesn't mean they aren't doing important work. they help educate people on how to drive so that innocent pedestrians aren't killed in a collision. they register vehicles so that we can know when someone has stolen someones car and catch that crook. It's not in the constitution but I certainly wouldn't want to drive in a country without a system like this in place. On the same train of thought, electricity, running water, and even the fire department aren't in the constitution, but boy do people seem to enjoy having those services available. I'm sure there are drawbacks to universal healthcare, but it has to better than what we have now, where diabetics better have lots of money laying around if they want the insulin they need to live, or an ambulance ride can cost thousands of dollars, or a lengthy hospital stay recovering from a life threatening illness can bankrupt a person. America loves the myth of the lone man, pulling himself up by his bootstraps and single handedly becoming a millionaire through just his own determination and skill, but it's just that, a myth. we live in a society, a collective of people that have to cooperate in order for things to get done. sure there are some of us who make influential discoveries or revolutionary products, but that simply wouldn't have been possible without the contributions of people that came before them and the help of the people around them. we love to pretend that people should be forced to fend for themselves here in the US, completely forgetting that without cooperation we would never have even progressed to living in tribal societies. we'd be family groups like you see other primates form, or possibly lone individuals hoarding what little they have to themselves out in the wild. progress requires cooperation, and I don't see anything cooperative or progressive about refusing life saving treatment to people because they don't have enough weird green paper with faces on it. social services that help the general public are essential to the continued evolution of our society, and the faster people realize that a government caring for it's people should be the norm rather the exception, the sooner it's citizens can live more fulfilling lives, and maybe start to see empathy as a necessity rather than a luxury.
  14. As a person living in the US, seeing others within my own country complain of tyranny in regard to our tragically lax response to COVID deeply saddens me. We frankly aren't doing enough in my humble opinion. I am not in the medical field, but I do trust people with degrees on the subject of infectious diseases, which is why I cannot agree with the idea that we must reopen the country immediately, after all, where I live we barely closed at all. In my home state we had dine-in restaurants closed for a few weeks and businesses voluntarily reducing hours and employees if they chose to do so, and now we're more or less returning to the status quo albeit with a requirement that many locations reduce their normal max occupancy by half and with social distancing being encouraged but not in any way required or enforced. My office spent several weeks getting everyone in my building laptops and extra equipment so we could work from home, but never acted on it meaning all of us were coming in to work everyday as if everything were normal. This is a situation that was fairly common for business throughout my home state. Some places in the US took real action but for the most part we've treated this global pandemic as nothing more than a farce. I'm worried for my grandparents, my mother who works with the elderly in assisted living, my little brother and sister who live at home with my mother, and more. Whats more the reactions many have had to this very real danger shows me just how entrenched people have become in the way things are. Too few are seeing this as the reason Americans need to demand real social services like healthcare or basic income. Too few are seeing the massive bailouts that they paid for and getting angry with how that money is used. Too few are acknowledging the massive amounts of resources we continue to squander on our military when those resources could be better used to care for our citizens who have lost their jobs from this virus. We are a country that seems far too in love with a status quo that encourages us to see ourselves as disposable resources who exist solely to serve the economy lest it turn on us. I feel less like I live in a country that wants to protect it's citizens and their rights, and more like I'm an employee of the American economy. As long as the Economy lives and my employers get to stay wealthy and comfortable, what happens to me and my family is irrelevant. To @Stay OT Leader, I am sorry that the title of this post is slandering you so aggressively now. While the title of this thread seems to suggest you spiraled it into it's current state, I personally suspect that would have happened regardless due to the amount of misinformation that is floating around regarding COVID-19. I think you said some things that out of context, or without clarification, are incredibly inflammatory, but that's no reason to deride your character. You are correct that unfortunately many of us must take calculated risks in order to continue living. I myself must continue to work because my wife's hours were cut completely for about a month (she's in childcare and a number of businesses did switch to work from home for a time causing the hours at her daycare to dry up for all but a few employees) and unemployment wouldn't pay us because of the fact that they are too inundated with requests to service them all. I think you were attempting at one point to advocate voluntary euthanasia (which is how I think the whole eugenics conversation started), which is something I personally believe should be permitted by the law and be possible to have carried out in a controlled environment such as a hospital, however a discussion about a virus is not the place to advocate this stance. Some may accept death and go to it on their own terms, but this is a discussion that requires us as a society to assume every life needs to be preserved to the best of our ability, because dying horribly of a virus like this isn't how most would choose to end their lives. Getting killed because someone you encountered by chance was careless or wasn't permitted to minimize their risk because of the financial situation they find themselves in is obviously not your fault, but sadly that is the situation we are in and that we must acknowledge it as such. If I am wrong about your meaning, as based on your responses many have been, I sincerely apologize. I would however like to remind you that stating people should "stop being selfish and die" will start a fight just about anywhere. I chose to interpret that as advocacy for ending ones life willingly on their own terms, but others clearly didn't see it that way, and your refusal to elaborate beyond stating that people should accept death as a part of living certainly didn't help the matter. Anyway, my depression/anger rant is over. To any that read this far, I thank you and salute you for reading through this long tangled mess of a thread. To any in the US who disagree with my first two paragraphs, try for just one minute to see where I'm coming from. I'm a scared man who's often been living paycheck to paycheck, with one less paycheck to make ends meet now, who still wants to see the country closed. I will struggle even more with my households income further reduced, but I do not want to see people die because I needed to go into work.
  15. There are some circumstances that may prevent problems from being fixed, identified, or communicated in a timely fashion though. Most offices are trying to limit their staff, if they're open at all right now. Once a problem crops up, there may not be enough manpower to solve it quickly. Yeah their communication on the matter has been sloppy, but I'd imagine they kinda have more pressing matters to worry about right now. It's not like a game designer or the techs running a game companies online store are considered "essential workers" so communication being murky at best seems pretty understandable to me, considering there is likely just a skeleton crew running the show right now. All their product ships from overseas, so I'd imagine the big concerns now are logistical ones, trying to track down shipments that may still be sitting in a warehouse or on a shipping yard somewhere, and iron out exactly when production of products at the printer will actually be in a shipable state. I want the shiny new ship too, but let's not lose perspective people. Entire country's have had to be quarantined, and almost every state in the US, including the one FFG is based in are under stay at home orders for non essential workers. There's a lot going on right now that trumps X-wing...
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