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  1. I've been through more edition changes for various games now than I care to remember!

    Warhammer is a bit of a strange one because each previous edition has got pros and cons and I play different editions at different times now. I play 3rd for its detail and oldschool-fantasy feel, 5th edition for heroic characters and 6th/7th for rank and file and 'balance'. In that sense, they might as well be entirely different games for which I can use largely the same army with the bonus that, because they are not played competitively, I can do whatever I like to chop and change the rules or add new units as I see fit.

    Warhammer 40,000 went from very detailed (in 1st and 2nd) to gradually less so as time wore on. Mostly I just drifted away from the game although still have a fair collection and the occasional pang of nostalgia. If I went back now then I'd be torn between playing 1st/2nd or whatever the current edition is.

    Mostly though, Necromunda scratches the 40k itch for me - even for that I am mostly playing the fan-edit of the 1st edition rules instead of moving to the more recent versions.

    I started Dungeons and Dragons with AD&D 2nd edition, before moving to the more user-friendly 3.5 and eventually Pathfinder which is a third-party overhaul for 3.5. We never moved to 4th or 5th, but now have the conundrum of whether to pick up Pathfinder 2nd edition!

    In terms of other RPGs, we played lots of 'old' World of Darkness and never got into the newer stuff, but might now be buying into 5th edition which is revisiting its roots.


    So, I guess what I am trying to say is that each edition change has its pros and cons, some will be remembered fondly, others not so much and it probably depends on what you grew up with to some extent. In many ways I'm glad that many different editions exist for some of these games as it allows me and the group I play with to pick and choose which we prefer to use and which best suits our view of how the games 'should be played'. 

    What will happen with X-wing 2.0? I'm not sure. I might end up partially staying with 1.0 with certain players and move to 2.0 with others but I'm happy to wait and see how the game develops. 

    I can imagine that this is a far more contentious issue for players who are inclined towards pick-up games or those who play competitively and therefore find it important that everyone is on the same page. 

  2. Multiple dice types.

    I'd love to have seen different colours of dice (similar to Armada) to represent different types of weapons. This could have been in the format of:

    • Ion Dice - Multiple 'Ion' symbols, a small number of Hits and no Crits.
    • Torpedo Dice - High variance, more Blank faces (4?) but the rest of the faces would have double results in a mix of Hits, Crits and Focuses. 
    • Missile Dice - An extra Hit but no Focus results - they are guided after all.
    • Force Dice - Can be used for attack or defence and only includes Focus or Blank results

    This is just off the top of my head, and I'm not saying they should all be implemented, but I think there would have been a lot of possibilities

  3. Went to my first tournament since Wave 3 with two x7 Defenders with Twin Ion Engines and two TIE Advanced with Autocorrectors. It was a super forgiving list that let me focus on flying in the right direction and taking Evade tokens! The ships are pretty resilient and forgiving of mistakes for sure - good thing too!

  4. I've been specc'ing out a B-Wing for HotAC and my current plan is to go for a permanently-stressed build with Hera Syndulla as crew. Stay on Target then allows for almost complete freedom with choosing manoeuvres whilst building stress. Just dial in any 2-speed move and then spin it to whatever bearing you need!

    For other pilot talents I'd consider Keyan to make use of all that stress you are building up and Ibtasim for sweet re-rolls. Linked Battery is probably a must too, as is Fire Control System.

    XP-permitting, I'm then planning on going into Torps with Nera Dantels as my final EPT and two Proton Torps (or maybe one each of Proton and Advanced Proton) with Extra Munitions and Guidance Chips.

    Get a shot in early (with re-rolls!) to pick up a Target Lock and then finish off the target with a torpedo. Rinse and repeat.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Vordyn said:

    Current bottom 11 ships on meta-wing.com

    54.) TIE Bomber

    I had to do a double-take and check the data on this one. Number 54 is actually the TIE Punisher (unsurprisingly) and the TIE Bomber is resting a little more comfortably at number 39 at the moment.

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