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  1. I've played Reapers in a couple local tournaments. I think that their main problem is their speed. While they are, at their core, a support ship, it is quite difficult to keep them with the rest of your force. They either speed past everyone after the first pass or have to continually bump and sloop and lose their actions which deprives them of their support abilities.
  2. kogtim

    Themed Card Packs

    Packs from big battles would be great. The Battle of Jakku springs to mind. It has appeared in so many different mediums from different perspectives and each can all provide a few cards. A couple rebel versions of inferno squad from Battlefront II, pilots and crew from Aftermath, some scavengers for scum.
  3. kogtim

    Themed Card Packs

    I love the new card packs, but I bet a lot of people were disappointed that our favorite pilots and crew from the expanded universe didn't make it in. That gave me the idea of card packs based around popular pieces of extended universe content. The recent Alphabet Squadron/ Tie Fighter comic crossover is a perfect example. A pack centered around the characters from these stories would be great. It could include the named tie pilots (with built in nicknames and pilot ability ideas) plus one extra pilot for the 5 rebel ships and a handful of crew option for each faction. Since its unlikely either OG faction will be getting new ships any time soon this could fit right in any wave. Lost Stars, the Aftermath trilogy, and the Thrawn trilogy would all make great theme packs.
  4. kogtim

    Double Gunner

    There is probably a lot of fun combos with the Starfortress's double gunner slots =. Fin + Rey combo seems obvious but the one that I am excited to try is Paige Tico and Veteran Turret Gunner. Being able to perform an attack, and then rotate before performing the bonus attack will give the ship 2 attacks whenever there are at least 2 ships in range. Add in Paige's bombs interaction when the rotate isn't needed and you've got a pretty deadly platform.
  5. Petty Officer Thanison taking up 2 crew slots seems odd. Must be necessary for balance, but it doesn't make much thematic sense that a single person that isn't a faction leader who presumably has a big entourage would take up 2 slots.
  6. About a 5 hour drive from where I'm at to Seattle. Hotels would be the biggest expense of the trip but I've got a few friends in the area with couches to surf. June can't come fast enough.
  7. kogtim

    Clone War Scum

    On a related note, what scum ships, pilots, and crew from the clone wars era do you want to see. I definitely want to see Embo, Sugi, Aurra Sing and young Boba. Sugi flew a SS-54 and they could put a lot of the clone wars bounty hunters as pilots on that. A Ziro the Hutt, 2 crew slot card that functions similar to Jabba but in a more annoying way would be funny
  8. A big reason that Quads are so powerful at the moment is that large based ships are close to nonexistent. If a 2 large ship list was viable, it would really limit the tugboats. Imagine running into a decimator or ghost with a list that relies on tugs. The problem is, large based ships can't compete against any other meta lists.
  9. Has anyone found a good use for Director Krennic in 2.0? Without the ability to spend blanks, optimized prototype seems to only be useful on a 1) 2 dice attack ships who will be happy to take 1 guaranteed damage or 2) on a ship that is starved for actions or doesn't want to take focus or calculates. Krennic himself seems ok on lambdas and reapers to give them a target lock, but its not one that they really want to spend ever.
  10. Do the other factions need to "catch up" in terms of the number of ships? Maybe the newer factions will be given less than the 14-20 ships in the existing and just more options in the form of titles, configurations, and unique pilots. The T-70 having 9 unique pilots may suggest that is where the Resistance faction is going
  11. With Wave II being primarily Resistance/ First Order and Wave III presumably being primarily Republic/CIS the next two waves are more or less spoken for. Additionally, the 4 new factions will need a ton of ships to get up to speed. Even if they don't all get as many ships as the Big 3 factions, you would think they need at least 8- 10 ships each just to cover the main archetypes. Finally, all of the 1.0 ships need to be re-released which is going to take a few years at the current rate. So when are we gonna get a new ships for the two flagship factions of X-Wing? One could say that they are pretty much completely fleshed out and don't need anything new or that the re-releases will add pilots and upgrades which will keep those factions fresh, but I would guess that that would disappoint a lot of long time players. I just don't want to go two plus years before getting a new chassis.
  12. Dr. Aphra's Ark Angel. Scum, Large Base, tons of ordinance, multiple illicit slots, cross between a resistance bomber and a firespray. will include the already released 0-0-0 and BT-1 plus Black Krrsantan and Dr. Aphra crew and pilot.
  13. I think I remember Alex Davies mentioning them toying with adding dice in one of the Team Covenant preview videos but they decided against it for simplicity sake. Different attack dice would likely pave the way for different evade dice as well which might start getting a little complicated. Ships can be differentiated sufficiently with their ship abilities, dials, action bars, and upgrades so different dice seems unnecessary. That being said it could be fun.
  14. Has there been any word about Kylo as a pilot on the shuttle? They showed 2 named pilots so I'd assume that's it, but it would be nice to get the 2 force tokens from his pilot card to activate Snoke's ability and still have another crew slot (potentially).
  15. You can see the dial in the spread. (unless one of the small ships got a full stop) Looks pretty much the same.
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