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  1. Urbane Spaceman

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    Yeah, same words different order around the world, seemingly. Actually, health and safety faults might give a few ideas for environmental hazards in an abandoned station. There's no-one there to maintain the systems, so coolant/radiation leaks could be a factor (might even be why there's no-one there). Doors and lights not functioning properly, or are dangerous to use. Some areas too cold, some too hot. Someone mentioned AI problems, think HAL from 2001, but the computer systems think that the sentient life forms are hazardous, so begins trying to purge them.
  2. Urbane Spaceman

    Ideas needed - Abandoned Station

    Occupational Health & Safety? That seems to fit. Particularly with all those walkways without railings, and the lack of safety notices near very long drops!
  3. Urbane Spaceman

    Mercy mission and slavers

    For spotting the lieutenant, could it be someone from one of the PC's background, making it easier to recognise the NPC as being up to something (or out of place, at least)? Perhaps that NPC has a particular laugh, and so the PC hears the NPC and would be told something like "You'd know that laugh anywhere, it's low-life muscle for hire Baddie Badson who you had a run-in with last year on Nal Hutta. But what's he doing at a fancy occasion like this?" This could lead them to approach him, or try and observe him whilst trying to hide in the crowd of the party. When he knows they are there, he could try to bluff it, or just straight run for it.
  4. Urbane Spaceman

    Player feels like a passenger

    How about introducing a Dug NPC that prefers to speak only to the other Dug? Perhaps the party need that NPC to come along with them for a short while, meaning you can encourage that player to be more vocal through the interaction, and maybe they'll discover more about their own character that way?
  5. Maybe he has a brother/sister/father/mother/lover still inside Black Sun, who has pulled in a lot of favours not to have him killed? I like the idea of his dismissal being a little like the main character in 'Burn Notice'. He's left with no money, no contacts or resources, his reputation shredded. He might not even know why this has happened to him, which may provide a story hook along the road somewhere. Especially if the mistake was seemingly trivial but actually formed part of a bigger picture he wasn't aware of.
  6. Urbane Spaceman

    Plot Twist

    Time travel tends to make more problems than it solves. If you are going to do it, then maybe go full out, and put them in the Old Republic. Or chuck out time travel, but put them out in Wild Space via Hyperspace mishap. If they want to get back to familiar ground, it's going to take luck, guile and working together to do so. Or send them to the Corporate Sector on a secret, long term mission for the Rebellion (hunting people, items, safe houses/worlds).
  7. Urbane Spaceman

    Spooky One-Shot

    The old WEG adventure 'Domain of Evil' would be perfect.
  8. Urbane Spaceman

    Start Your Engines! Making Racing-Themed Stories Interesting

    My memory was slightly faulty on this one. The swoop slang was specific to the Swoop Gangs of one particular place (GALLISPORT), but here you are anyway: Back Door: An easy entrance or exit, often created as needed Blinkers: Narco-spice addicts (because of their involuntary blinking) Boost-Bot: A droid designed to help steal repulsorcraft and parts Cherry Bombs: Grenades LA-LA’s: Locally Authorised Legal Authorities (private cops who control the different city zones) Lighter: Flame-thrower Popper: A riot suppression gun (named after the loud popping sound created when fired) RT’s: Real Things (real law enforcement officers, legitimate cops who seldom left the protection of the walled sections of Gallisport) Sissy Straps: Seatbelts Slag: Local swear word Slag it or Slag you: Choice curse phrases Sprinkle: Narco-spice Stonemen: Imperial stormtroopers Street Cleaners: Imperial Army troopers SUBAR: Slagged Up Beyond All Repair Swoopers: Swoop Gang members Toaster: Thermal detonator Torch: Blaster Zones: Territorial divisions in Gallisport Zoomies: Professional swoop racers
  9. Urbane Spaceman

    Start Your Engines! Making Racing-Themed Stories Interesting

    One of the old D6 supplements had a list of slag-terms used by swoop gangs. I'll see if I can dig it out. One of my players has a swoop racer character, so I've used the races as a background element in a few adventures. Rather than make it all about speed, I ended up finding that races involving obstacles as well as finishing first made things more exciting. That way the character can balance speed versus getting past (through, over, or under) an object. The races usually involved a bit of Road Rash style bumping opponents off the track. Swoop gangs and rival races/teams are obvious to use, but also consider betting syndicates. An offer to throw the race can be made. And if refused, then an NPC can be held hostage as an incentive (I did this once, so that the other PC's had something to do during the race - we cut between the race scenes and the rescue attempt, increasing the danger and excitement levels as the swoop racer waited to get the message that he could go ahead and try to win after all). This also brings up another point: the other players. Assuming they aren't all racing, they will need something else to do whilst the racer rolls dice (unless you are taking care of the race in a single dice roll). It's a tricky situation (you can't kidnap someone every race!). Aside from the rescue attempt, I've had the other PC's break in to a data centre by using the race as a distraction. Another time I waited until the PC's had places their bets, and then handed them random character sheets for the other racers and let them take part in the race (each racer had a secret agenda in this one - it was a very corrupt race). I'd love to hear what you do with it.
  10. Urbane Spaceman

    Purpose of an Imperial Science Facility

    I had an idea for an adventure where there are reports of a disease on a planet, so the PC's turn up to help only to find that the Imperials are already there and are freely administering a cure (this is post-Return of the Jedi, so there are factions of the Empire still around trying to make their own little corner of the Galaxy). The PC's are suspicious of this, and a little investigating shows that the Empire secretly manufactured the disease and the cure as part of a scheme to show that the local Moff is nothing like the Emperor, so the planet should come under his protective wing, rather than sign up to the New Republic. In your case, the facility could be manufacturing the disease and the cure, so you are laying the ground for the above story idea at some point in the future (maybe the PC's recognise the shipping containers or one of the scientists)?