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  1. It should arrive around this time. I got mine a few days ago (NL based), but I don't think the official release of this pack was delayed like Under the Ash Mountains was. But I have heard that some people had trouble with their shipping, so perhaps the packs will be delayed a little based on local post offices.
  2. Alt art cards and the pre-order promo cards might be difficult to find here, you will better off in the facebook group and Ebay, where sometimes those cards are offered up. Playmats can also be found there, but you will have to get lucky and find someone willing to part with their items. For a full list of the items, see this article: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/12/14/collectables-in-lotr-lcg/ It als provides some tips when searching for the cards and mats, but it will involve a bit of luck and some deep pockets. Good luck with your search
  3. I have a Silvan deck with this contract that is quite powerful. The main thing you look for is Nenya, but with so many different Silvan allies and events, you can draw through your deck quite quickly. Silver Harp and Mirror of Galadriel combo can find other important cards like O Lorien sooner, but even without those attachments, the deck is pretty consistent. I have beaten Escape from Umbar, Drowned Ruins, and Foundations of Stone with the deck this past weekend, and it did well in 2 of the three scenarios. The Drowned Ruins just punishes Silvans, but that wasn't the deck's fault.
  4. We've also not been to western Gondor (Pinneth Gelin, Andrast (not on land at least), Druwaith Iaur), nor to Minhiriath, the Shire, and around the river Lhûn. Those areas are pretty empty on the maps, but then again, so was the map for Vengeance of Mordor. So there could be a cycle in those areas perhaps.
  5. Greetings all, hope you are doing well during these difficult times. I just published the final article covering a nightmare scenario from the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle. However, I could have though of no-one better to write the analysis of Conflict at the Carrock than the big bear Beorn himself! He has given the article a more narrative spin than the regular analyses, which is really enjoyable to read through. The article can be read here: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2020/07/11/nightmare-conflict-at-the-carrock/ For those of you that don't know who Beorn (the community member) is, he is one of the oldest creators for this game and hosts the best card search engine for the game in his hall. But Beorn also has his own blog that has years worth of content to discover, including a ton of decks with alternative art that you can request the files from. See his blog here: https://hallofbeorn.wordpress.com/ This article concludes the entire first cycle of Nightmare scenarios. Vision of the Palantir will try to continue the analysis of other Nightmare content, but my lack of NM packs in the collection makes this a little tricky. Since I do not own any Dwarrowdelf NM packs, and only own a handful of other NM packs outside this first cycle, the NM scenario analyses won't be done in chronological order from here on out. I will try and complete cycles as I collect more NM packs, but there is no telling in how long that is going to take. If there are people out there that would like to assist in filling the gaps with articles of their own, send me a message and we can discuss details. The entire first cycle can now be found here: https://visionofthepalantir.com/shadows-of-mirkwood/
  6. 4 sounds a lot like a combination of three contracts. 4 heroes references the Bond of Friendship contract, that's pretty obvious. The next bit sounds a lot like Messenger of the King, with an ally promoted to the rank of hero at the start of the game. The final bit could reference Forth! The Three Hunters contract, as they have no other characters on that road. But I don't understand why this couldn't be 3 different paragraphs. Maybe to throw us off? 8 did sound like a Grey Company contract or something, but looking at the cards we have now, it might just reference the fact that we got some Dunedain cards towards the end. That Sparagorn art does look like it takes place at the Paths of the Dead, but that's the most concrete conclusion I can make from that. The rest lines up pretty accurately with the cards we got.
  7. All spoilers are in the #unofficial-spoilers channel in the COTR Discord server. The title of the pack was already known a few days ago, it will be the Fortress of Nurn. I expect other platforms will quickly adopt the spoilers, but I will not share any images out of respect for how the designers and FFG would want to community to experience the final AP.
  8. I actually expect the article to either be dropped this week or be delayed for a while longer. There are several shops worldwide that are already selling the final AP, and some community members on Discord have the pack in their hands already. If we don't get the announcement article, then we will at least have the spoiled player cards within a day or two.
  9. The playthrough can be seen here: 2 games and a bunch of filler, so don't be alarmed by the runtime
  10. During a livestream last night, me and the Card Talk crew finally beat the scenario 3p. We got lucky though, we had to use 2 players to take on all enemies and I had to rely on a lucky draw for Untroubled by Darkness to quest through to the end. Final encounter card was a Hideous Deeps, which took 3 of the 4 cards left in my player deck. So with 1 card left in my deck and 2 dead players (Mono-Lore VD deck and a Silvan deck) we eventually won. But we wouldn't have made it for another turn, and if that Reek treachery came up, or the Torech Gorgor Patrol, then we would have lost. The strategy used was to have the mono-Lore deck use high cost Lore cards to deal with the quest, for instance The Great Hunt for the Patrol and Gildor's Counsel to reduce the encounter cards per round. Haldir+Legacy Blade helped out with ranged attacks to kill Werewolves and Spiders. Dwarves had to rely on Untroubled by Darkness and Dain Ironfoot to quest hard whenever we could. We used Naith Guides from the Silvan deck to keep Sulien ready and used Lore resources to use her ability to basically quest double and not be affected by location lock. Dwarves also had a lot of recursion with Dwarf Pipe, To Me O My Kinsfolk, etc. Silvan deck provided additional support with questing and Ranged attacks, but was the first to die. The good thing is that if you know you are going to get decked, you can have that player take the biggest enemies and help the other players as much as possible so that they have an easier time. Including Ered Luin Miners and Hidden Caches is also highly advised! I discarded 3 Hidden Cashes at once, setting me up with enough resources to afford my allies. Ered Luin Miner got discarded for setup, so I started with a free ally, which is nice for the deck to get to 5 Dwarves quickly. Ever My Heart Rises eventually got discarded to a shadow effect, but it was free threat reduction and readying for my Dwarves since all locations are Underground. All in all, the quest is very brutal, and we won by YOLO-questing on the final turn, with 2 encounter cards that could have cost us the game. But the victory was very sweet in the end (especially since it was 4am for me at the time) Best of luck with your games everyone. Looking forward to your strategies.
  11. You'll want to prevent laminating, as some sheets fold out to A3 size (usually the ones with FFG created heroes, giving them some backstory). I store mine in 2 folders where they can easily be looked up in case I need them, though that generally means looking up the narrative, as the rules are all on the quest companion. Got the folders at a local store, so I won't be able to share a link to them unfortunately.
  12. This is probably one of the most difficult scenarios to play true solo, and one that I will recommend playing 2 handed if that is an option. The final stage is way too brutal if you are unprepared, as you have to deal with all 3 Guardians at once. I have both a scenario analysis and a guide to deckbuilding on this quest on VotP, which might be worth looking at: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2018/08/02/the-three-trials/ https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/08/24/deckbuilding-the-three-trials/ Note that these articles also tend to assume there are multiple players in the game, as a true solo run has to rely on a lot of luck with the random enemies and locations for this quest. Only solo playthrough I could find was this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlDCm1TOYIU
  13. It will at least slow down the rate at which you discard cards from your deck by putting them on the bottom. Cycling Galadhrim Weaver will help as well, though it won't stop you from losing all your cards before long. The chance of hitting all three of your pipes before any get discarded are slim, though ally Bilbo can help a little. However, the resources spent to get this up and running won't be spent to counter the big enemies in this quest, so you might die that way. Like I said, the quest is very tricky and I will encourage multiplayer just to divide the tasks a little better. I will also be looking forward to trying this with my mono-Lore deck and cycling The Great Hunt to get rid of the Patrol that way. Though mono-Lore will have to do without a ton of card draw, as will only further complicate things down the line. I will admit that adding the Ered Luin Miner and Hidden Cache to your deck for this quest will get you some good results. Might even be worth including on top of your standard deck, just to hope to discard them for setup.
  14. Having played the quest several times today and not getting past stage 1 in any of them does confirm this. The quest has you discard cards really quickly. It also starts you off with one of 4 nasty side-quests, and a tough enemy that limits your progress per round to 5. You need to go to the side-quests to lower the number of cards you discard at the end of each round, but that does also mean you lose rounds of progress that could have gone on the main quest. Not to mention the other deadly enemies in this quest. The Patrol that starts in play has Hill-Troll level stats, but has a higher defence and will make 2 attacks against you in the round you engage it. There are 2 copies and a location that fetches them when it is explored (as they don't go to the VD). With side-quests forcing you to travel and limiting damage on enemies to 4 per round, it feels very unfair to solo players, as there is no chance to get through the quest fast enough while discarding cards and having to fight off these big enemies (Trolls, Nameless Things, Werewolves, etc). It's a very brutal quest, but I would imagine it to be easier in higher player counts, as one player can engage the patrol and the rest can quest hard to get through the 25 quest points on each quest card before the decks dry up.
  15. Not that I know of at this moment. Local shops are now selling the pack here since today. I'm not sure when US, UK, or Canadian shops will start selling them. Keep refreshing their inventory online. If it turns out to take very long, I might be able to ship some copies overseas, but that would only be for those that are impatient enough.
  16. With help from a few community members from Europe, we got a full set of player cards to discuss and I share my first thoughts on the quest by looking at the encounter cards. I have compiled my thoughts in this article, which will hopefully entertain you all enough while you are staying inside for the weekend: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2020/04/04/first-impressions-under-the-ash-mountains/
  17. It has been a while since I have received any storage solutions, but with the virus keeping everyone indoors and with many newer players asking around about solutions, I thought I might revive this thread a little. For those that are stuck inside with nothing to do, feel free to message me with an article on your storage solutions. You can send me a bunch of pictures included with the article so that they can be featured on the blog as soon as a few days after receiving your mail/message. Not only will this keep you busy, it will also provide the community with something to read, and new players with more inspiration on how to store their cards, tokens, mats, decks, etc. You can message me through any medium you can find me on (these forums, facebook, twitter, discord) or you can contact the blog through this link: https://visionofthepalantir.com/contact/ Together we can pull through these strange times, giving back to the community that is supporting everyone!
  18. A community member picked up the cards and told us that the quality is the same as the POD expansions. That means a different card texture than the usual expansions. The cards also appear a slightly different colour when compared to their Core Set counterparts. But to those of us sleeving our collection, the texture doesn't matter a lot.
  19. Looks weird to me, but might be a cheap way to hook more people to the game. If so, then I do sure hope that more reprints of older content are on their way for those players. Would be a different approach to the campaign, so my interest is peaked at least. Hopefully it will make its way across the North Sea to us.
  20. I'm very much looking forward to Gwaihir hero, and think with plenty of Born Aloft and archery pin-cushions, you can easily trigger his readying. It's luckily not only when they enter play, also when they leave play, doubling the readying. He's also our first hero to have both Sentinel and Ranged (apart from MotK Haldir of Lorien). His threat is a bit more of an issue for me, as Eagle decks don't lower their threat a lot. But I'm very much looking forward to the complete Eagle archetype.
  21. I have a framed Mithlond Sea-watcher and a framed Gaining Strength. They look wonderful on my wall. I would personally love an artbook of the game, as I have used several pieces of art for banners and thumbnails for articles for my blog.
  22. Greetings all, With a big thanks to @banania, Vision of the Palantir now has a complete list of potential targets for the new Messenger of the King contract that will be released in the fifth AP. The article will mark the first of 7 articles on the site that will go in depth on the individual contracts. The list also features a link to a folder with several alt art hero versions of some popular allies for this contract that you can print and use in your games. You can find the article here: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2020/02/24/messenger-of-the-king/ I will try and get out the article on the Fellowship contract for March, but in the meantime, if anyone has a published decklist using the Messenger of the King contract on RingsDB, then I would love to feature them in the article, so leave a link in the comments. Other people can get a taste for this contract by trying your deck and making variations on it.
  23. Just got my copy of City of Ulfast in the mail yesterday (mainland Europe, English edition). No sign yet of Wrath and Ruin, but at least I get to enjoy some new cards and a brand new scenario to play with. It has been a long time (since July) since I had some new content, not counting the GenCon pack.
  24. Hi all, Today I celebrate the fact that I started the Vision of the Palantir blog 2 years ago. I am pleased to see this project grow to what it is today, including scenario analyses, archetype overviews, player card analyses, and helpful articles to players new and old. Thanks to so many of you, I have had the motivation to carry on with the blog through some difficult times, and I am looking forward to where the blog will go to during the next year of its life. I hope to round out 2 more cycles of normal quests, and the first cycle of Nightmare quests, and will see what else will be created along the way. In this article I go around thanking everyone, but I hope to meet some of you along the way in person at events or if anyone happens to wander into my neck of the woods (NL, hit me up for some games!). I'll also would like to ask you to visit this link to see how you can contribute to the blog's efforts. I am currently working on plans for making this year's loot, but with several Patrons dropping the game, the part of the funding might have to come out of my own pocket. So if you want to support the blog and get some of the epic loot that I will be making before the summer is over (if everything is going to plan), then check out the Patron site and its reward tiers. Your support in comments and views on the blog is not to be understated either, it has really helped me to continue this project when quiting it would have been so much easier. Big thanks to everyone here, and I hope to meet on the road ahead. Durins_Father
  25. Yeah the headline is just simple text. The poll itself is a piece of HTML code that might not be picked up by Firefox on mobile then. But you will still be able to vote through other browsers. I'll have to check and see if I can do anything about the code, but it is probably not a problem on my end. But thanks for letting me know though
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