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  1. It has been a month since I last uploaded a Storage solution article, but I did find a new one in my inbox yesterday. So here is the storage solution of Discord user Nemesis: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/06/15/storage-solutions-nemesis/ It is a foam core insert that allows players with an earlier card pool to store all their cards in their old Core Set box. The solution is lighter than MDF solutions and allows for customization. I will be happy to receive more articles in the coming weeks from those of you looking to share your storage solution!
  2. With the Core Set now covered, the series moves on to the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle of adventure packs. Today's article covers the very first scenario we ever got outside the Core Set: The Hunt for Gollum: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/06/13/the-hunt-for-gollum-there-and-back-again/
  3. It's Thursday again, and that means another There and Back Again article. Today, the bane of many progression players got taken care of: Escape from Dol Guldur. A couple of changes to the rules were made to make it more accessible to solo players with a limited cardpool, so be sure to check that out: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/06/06/escape-from-dol-guldur-there-and-back-again/
  4. I tend to make a 50 card deck and throw in one extra card that I otherwise rarely use, but is fun to see in play at times. This can be a quirky ally (like Bombur in a Dwarf swarm) or an attachment/event that should work well with the deck. That way I avoid using only staples in my deck, which can get a bit boring at times. In rare cases I will go over 51 cards, usually when I have a solid card draw engine and need more cards to fuel it. Most Erestor decks can easily justify using 50+ cards in the deck since you go through your deck very quickly. Having more cards that can be played from your discard pile this way would, in theory, extend your hand size. But if I am not running mono-Lore or don't have a way of drawing 3+ cards per round, then I will stick to 51 cards in my deck.
  5. I so hope that this means that if Smeagol hero turns to an enemy, and he was your last hero, that you aren't eliminated. That could make for some fun gameplay. But I expect we will get a ruling on that at some point.
  6. You are correct that there was a level in between those two levels at one point. But I decided to cut it, as the tips were just going to be: "Get better and buy more content". I might adjust the article to include my Veteran level at one point, though it will have some consequences for the polls. The steps between the others are indeed smaller, though not small enough for some players to fall in between the two levels. It wasn't, but that's probably because I copied the post from the post in the facebook group. It shouldn't be a huge issue, but I'll keep an eye on it in the future. @Calvadur That's a pretty sweet list there. I will look over them at some point and may include some achievements to the list. They are a bit smaller and scenario specific though, so perhaps I could add each one to the end of the matching scenario analysis. Just to give people a challenge when playing that scenario. There are some pretty nice achievements in there that are easier to obtain than those in the article, thanks!
  7. An article that has been long in the making, and hopefully will contain useful tips to both new players and older ones. I have constructed a tier list of how experienced you are with the game and how involved you are with its community. On top of that, I also added several achievements for people to collect over their time playing this game. https://visionofthepalantir.com/…/levels-of-lotr-lcg-playe…/ If you have more tips for players at different levels or want to add more achievements to the list, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Also, be sure to fill in the two polls I included. Regular scenario analyses should continue soon, and with Patreon nearing the $75 mark, I am gonna start working on the second physical strategy guide as well and release it once we hit that amount of support. Hope you all enjoy!
  8. There should be plenty of decks on RingsDB that feature this lineup. It was quite common when the second hero versions of Legolas and Gimli were released (during Sands of Harad Deluxe box). You can check out what expansions you need by clicking the eye icon at the deck's summary. An example for a deck might be this one, designed for newer players: https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/3906/the-three-hunters-learn-to-play-1.0 There are also other variations of this lineup, using either these versions of heroes, or the Tactics version of either, or Loragorn. Plenty of options here.
  9. Good to hear, people are still looking for some of those packs. Could you update the sheets with the exact link in your region? I am sure that people have been wanting to get their hands on these for a while!
  10. So, I did a thing. Since there are posts all over the community where people are looking for specific expansions, I decided to make a list out of it. You can find that list here: https://docs.google.com/…/1jEB-tGlr21kKTt7QnffQ8kdxbd…/edit… On this list, you can find if the product is available via FFG, how the community regards its availability and a list of URLs to shops that sell that expansion. I also need your input for this list. If you have an expansion for sale, then you can add it to the list. If a link has expired or there is no more available via that link, please delete it. If you find another shop that sells it, add the link to the list. To international players, please specify the country of origin, and if you are willing to buy the pack and ship it to the buyer if there is no international shipping via the shop. English expansions only, for now. If you want to make a tab for French, German, Spanish, or Polish translated versions, please add them in a separate tab below. I hope people will step up to keep this updated frequently because I also have a blog to maintain and can't be asked to do both on top of my graduation assignment. I hope this got the ball rolling!
  11. Enough introduction, it is time to get into this series proper! Today, the first quest of the game is discussed being played through 4 times. Even with these new rules, Passage through Mirkwood isn't too difficult, but is at least made more fun with the use of Havens, Strongholds, and slightly different rules. You can check out the article here: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/05/23/passage-through-mirkwood-there-and-back-again/ Next week: Journey Along the Anduin.
  12. The introduction to the Mirkwood cycle is now online: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/05/16/intro-to-the-mirkwood-cycle/ The article explains the differences in player cards to better suit them for true solo play, and already includes the new Burning Brand errata. The different Strongholds and Havens used in this cycle are also explained. Next week we will kick off the series, now that all the rules have been established.
  13. Some more famous community members are also joining in with the storage hub. Today, Dave Walsh from the Card Talk podcast shares his solutions, which feature custom cardboard boxes with some amazing artwork inspired by the game. The links to all files and retailers are in the article itself. Check out the article here: visionofthepalantir.com/2019/05/14/storage-solutions-dave-walsh-of-card-talk/
  14. The Story Mode rules have now been posted on the site, as for schedule, we will try and keep this series going with a new article every Thursday for the foreseeable future. Feel free to discuss any of the rules of the Story Mode in this thread. http://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/05/09/story-mode-rules/
  15. Even more solutions were sent this week, so here is another storage solution by a community member. This solution is better suited for players with a growing card pool that want to keep their cards in a dedicated box instead of their Core Set box. Check out the article here: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/05/07/storage-solutions-solanum/
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