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  1. Nikephoros

    Dagobah Dave's Squadron Cards

    Any update? The hype remains strong here.
  2. Nikephoros

    Dagobah Dave's Squadron Cards

    I'm not that talented, so I'll give just a few sketches Phoenix Squadron I'd say a compulsory 3+ A-Wings. So you stay close to the original composition, but there is place to add Y-Wings, X-Wings (and that B-Wing) from later seasons. They are mostly recruits under a charismatic leader (Hera or Sato), so I think some support synergy would be perfect. Some way to allow the optional inclusion of the VCX-100 and shuttles would rock. Concord Dawn Protectors A Protectorate Starfighters only squadron. Think on über-pro mandalorian pilots. Maybe some kind of skill sharing target locks. In the series you can see them flying as beasts; maybe keeping unused focus token to exchange them for barrel rolls and boosts later? Bounty Hunters Guild That's is quite hard, because the ships available for the squadron would be limited but extensive: G1-A Starfighter, and all the Scum large ships. What about a "1+ large ship; large ships and G1-A only"? I can imagine them collaborating and competing at the same time. Maybe some way of stealing tokens from friendly ships? Lothal Imperial Research Facillities Only TIE Fighters, TIE Interceptors, TIE Bombers, TIE Advanced Prototype and TIE Defender. The Inquisitor and Valen Rudor as possible unique pilots. I'd see them as testing pilots so maybe they would look similar to your Black Squadron "neverending TIE Fighter waves". Or something about the TIE Fighers acting as scorts for the TIE Defender and/or the TIE Advanced Prototype. Man, I just can say I love Star Wars Rebels as much as I love your work PS: there are several links in my text, check them out!
  3. Nikephoros

    Dagobah Dave's Squadron Cards

    I've registered just to thank you for your awesome work. So professional. This is the way X-Wing should be played! I asked for it at Reddit, but I guess you haven't seen it, so here is the copy/paste: I'd suggest Phoenix Squadron (please!) and some Lothal/Siennar labs squadron (those TIE Advanced Prototipe and TIE Defender). Concord Dawn Protectors only and Bounty Hunters Guild would be great for S&V. SO GREAT job! PS: I bet you are that Dave from Dave Graffam Models, aren't you?