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  1. Derrault


    And subdivided that makes it cheaper than 5 movie tickets which are, similarly, only useful once.
  2. Derrault

    Force Choke and operatives

    “Choose an enemy trooper mini at range 1 that is not a commander. It suffers 1 wound.” So, can this be used to auto-wound Boba Fett, for example?
  3. Derrault

    The bid a turn zero discussion

    I’m not sure if we have identified a set of cards that make it worth attempting to win, either because it provides specific advantages to a particular build or disadvantages to a likely opposing build. ie low visibility would seem to favor the Rebels (Reducing the value of Stormtrooper specialists, snipers, Leia and Veers bombardment cards, the AT-RT laser cannon, and the AT-ST), Mines favors repulsor vehicle lists, the long march and breakthrough punishes slow units and favors fast ones.
  4. Derrault

    Do we still have list building choices?

    That would make sense, setting ambushes if you know an enemy will only see you once they are in range 2.
  5. Derrault

    Do we still have list building choices?

    I’m experimenting with different leader compositions, but the gist of it would be double air speeder, with esteemed leader on Leia and corps to soak hits. Coordinated bombardment, a sniper unit, and an AT-RT with laser cannon to soften up any enemy units that might be able to threaten the speeders. Speeders would seek to activate late in the round and position themselves (with comm jammers) to deny token assignment for the enemy leader’s command card. The approach I was mulling over was: round 1 bombard squishy infantry units that are within enemy commander’s range, snipe as needed (enemy sniper units might be a priority simply to take them off the board), move T-47s into position to block assignments of the intact units. Round 2 No time for sorrows to get Leia and a trooper unit into close proximity of the T-47s for guardian value; Snipers continue to reduce dice on high priority targets. @MAT8686 I for one would be very interested.
  6. Derrault

    Do we still have list building choices?

    Have you or the people you play with actually tried out airspeeder(s) or is everyone just assuming it’s not going to work without trying it or giving it several runs/adjustments?
  7. Derrault

    Do we still have list building choices?

    I’m toying with a heavy cavalry list: Leia w/Esteemed Leader, Improvised Orders, Environment Gear (108 points) 2x T-47 w/Ground Buzzer, Comms Jammer (Wedge Antilles on one) (215/210 points) 1x AT-RT w/AT-RT laser cannon (90 points) 1x Rebel Commando Strike Team (Sniper) w/Duck and Cover (52 points) 3x Rebel Troopers (120 points) total: 795, 8 activations. Order of attack is Leia bombarding any enemy strike teams followed by sniping on the same. AT-RT gets out ahead of troopers and troopers are just there to soak hits through Guardian, focusing on a single objective. T-47s fly in formation focusing the same target. If there’s an AT-ST that’s priority for them and the AT-RT until it’s dead. Provided sufficient terrain cover is available, the 47s fly sorties from behind that to avoid return fire, only pressing in during the last 2 rounds after opposing trooper units have been sufficiently weakened.
  8. Derrault

    How would you fix the Airspeeder?

    I find it very unlikely anyone takes a vehicle and doesn’t add on a secondary weapon, it would be like taking the AT-ST without any additional weapons. Why use the heavy vehicles at all if you’re going to skimp out on the upgrades? The 20 points for the ground buzzer are certainly better spent than for 2 additional troopers (4 black dice that last until the unit it destroyed/7 wounds, vs 2 black dice that go away after a wound each (2 wounds); buzzer is more than 400% more efficient as a use of points.
  9. Derrault

    How would you fix the Airspeeder?

    Totally agree, having more units with armor probably will increase the value on the Impact 3 of the speeder as well
  10. Derrault

    How would you fix the Airspeeder?

    True, it’s less efficient in terms of points per die, but it also has unique features that can’t be acquired for fewer points by the rebels (speed 3 movement, ignoring terrain below height 2, armor+cover1+defensive surge, immunity to melee/blast, full dice until destruction). If you want those features as a Rebel (outside a commander) you pretty much have to pay for them in spite of the inefficiency in terms of points per die.
  11. Derrault

    How would you fix the Airspeeder?

    1) It's more durable than the AT-RT, the only other vehicle option for Rebels (armor + defensive surge + cover 1 + immune to blast & melee vs...armor), and it's more durable than the vehicle counterparts from the empire ATST (armor, defensive surge, weak point rear!), Speederbikes (cover 1, defensive surge, multi-mini means loss of offense from 3 hits) 2) For 20 points raising its cost to equal the AT-ST it rolls up to 10 dice (3 red, 7 black) each round. For the same buy-in the Empire gets only 6 dice (AT-ST: 2 red, 2 black, 2 white, ew). Other units roll between 4-7 dice (before they start taking casualties) It has more wounds than any other rebel unit, and any unit except Vader and the AT-ST, has more damage output than any other unit (even a modified AT-ST is throwing out lower quality dice with severe range restrictions). I'm not seeing a way to improve it that doesn't stretch into the realm of absurd, given that it's already the best in virtually every category.
  12. Derrault

    Premeasure range and movement question

    The tournament regulations allow that: "Players may mark their tokens, range ruler, and movement tools to indicate ownership as long as the function of the component is not compromised." Since this comes under a list of allowable modifications, I'd say they could not mark the movement tool in that way, it would be cheating.
  13. Derrault

    New units spoilers

    Gives some incentive to putting multiple card candidates in your build, just to keep em guessing.
  14. Derrault

    New units spoilers

    It’s so sad they have an imperial probe droid on that 1 card, but don’t include a model 😢
  15. Derrault

    Grenade errata

    Stormtroopers already cost 1 point more than Rebel troopers, so arguably you’ve already paid that cost differential.