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  1. My only hope is that we get the ones depicted on the box art first
  2. The problem(s) with Iron Fist were two-fold; 1) Some less than stellar sparring scenes (I’m looking at you spider lady), coupled with the character not seeming to be what they’re billed as (ie Danny routinely gets beat up in hand to hand by every Tom, ****, and Harry ninja/random person he fights). 2) Although they, laudably, depicted Danny as having some fairly plausible psychological problems stemming from the plane crash and loss of his parents at an early age, it’s not exactly “fun” to watch a super hero who has a massive failure of self confidence for 99% of a shows run, to the point that they never seem to be able to use the one power they’re known for. It wasn’t interesting in Spider-Man either. Captain Marvel might be the only movie I’ve ever seen actually pull it off, and that’s because it’s about refusing to adhere to the artificial limitations imposed by others, not the hero just suddenly not being able to do their schtick.
  3. The using part of the activation would be the two actions plus any free actions. I didn’t miss it.
  4. I figured it out, if you get both the nature’s calls, both pixies, the witch, and Chota hazri, you can forge 3 Keys in a single turn, all things being equal. Which, could happen, sure, but if it does with any regularity the deck will gain enough power levels to no longer see play.
  5. @nashjaee "I take this to mean that you are considered to be withdrawing for the duration of the activation." It's not open to interpretation, fortunately. The prohibition for withdrawal applies to 'while withdrawing'. That sets a distinct time-frame within the phases of the units activation. You absolutely, 100% get the attacks from Leia's command card.
  6. They’ll send any part that’s missing in my experience. Very good customer service (usually they respond within 72 hrs, so don’t get too antsy)
  7. Presumably you can get a thinner layer with a liquid than a gel.
  8. Based on the team covenant videos, it’s 4 full sets of the neutral cards (ie 4x the uniques, 12x the non uniques)
  9. The nice thing will be that you can go back and redo every villain in various modes when new heroes come out, and it’ll only take a few before there are more iterations available than I expect most humans will play.
  10. That would work for a future Tony Stark ally card for sure edit iron man rather than tony per se
  11. Granovs art would have been too dark and broody, it doesn’t fit the bright tenor of the game, it’s more call of cthulhu
  12. @Lemmiwinks86 "I understand that that interpretation could be the correct one, but my logic (that may be wrong) is this: Rules state among other dots: • A unit that is withdrawing cannot perform any other actions, including free actions, and cannot use any of its own abilities or keywords while withdrawing. • A withdraw is considered a move action. As I understand, the turn will go: 1. Start of unit activation 2. Perform Rally 3. Use all of that unit's actions to perform a withdraw (speed-1 move action) 4. End of unit's activation, you already ended the withdraw (move) so you can use the Coordinated Bombardment abbility" Lemmiwinks is correct that the attacks happen. The withdrawal only prohibits other things during the Perform Actions step, which is just one step in the activation, not the entire activation. RRG pg 37 (under Engaged): To exit an engagement, a unit must withdraw by using its entire activation to perform a speed-1 move. A unit that is withdrawing cannot do anything during the “Perform Actions” step of its activation except perform this speed-1 move. RRG pg 73 (under Withdraw) A unit that is withdrawing cannot perform any other actions, including free actions, and cannot use any of its own abilities or keywords while withdrawing. Importantly, the timing of the prohibitions is during the Perform Actions step and the prohibition doesn't cover non-action attacks. Leia's coordinated bombardment is worded as thus: "At the end of Leia Organa's activation, she may perform up to 3 attacks against different enemy units using the following weapon:" So it both happens after the prohibited timeframe (Perform Actions step and isn't an action (not even a free action, it couldn't be, since units are limited to one attack during their activation).
  13. @Janaka "So what happened to Black Panther’s claw upgrade? The card is about delivering damage, tearing up the villain, yet the art chosen to portray this is decidedly underwhelming. And while I’m at it: what’s with the Ironman hero card art? Hero cards are those that will be in front of the players the most and need to impress; yet with decades of fantastic Ironman artwork out there, from classic four colour to digitally touched masterpieces, the art chosen for the Ironman hero card is plain and well...bleh! My personal opinion of course." I think this can be chalked up to beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as I find the Ironman card art fantastic. It, like the other art, is either directly inspired by or pulled directly from the comics (Invincible Iron Man #1) Re: the upgrade art, remember the claws are an object, not an action, so it makes more sense to showcase the gloves themselves, not what they do per se. Differentiating card types by the type of art they display is a good game design short-hand for players to recognize, at a glance, without necessarily having to read the card itself. i.e. upgrade/item cards show the objects. Action cards show some kind of well, action; ally cards just show an ally, location cards, just a location. Mixing them up would serve to confuse players, so even though items might then be more aesthetically plain, keeping them that way is serving a relatively important function.
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