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  1. Easily, there’s far more marvel content than is available in the Hobbit, LotR, and Silmarillion combined.
  2. Why wouldn’t you? (Only Wrecking Crew says no to that.)
  3. How are the roller coasters in Kang’s Dominion? 🎢
  4. Yeah, just got notification that it arrived back in Circle Pines, MN. Tried calling customer service and got a message that they’re closed now and their business hours are M-F 9am-5pm (call was at 1:25pm EST on Friday). I guess I’ll wait and see if they reply to my email.
  5. Nope, they just notified me that it was sent to my address on file (moved and forwarded mail) and then claimed that the address was wrong and did a return to sender...(!!!!))
  6. Mine shipped, then went to the post office for the ‘last mile’. But of course it’s a holiday weekend, so now it’s going to be ~5 days later than it would have been 😕 oh well
  7. Desperate Defense does require you to suffer no damage to ready, whereas Indomitable is just always useful, and it gets played in the heat of the moment, meaning you have to have drawn into it; Indomitable is preplayed, but can be saved for later. On balance, I’d rather have Indomitable in most decks, and it’s especially better if your hero has a lower DEF stat.
  8. I totally agree that players need to work as a team to achieve peak efficiency, but that being said you can double THW and then block; you’d just be unable to do the double the next turn. That being said, most THW potential in Leadership generally comes out of the allies. Ultron III doesn’t create drones on his own; for the advanced drones, that’s definitely a priority target, how was android efficiency occurring twice? (As the boost? Probably worth paying the cancel cost)
  9. We can’t let them see that!
  10. Just as a postmortem, what’s causing the loss? Are you losing to threat, or getting killed? If threat out, why was the threat out happening? (Ie did you allow threat to accumulate rather than keeping it to zero before the end of each round?) edit: Cap and BP are very strong when it comes to THW, Cap alone can get rid of 4 threat per round, just using his hero trait, and with Fearless Determination nets 6 or 8). If it’s from damage, what happened? Because of retaliate the drones should be clearing themselves immediately, so your incoming per full set of attacks ought to be ~4-5 (meaning that even if you get a double attack, and didn’t block anything (although I think you ought to unless you plan on recovering), you’d still live on Panther or Cap).
  11. I simply can’t imagine how you’d lose at the Expert level with BP and Cap.
  12. I do strongly disagree with the low rating on the Quinjet, being able to invest resources into future turns, and also gain interest on the investment, is very powerful.
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