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  1. Hi ,what an interesting topic ,I'm 69 in April, so Nordway the crown is yours to date .Always played with games ,model soldier wargames mostly but recently last couple of years into board/card games. D&D in the 80's. So you whippersnappers you've got decades of fun before you. The spread of ages is wonderful.
  2. Once you have advanced to the Ascending Path nothing seems to prevent advancing to Sentinel Peak and when there whilst one fights the other investigates and gains the clues there to advance and to end the scenario. In the original question it was the revealed Ascending Path that has the action icon and 'Investigate' . Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi ,I've just played through WDA with Rex and Agnes. They made it but I have a feeling that I misunderstood the revealed 'Ascending Path' . Are you Forced to 'Investigate' , because if not why not simply advance to Sentinel Peak?
  4. Hi I think that I didn't put that very clearly. My co player wanted to use cards in hand for their icons and text. I thought that if you used a card held in hand for its icon benefit it was then discarded. She wanted to use the cards for the text benefit AND icon benefit as needed with no discards . Hope that I've explained properly. Thanks for reply.
  5. Hi ,I'm playing usually solo and working through Dunwich Legacy. Now both times I've played co-op the other player sees the rules differently. So which is right .I play that cards in play can either be used as the text OR the symbols at the top. So you can use the card like a skill and use the symbols then discard OR play out the text not both. The not so significant other thinks you're meant to use the card as either/or. So guys whos right? thanks for the help..
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