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  1. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/269188-extraneous-unofficial-sheets-for-genesys/ I will be putting up more than just the one sheet up, and I thought it would be pointless to create multiple threads, so I created one.
  2. I had not realized my normal sharing site would be an issue, the link has been updated.
  3. Done. Extraneous Unofficial Sheets for Genesys
  4. My first Genesys resource, an Adversary Sheet that will allow you to copy/record 3 separate Adversaries onto a single one page sheet for easy reference. This is the basic copy, I hope to post the form-fillable version soon. Updated Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xisx566ienbp22w/Genesys - Adversary Sheet.pdf?dl=0 Form-Fillable, as Promised: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m5y8112cpycggha/Genesys - Adversary Sheet Form-fillable.pdf?dl=0 Also, I just realized as I was playing around checking out the form functionality that I did not include a strain threshold section for nemesis level adversaries. I will be making a cleaner version, that includes this missing info soon, let me know if there is anything else I missed, or if there is new info that I could add.
  5. Hello All! It is a hobby (maybe sub-hobby?) of mine to create sheets for games that I play often. I try and make official-looking, functional sheets that aren't covered by official resources, and expanded portfolio-style sheets that cover more than the basics the official sheets do. When I am able I also create form-fillable versions for completely digital play. I just recently started doing this for Genesys, and hope to be posting things here regularly. Please enjoy and share as much as you like, and I hope these will be as useful to your groups as they are to mine!
  6. Hey all, I just finished a beautiful creation (if I do say so myself) of an Adversary Sheet. This is a pdf sheet which allows you to create or scribe three separate Adversaries onto a single sheet, I will be working on a Form-fillable version to be posted later, for now, here is the link to download this sheet ... Updated Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xisx566ienbp22w/Genesys - Adversary Sheet.pdf?dl=0
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